Define Your Blogs' Vision and Goals

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Blogging

Nobody can become fully successful without an aim or definable vision. You have started or planning to start a blog for some purpose, isn’t it? Yes, okay, this purpose can be anything whether satisfying your creative urges or to earn money online through your blog or something like that.

If you want to be a serious blogger in the New Year then don’t blog without a clear vision and definable goals.

For example the vision can be ‘I want to help by sharing my knowledge and expertise in………' 'I want to make blogging a full time income for myself'. I want to be a successful cyberpreneur etc.

The above statements are some examples of broad vision for your blog. Now to achieve this vision you need certain important steps that are termed as “goals”. Remember these goals are short term steps that will ultimately take you closer to your blog vision. Now goals for a vision can be:

Now the above quoted goals/steps are definable and each goal need due attention. These goals can be further broken down in to sub-goals to make the things easier for yourself.

You have to further plan each goal properly in terms of time and space and according to the priority it deserves. Devote about half an hour for carrying out only mental appreciation with closed eyes in a relaxed atmosphere.

Each goal fully attained will take you closer to the ultimate vision of your blog. Some goals many take more effort and hard work than others. You need to give each goal the importance that it deserves.

Consistency, positive outlook, can do attitude and a keen desire to succeed are the most important qualities you need in order to achieve your blog vision that will be your ultimate success.

Act upon all these advises sincerely and the New Year will bring very good news for you. If you are able to,

§ Properly define your “Blog Vision”
§ The goals to attain it
§ And practical steps taken sincerely

Then do let me know the outcome by the end of year 2016. I’m sure you will be driving smoothly on the road to success. Good luck.

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