How to Find Long Tail Keywords?

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Blogging

To find long tail keywords for your blog posts is not difficult at all though it requires some effort and time but it is worth it. Long tail keywords are much easier to rank high in search engines and getting targeted converting traffic.

Read 5 Benefits of Using Long Tail Keywords , it will surely inspire you to start using them immediately.

Some people think that finding long tail keywords is a laborious job and quit to early. Though it does require a bit of research but remember “Ne Ardua Terreant” that is why I have made it the motto of my blog.

So let’s see how to find long tail keywords the easy way;

1. Finding Long Tail Keywords Using Google Keyword Tool

Finding long tail keywords using Google is a free and easy method. Though it doesn’t provide much vast options but it is still useful for most of the bloggers.

Say if your blogs’ niche is ‘weight loss’ and you want to find long tail keywords for I then simply type it in the Google search box. A drop down list will appear giving you some suggestions about weight loss. These suggestions are actually the search terms that people have used before.

Pick out the most suitable term for you and put it in Google Adword keyword tool. Don’t forget to check ‘Broad’, ‘Exact’ and ‘Phrase’ options given on the left hand side.

This will give you results with search volume and competition etc.

If you see below you will find more suggestions for your keyword. Click and expand the desired term that will give you additional suggestions for long tail keywords.

This was one of the methods to find long tail keywords, now let’s move to the second method.

2. Finding Long Tail Keywords Using Keyword Winner Tool

Using Google to find long tail keywords is limited and doesn’t offer much value for serious bloggers but Keyword Winner provides you with more options to find long tail keywords for your targeted niche.

In fact it offers long tail keyword suggestions more widely because it scrapes the auto complete database of Google, Bing, Youtube and even Amazon. So you can easily get a wide variety of long tail keywords to target.

Download and test all its functions and use it to find long tail keywords for your blog. I am sure you will love it and will not live without it. This tool has made my blogging life much easier.

These were some of the methods of finding long tail keywords that I use to create content for my blog.


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