Boy Names with Meaning & Origin

List of boy names with meaning and origin for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Aaron Enlightened; To Sing Hebrew
Abbott Father Hebrew
Abe Father Of A Multitude Hebrew
Abel A Breath Hebrew
Abie God Is Joy Hebrew
Abner Father Of Light Hebrew
Abraham Father Of A Multitude Hebrew
Abram High Father Hebrew
Absolom My Father Is Peace Hebrew
Abu Father African
Ace Unity, One Latin
Acton Oak Tree Settlement English
Adair Noble, Exalted English
Adam Mankind Hebrew
Addison Son Of Adam English
Ade Crown, Royal African
Adelio Father Of The Noble Prince Spanish
Adem Red Earth African
Aden Handsome, Adorned Hebrew
Adiel Goat African
Adish Fire Persian
Adlai God Is Just Hebrew
Adli Just, Wise Hebrew
Admon Red Peony Flower Hebrew
Adolfo Wolf Italian
Adolph Wolf German
Adonai My Lord Hebrew
Adonis Beautiful Greek
Adrian Of The Adriatic Latin
Adriano Native Of Adria: Greek City Latin
Adriel Congregation Latin
Afton From The Afton River Celtic/Gaelic
Agamemnon Resolute Greek
Agostino Respectable Italian
Ai Love Japanese
Aidan Fiery Celtic/Gaelic
Aiden Fiery Celtic/Gaelic
Aiken From The Oak Trees English
Aimon Homebody Spanish
Aja Goat Hindi
Ajani He Who Wins The Struggle African
Ajax Strong Warrior Greek
Ajay Victorious Hindi
Akamu Of The Red Earth Hawaiian
Akia First Born African
Akili Wisdom Arabic
Akio Bright Boy Japanese
Akuji Dead And Awake African
Al From The Name Albert German
Alagan Handsome Hindi
Alain Handsome French
Alair Cheerful/Merry English
Alake One To Be Honored African
Alan Handsome Celtic/Gaelic
Alaric He Who Rules German
Alastair Protector Of Mankind English
Alawi Descendant Of Ali Arabic
Alban White Hill Latin
Albert Noble, Bright German
Alberto Form Of Albert Spanish
Albin White Polish
Aldan Of Old Age English
Alden Of Old Age English
Aldis From The Old House English
Aldon Of Old Age Polish
Alec Protector Of Men Greek
Alejandro Protector Of Men Spanish
Alem World Leader African
Aleron Epaulet Worn By A Knight French
Alex Protector Of Mankind Greek
Alexander Protector Of Mankind Greek
Alexavier Protector Of The New House American
Alexis Protector Of Mankind Greek
Alfonso Eager, Noble Italian
Alfred Counselor English
Algernon Bearded French
Alick Protector Of Mankind All Nationalities
Alijah The Lord Is My God Hebrew
Allan Handsome Celtic/Gaelic
Allen Fair, Handsome Celtic/Gaelic
Aloysius A Warrior German
Alphonse Eager, Noble German
Alta Tall And Lofty Latin
Alton Old Town English
Alva Fair Complected Latin
Alvaro Extremely Cautious Spanish
Alvin Light Skinned German
Amadeus Love Of God Latin
Amal Pure Hindi
Amani Peace African
Ambrose Immortal Greek
Amergin Poet Celtic/Gaelic
Americus Royalty Latin
Ameya Boundless Hindi
Amiel God Of My People Hebrew
Amil Worthy Hindi
Amin Trustworthy Persian
Amir Proclaimed, Prince Hebrew
Amiri Prince African
Amish Honest Hindi
Amor Love Spanish
Amos Troubled Hebrew
An Peace Chinese
Anakin Warrior American
Analu Manly Hawaiian
Anando Bliss African
Anatole From The East French
Ande Pillar African
Andre Manly, Courageous French
Andrea Courageous Greek
Andreas Strong & Manly Greek
Andren From The Town Of Ardres, France English
Andres Manly, Courageous Spanish
Andrew Manly, Courageous Greek
Andy Manly Greek
Angel Angelic Greek
Angelito Little Angel Spanish
Angelo Angel Latin
Angus Unique Strength Celtic/Gaelic
Ansel Follows Nobility French
Anson Son Of Andrew English
Anthony Worthy Of Praise Greek
Anton Worthy Of Praise Slavic
Antonio Worthy Of Praise Spanish
Antony Praiseworthy, Flourishing Latin
Antranig First Son Armenian
Anwar The Brightest African
Aoko Outside African
Apollo God Of Truth And Light Greek
Appollo God Of The Sun Greek
Apu Unique Hindi
Aquila Eagle Spanish
Aram High, Exalted Armenian
Aran Forest Thai
Arash Hero Persian
Arav Peaceful Hindi
Arawn King Of The Other World Welsh
Arch Bold, Bowman German
Archana Worshiping One Hindi
Archer Bowman English
Archibald Very Bold German
Archie From The Name Archibald German
Arden Thrilled And Excited Latin
Aren Eagle, Ruler, Peace Scandinavian
Argus Vigilant And Alert Scandinavian
Argyle Diamond Pattern English
Ari Lion Hebrew
Ariabod Tribe Leader Persian
Aric Form Of Richard Or Eric Greek
Aricin King's Son Scandinavian
Ariel Lion Of God Hebrew
Arien Enchanted Hebrew
Aries The Ram Latin
Arif Knowledgeable Arabic
Arion With Melody Hebrew
Arkadiy Bold Russian
Arlen Pledge Celtic/Gaelic
Arlo Hill German
Armand Of The Army Latin
Armande From The Name Armand French
Armando From The Name Armand Latin
Armen Armenian Armenian
Arnaldo Strong As An Eagle Spanish
Arnaud Ruler Of Eagles French
Arnav Ocean Hindi
Arne Eagle German
Arnie From The Name Arne Or Arnold American
Arnold Strong As An Eagle German
Arnoldo Strong As An Eagle Spanish
Arnon Stream, River Hebrew
Aron To Sing Hebrew
Art Short Form Of Arthur American
Artan Little Bear Celtic/Gaelic
Artaxiad King's Name Armenian
Artemas Safe Greek
Artemis Goddess Of The Moon And Hunt Greek
Artemus Of The Moon Greek
Arthur A Follower Of Thor All Nationalities
Artie From The Name Arthur American
Arty From The Name Arthur American
Arvid Eagle Tree Polish
Arvin Friend To All German
Arya Honored, Noble Hindi
Asa Born At Dawn Japanese
Ash From The Ash Tree English
Ashanti African Tribe Name Swahili
Ashby Ash Tree Farm Hebrew
Asher Blessed, Happy Hebrew
Ashley From The Ash Tree English
Ashling Dream, Vision English
Asho Pure Of Heart Persian
Ashton Ash Tree Settlement English
Aspen The Aspen Tree American
Astin Star like French
Astro Of The Stars Greek
Atalo Youthful Greek
Atticus Father-Like English
Aubrey Noble, Bright German
August Revered, Exalted German
Augustin Revered, Exalted French
Augustus Revered, Exalted Latin
Aulii Delicious Hawaiian
Aure Soft Air, Breeze French
Austin From The Name Augustin English
Avak The First Armenian
Avedis Brings Good News Armenian
Avel Breath Greek
Avent Born During Advent French
Avery Nobility English
Avi Lord Of Mine Latin
Avidan God Is Just Hebrew
Avinoam Blessed Father Hebrew
Avis Birds Latin
Avital Father Of Dew Hebrew
Aviv Spring, Renewal Hebrew
Avon The River Welsh
Axel Source Of All Life German
Ayman Holy, Right-Hand Worker Arabic
Azhar Famous Hindi
Azia From The East American
Azize Highly Valued Swahili
Azizi Precious One African
Azra Pure Hebrew
Azriel God Is My Aid Hebrew
Azure Bluish Color Latin

