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Colleges are places where pebbles are polished and diamonds are dimmed. Robert Green Ingersoll
The purpose of a liberal education is to make you philosophical enough to accept the fact that you will never make much money. ~Author Unknown
It takes most men five years to recover from a college education, and to learn that poetry is as vital to thinking as knowledge. ~Brooks Atkinson
Does college pay? They do if you are a good open-field runner. ~Will Rogers
They were evidently small men, all wind and quibbles, flinging out their chuffy grain to us with far less interest than a farm-wife feels as she scatters corn to her fowls. D. H. Lawrence
Socrates gave no diplomas or degrees, and would have subjected any disciple who demanded one to a disconcerting catechism on the nature of true knowledge. G. M. Trevelyan
The men -- the undergraduates of Yale and Princeton are cleaner, healthier, better-looking, better dressed, wealthier and more attractive than any undergraduate body in the country. Anonymous
Oxford is -- Oxford: not a mere receptacle for youth, like Cambridge. Perhaps it wants its inmates to love it rather than to love one another. Edward M. Forster
Hitler destroyed the German university with design; we destroyed ours without. ~Martin H. Fischer
American universities are organized on the principle of the nuclear rather than the extended family. Graduate students are grimly trained to be technicians rather than connoisseurs. The old German style of universal scholarship has gone. Camille Paglia
It is dangerous sending a young man who is beautiful to Oxford. Dudley Ryder
A liberal education... frees a man from the prison-house of his class, race, time, place, background, family and even his nation. ~Robert Maynard Hutchins
The greatest gift that Oxford gives her sons is, I truly believe, a genial irreverence toward learning, and from that irreverence love may spring. Robertson Davies
The medieval university looked backwards; it professed to be a storehouse of old knowledge. The modern university looks forward, and is a factory of new knowledge. Thomas H. Huxley
To be sure, nothing is more important to the integrity of the universities than a rigorously enforced divorce from war-oriented research and all connected enterprises. Hannah Arendt
The new appears as a minority point of view, and hence is unpopular. The function of a university is to give it a sanctuary. ~Martin H. Fischer
In university they don't tell you that the greater part of the law is learning to tolerate fools. Doris Lessing
University degrees are a bit like adultery: you may not want to get involved with that sort of thing, but you don't want to be thought incapable. Sir Peter Imbert
'Tis well enough for a servant to be bred at an University. But the education is a little too pedantic for a gentleman. William Congreve
They teach anything in universities today. You can major in mud pies. Orson Welles
A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad. ~Theodore Roosevelt
College isn't the place to go for ideas. Helen Keller
A university is a college with a stadium seating over 40,000. ~Leonard L. Levinson
The most important function of the university in an age of reason is to protect reason from itself. Allan Bloom
Let's not burn the universities yet. After all, the damage they do might be worse. H. L. Mencken
I wonder anybody does anything at Oxford but dream and remember, the place is so beautiful. One almost expects the people to sing instead of speaking. It is all like an opera. William Butler Yeats
If you feel that you have both feet planted on level ground, then the university has failed you. ~Robert Goheen
College is the best time of your life. When else are your parents going to spend several thousand dollars a year just for you to go to a strange town and get drunk every night? ~David Wood
A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education. Theodore Roosevelt
One of the benefits of a college education is to show the boy its little avail. Ralph Waldo Emerson
I learned three important things in college - to use a library, to memorize quickly and visually, to drop asleep at any time given a horizontal surface and fifteen minutes. ~Agnes DeMille
Apparently, the most difficult feat for a Cambridge male is to accept a woman not merely as feeling, not merely as thinking, but as managing a complex, vital interweaving of both. Sylvia Plath
Fathers send their sons to college either because they went to college or they didn't. ~L.L. Hendren
The advantage of a classical education is that it enables you to despise the wealth which it prevents you from achieving. ~Russell Green
Home of lost causes, and forsaken beliefs, and unpopular names, and impossible loyalties! Matthew Arnold
The exquisite art of idleness, one of the most important things that any University can teach. Oscar Wilde
A college education should equip one to entertain three things: a friend, an idea and oneself. Thomas Ehrlich
The purpose of primary education is the development of your weak characteristics; the purpose of university education, the development of your strong. ~Nevin Fenneman
No man should escape our universities without knowing how little he knows. ~J. Robert Oppenheimer
Oxford, the paradise of dead philosophies. George Santayana
The quality of a university is measured more by the kind of student it turns out than the kind it takes in. ~Robert J. Kibbee
A university is what a college becomes when the faculty loses interest in the students. ~John Ciardi
It might be said now that I have the best of both worlds: a Harvard education and a Yale degree. John F. Kennedy
A liberal-arts education is supposed to provide you with a value system, a standard, a set of ideas, not a job. ~Caroline Bird
I had always imagined that ClichT was a suburb of Paris, until I discovered it to be a street in Oxford. Philip Guedalla
Of course there's a lot of knowledge in universities: the freshmen bring a little in; the seniors don't take much away, so knowledge sort of accumulates. ~Abbott Lawrence Lowell
The average Ph.D. thesis is nothing but a transference of bones from one graveyard to another. ~J. Frank Dobie
College football is a sport that bears the same relation to education that bullfighting does to agriculture. ~Elbert Hubbard
I often think how much easier the world would have been to manage if Herr Hitler and Signor Mussolini had been at Oxford. Edward F. Halifax
Master and Doctor are my titles; for ten years now, without repose, I held my erudite recitals and led my pupils by the nose. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
College-bred is a four-year loaf, using dad's dough, Coming out half-baked, with a lot of crust. Anonymous
I was a modest, good-humored boy. It is Oxford that has made me insufferable. Sir Max Beerbohm
While formal schooling is an important advantage, it is not a guarantee of success nor is its absence a fatal handicap. Ray Kroc
A lot of fellows nowadays have a B.A., M.D., or Ph.D. Unfortunately, they don't have a J.O.B. ~"Fats" Domino
What poor education I have received has been gained in the University of Life. Horatio Bottomley
Our major universities are now stuck with an army of pedestrian, toadying careerists, Fifties types who wave around Sixties banners to conceal their record of ruthless, beaver-like tunneling to the top. Camille Paglia
The colleges, while they provide us with libraries, furnish no professors of books; and I think no chair is so much needed. Ralph Waldo Emerson
I never graduated from Iowa, but I was only there for two terms - Truman's and Eisenhower's. ~Alex Karras
Standardization is the fertilizer of college education. A little may be useful, but flowers do not grow in pure manure. ~Martin H. Fischer
The primary purpose of a liberal education is to make one's mind a pleasant place in which to spend one's leisure. ~Sydney J. Harris
Universities are of course hostile to geniuses, which, seeing and using ways of their own, discredit the routine: as churches and monasteries persecute youthful saints. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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