How to Minimize Bounce Rate?

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Blogging

When visitors come to your blog and after reading a particular post they think what to do now? If they don’t find something else of their interest, they will simply hit their browser back button. Off they go from where they came with no benefit to you. This will keep your blogs bounce rate to 100%.

Of course bloggers have number of ways and means to keep their visitors stick to their blog for quite sometime. For this you need to create lot of options for your visitors. Let’s see what all you can do to minimize your bounce rate:

Related Article/Resources

Whatever name you give it, you must provide some additional information about the topic. Say one of your post page is about ‘personal budgeting’ and you have booked marked it on number of social book marking websites and submitted it to number of article directories. At the end of the article you must add links to 3-5 more articles related to the topic.

The visitor interested in the topic may like to explore further and click on another post link to read more. When he goes to other post, he should find more links on the same topic. This way he will visit 2-5 pages of your blog and will surely click on the relevant ads. His stay on your website will decrease your bounce rate. In addition to it there are great chances that he bookmarks your blog for further exploration. Thus becoming a repeat visitor for you.

Related Videos

Yes videos are very important, as people opt for visual learning aids. At the end of the post you must add some video links related to the topic. Getting videos is not a big deal these days. Simply go to some top video sharing sites like youtube and howcast etc, search for your required topic and you will find hundreds of them.

You will find embed option with every video, copy the code and paste it at your required place and that’s it. No band width problem, nothing to worry about, the video will play from your blog. Add some keyword rich information on the page and place Google ads intelligently; you will start generating revenue to.

You should opt for 3-5 video relating to the topic. This way you can tempt the visitor to see more videos, thus increasing your page impressions and minimizing bounce rate.

Related E-books

You will find dozens of e-books about virtually any topic on the net. Almost all of them give you the option to offer them to others freely. Of course you can’t change the e-books but can provide a separate download page for them, which contains necessary details about it (of course with adsense ads).

By this way your blog visitor will get convinced that you really worked hard to provide him the information he is looking for. Your blog may get bookmarked and he can further refer it to friends.


If the above three ways look laborious to you then try adding some jokes and/or quotes about the related topic. This can give an impression to the blog visitor that you have added some value to the content. So site stickiness will minimize your bounce rate considerably.

Links to Other Blogs

If you don’t have anything as such then at least add some links to the related topic to other blog you know. This may not be that beneficial to decrease your bounce rate but at least the visitor may give you some respect for helping him to explore further. If he finds related links he may bookmark your blog, declaring himself as a repeat visitor. So some day he will help you in decreasing your bounce rate.

Final Word

Try to make your blog posts useful for your visitors that they like to share it with their friends. This means additional traffic and more revenue. Remember website visitors are common people like us and common sense dictates that if a person finds everything he’s looking for at one place, why will he go to other places? So try to give everything your blog visitor wants at your blog and he will become your permanent client. Good Luck


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