Quality Content Can Get You Links and Traffic

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Blogging

Quality content can help you in getting back links in a most natural way and you know that natural links are always loved by Google and other search engines. “Content is King” is a phrase that is sounded so often that every blogger and webmaster is fully aware of it. However everybody translates it differently according to his mind.

To be precise if you want your link building campaigns burden to be shared naturally then focus on developing quality content for your blog audience. Let’s see how it can help you:

1. Sharing of your Content: If you have provided value in your blog post and your content has helped somebody, he will surely share it with his friends. This can be done by bookmarking your post on some social media sites or simply e-mailing it to a friend.

If your post is bookmarked, you get high quality natural links from that share. Now if others find some interest in your post, they will also drop in and may share it further. This way your back links will keep on increasing forever.

Remember social bookmarking of your content not only give backlinks but lot of traffic to.

2. Posting of your Content on other blogs: If your content is so compelling then other bloggers in your niche may not resist in publishing it on their blogs. Of course they will give you proper credit for your efforts as they are bound to do so.

Their audience maybe different from yours, who will also share it further this giving you more backlinks. So in addition to getting link from particular blog you get additional exposure to your content. This turn into lot of traffic and natural backlinks.

3. Publishing in the Article directories: If you submit your high quality content to some good article directories, these again you get lot of traffic and natural links.

As you know article directories are visited by tens of thousands of general audience and bloggers looking for quality content for their blogs. If your article is picked up by a dozen of them, then nobody can stop a flow of huge traffic and lots of backlinks to your blog or website.

If your content is such that it can create buzz around the web then your bandwidth can get buzzed to. So if you want to own a successful blog then focus on developing quality content.

How to Write Search Engine Optimized Blog Posts?

There’s no other way to be successful than writing quality posts for your blogs. A great number of bloggers fail because they spend more time on building links and devote less time in developing content for their blog.

If you are new in blogging sphere then try to spend most of your time in developing good pillar content for your blog. The number of articles should be in a range of 40-70, after which you can look after other things. Good luck in your Blogging.


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