What Is a Blog?

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Blogging

Blog is short for web log and is an online journal or diary on which you can write/publish anything you desire. Whether you want to share your personal experiences, knowledge, portfolio or whatever, you can publish it on your blog for the world to see it.

Blogs have become a handy and popular tool for social networking also. You can make a blog and remain in touch with your family and friends wherever you are. You can update your circle with your photos, videos and thoughts. In return they can easily collaborate with you via blog’s comment system.

Blogs can be created by using blogging platforms that are freely available on the net. The most popular and commonly used blogging platforms are WordPress and Google blogger.

Blog is actually a website but it differs from a traditional static website. Websites are created through coding (PHP, HTML, ASP etc.) and there are number of software used to make a website. However blogs are much dynamic in nature and it is expected that they will be frequently updated. So we can say that,

All blogs are websites but not all websites are blogs.

Blog creation is simple and you can have a fully functional blog up and running within minutes. You can update it on move and even through your e-mail which makes blogging more desirable and easy for many.

In 1997 first independent blog came in to lime light and then they started mushrooming every day. There are millions of blogs in the cyber arena these days. Blogging arena is crowded with blogs of every type and in addition to the individual bloggers there are companies maintaining network of blogs.

There are different types of blogs like, video blogs, image blogs, niche content blogs and portfolio blogs etc. The person who owns a blog is knows as a ‘blogger’ and the process of maintaining a blog is termed as ‘blogging’. You can make your blog a source of income if you desire by various means of online earning. A person who earns full time income from his blog is called a ‘problogger’.


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