Future of Web Technology in Pakistan

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Web technology is getting very popular in Pakistan by each passing day as more and more people are getting connected to the online world. Use of internet is increasing at a rapid pace and people are getting awareness about the latest web technology. There was a time when very small number of people of aware about the websites, web hosting, domain names, online business and SEO etc. However it is nice to know that younger generation is getting awareness about all these tech and are making it their business.

Though there is severe dearth of proper institutes or schools that can properly impart the knowledge to them but even then hats off the efforts and zeal of the people to learn web tech at their own through the internet. There are certain institutes that carryout web designing and SEO courses in major cities of Pakistan but they surely lack the expertise and latest infrastructure to teach the things. Learn What is SEO in Urdu so that you can have the basic concept of the subject.

At government level some efforts are made but that to not with full zeal due to the reason that information technology ministry seems to be less interested in taking some bold steps. People have high hopes from the present government that claims to be youth oriented to take some steps towards the advancement of the information technology.

Future Outlook of Web Technology

I am hopeful that the future of web technology is very bright because the younger generation is at full swing now and it can be said that in the coming years this technology will open up several job and work avenue for the citizens. The dream of online business is coming true in the shape of online shops that are helping jobless young people to earn handsome earning easily.

There are students who are successfully running web hosting companies and they learned these techniques by merely reading e-books, articles and watching YouTube videos. You will also find lot of successful channels on You Tube that are making good money and are now guiding others also.

Similarly free lancing is also very popular online business and has made number of people very rich indeed. Blogging and making websites for advertising purpose is another good venture for young people.

There are lot of others online business ventures that are very nicely managed by people. Keeping in view the interest and zeal of the new generation it can be easily said that future of web technology is very bright in Pakistan and a time will come when lot of people will make it a full time business. This will of course lessen the burden on the job market and people will get self-employed thus adding to the national exchequer.

Now it is the prime duty of the government to facilitate the people who are desirous of excelling in this field. The government departments should realize that more facilities they provide to the people in this regard better will it be for the country.

Final Word

There is no doubt in the fact that there is no dearth of talent and abilities in our younger generation and if a little attention is given and some cooperation from the high ups offered to them, they can do wonders in this field. We technology is the future of science and technology in the world and it is the need of the hour to pay full attention towards this.

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Updated: June 2, 2020 — 1:39 pm

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