How to Develop a Good Blogging Strategy?

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Blogging

Developing a good blogging strategy is very important in order to be successful blogger. Thousands of bloggers are entering into blog sphere and the competition is getting tough day by day.

So you need to develop a strong blogging strategy in order to be at the top.

Let’s not waste more time on the premise and start doing practical things.

These are the four tasks that every bloggers has to carry out on regular basis. Your blogging strategy will revolve around these four things.

Now let’s weigh them accordingly.

1. Prepare a Blog Post Regularly

Writing a blog post on daily basis is a hectic task for most of us but it has to be done by all means. Profitable real estate depends on location and profitable blog depends solely on content.

If you are new to blogging then I advise you to stop all activities for a week and start developing quality content for your blog.

If you know the subject well then 500 words blog post may take you about 45-60 minutes to complete. So it’s not difficult to come out with 5 articles per day and after a week you’ll have about 30-35 articles that is a full months doze for your blog.

Now where to get the blog post ideas? For this simply download long tail keyword researcher, type in your niche and you’ll get a long list of blog post ideas.

Make a heavy list of all the blog post ideas and start developing content according to your schedule.

I want to over emphasize on developing sufficient content in advance because without it your blogging strategy will not work.

Now these 30-35 blog posts will act as a reserve for you. Don’t stop writing; however you can limit yourself to 1 post per day. If you can’t write an article at one odd day, just pull out one from your reserve and use it in your blog.

2. Publish a Blog Post Daily

Till now you are used to writing daily and have developed sufficient content reserve for your blog. You need to publish one blog post daily without any break and not finding any excuse for not doing it.

Your WordPress blogging platform has a very useful option of scheduling your blog posts on future date and time. Plan a separate day to enter all your blog posts in draft format in your WordPress editor.

Start finalizing them and then schedule your best post at the rate of one per day. It is better to schedule your post at a fix time, I mean if you have published a post at 10 AM then schedule all your future posts at 10 AM. By this way your regular blog readers will also start visiting your blog for fresh content accordingly.

When all such options are available in your WordPress dashboard then why not to take full advantage of them?

3. Carryout On page SEO

The first and foremost requirement of on page SEO is to write SEO optimized content. If you have written a good post while keeping in view all the SEO requirements you have won half of the on page SEO battle.

For better understanding of writing SEO optimized articles read How to Write Search Engine Optimized Blog Posts

Due to the advancement in the WordPress functionality there are several plugins that can make your on page SEO tasks much easier. I recommend SEO Pressor as your WordPress SEO buddy, because it is the top most WordPress SEO plugin and is used by over half a million bloggers worldwide. Start using it and you’ll forget all the other SEO plugins around.

4. Carryout off Page SEO

This is the task without which you can’t survive in the global blog sphere. Anybody can write good content and use SEO plugin to make his blog post SEO optimized. However the actual competition of bloggers and webmasters starts in off page SEO.

In fact only off page SEO makes the difference in ranking and traffic etc. Develop a good strategy to carry out this task efficiently. Schedule an hour to comment on other blogs in your niche for traffic and links.

When you are developing your blogging strategy start searching for several good blogs for commenting. You must possess a good long list of forums, blogs, social bookmaking sites etc. to get links and traffic from them.

Off page SEO is nothing but extensive and wise link building. If you find it time consuming, you can always seek help of other people who are expert in this field. One of the best ways is to hire SEO clerks who offer very cheap SEO link building services. Spend some time and you’ll find number of good gigs at an astonishing low price. Get some FREE Money in your SEO clerks account to just test their services.

If you carry out the above tasks religiously then nobody will ever beat your blogging strategy. The only key point in it is consistency and faith in yourself. Good Luck

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