Appropriate Meaning in Urdu

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Appropriate:   موزوں، خاص،خوبی سے، ٹھیک

Appropraite ka matlab hai mozoon, khas, khoobi se, theak.

Appropriate Meaning in English

1. (Adjective) Suitable for a particular person, place or condition etc

2. (Verb) Take possession of by force, as after an invasion

Usage of Word Appropriate

  • 1. This is not the appropriate time to discuss the matter with him.
  • 2. It isn't appropriate to bother them for such a small issue.
  • 3. Our brave army men have appropriated the land after counter attack.

    Synonyms of Appropriate

    suitable, proper, fitting, apt; relevant, connected, pertinent, apposite, applicable, germane, material, significant, right, congruous, to the point, to the purpose; convenient, expedient, favourable, auspicious, propitious, opportune, felicitous, timely, well judged, well timed; seemly, befitting, deserved;

    seize, commandeer, expropriate, annex, arrogate, sequestrate, sequester, take possession of, take over, assume, secure, acquire, wrest, usurp, claim, lay claim to, hijack

    allocate, assign, allot, earmark, set apart/aside, devote, apportion,

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