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By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Blogging

Of course it requires a lot to be a successful blogger but if you ask me to define single most important quality to be a successful blogger I would say, 'Consistency’. If you study all the successful blogger you will find this single trait common in all of them.

It is a fact that most of the bloggers fail due to lack of consistency in blogging. They start their blog with zeal & enthusiasm but then start loosing interest. Only those bloggers get successful who remain consistent in their blogging.

Yes, hard work, good blog design, good content and several others are of course requirements to be a successful blogger but everything will go wasted if you lack consistency.

You know why most of the blogs die? Of course due to inconsistent updating. I had been a personal victim of this ‘’lack of consistency’’ in blogging some times back. When I realized and controlled this negative trait I was on the road to success.

You came out with a very unique and nice blog idea

Remember ideas are penny a dozen, you may think of a multi billion dollar idea and keep it in your pocket - No use.

You registered a very good keyword rich domain

Domain will cost you about 10$ a year – No use.

You hired a web designer who came out with a beautiful website/blog Design.

You need 100-150$ to get most beautiful theme - No use

After all this, you need to develop your blog and market it in the online world. You need to carryout SEO, content creation and proper blog marketing to make your blog successful.

All these activities need consistent efforts to become a successful blogger. You require blog content daily, you need to carryout SEO activities daily. All these things have to be done on consistent basis if you really want to be a successful blogger.

Develop this trait ‘’consistency’’ in yourself, you will not only be a successful blogger but you will be on top of everything in your life. Good Luck

Wishing to see you as a successful blogger.


Ejaz Alam is a webmaster, pro-blogger & SEO consultant, loves to write on different topics related to web tech and life matters. A self-learned and successful cyberpreneur with no formal computer course, learn more about Ejaz PakGenius’ Online Journey and connect with him at Google+, Facebook, Twitter

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