Boy Names Starting with B

Name Meaning Origin
Bade Full Moon All Nationalities
Baeddan Boar Welsh
Bahari Sea Man African
Bailey Bailiff, Steward English
Baird Minstrel, Poet Celtic/Gaelic
Bairn Child, Born Celtic/Gaelic
Bal Baby with a full head of hair Hindi
Baldasarre Brave One Italian
Balin Knights Of The Round Table English
Ballard Brave German
Balthasar One Of The 3 Kings Greek
Banagher Pointed Hill Celtic/Gaelic
Banji Second Born Of Twins African
Banyan The Banyan Tree English
Bao To Order, To Bid Vietnamese
Baqer Man Of Knowledge Arabic
Barak Lightning Hebrew
Barbod Hero Persian
Barclay Meadow Of The Birch Tree English
Bardia The Prince Persian
Barid Cloud Hindi
Barke Blessings African
Barnabas Son Of A Missionary Greek
Barnard From The Name Bernard German
Barney From The Name Bernard English
Barny From The Name Bernard German
Baron Noble Man German
Barr Lawyer English
Barrett Strength Of A Bear German
Barrington Town Of Barr English
Barry Marksman Celtic/Gaelic
Bart Son Of Tolmai Hebrew
Barth Son Of Tolmai Hebrew
Bartholomew Son Of Tolmai Hebrew
Barto Hill, Furrow Spanish
Barton Barley Farm English
Baruch Blessed Hebrew
Bary Marksman Celtic/Gaelic
Base The Short One English
Bash Forerunner African
Basil Like A King Greek
Bast Of The City Of Bubastis African
Bastien Venerable, Revered French
Bat Short For Bartholomew American
Baxter A Baker English
Bayard With Red-Brown Hair French
Bayle Beautiful American
Baylee Bailiff English
Bazyli Kingly Polish
Beau Beautiful, Handsome French
Beauregard Beautiful, Handsome French
Beck The Brook English
Bedros Stone Greek
Bel Sacred Wood Hindi
Belay Above, Superior African
Belden From The Fair Valley French
Bell Beautiful French
Ben Son Of Hebrew
Benard From Bernard French
Bendek Blessed Polish
Benedict Blessed Latin
Benito Blessed Italian
Benjamin Son Of My Right Hand Hebrew
Benjy Son Of My Right Hand Hebrew
Bennett Little Blessed One Latin
Benny Son Of My Right Hand Hebrew
Benson Son Of Benjamin Hebrew
Berg Mountain German
Berke Birch Tree English
Bern Brave French
Bernard Bold As A Bear French
Berne Bold As A Bear French
Bernie From The Name Bernard French
Berny From The Name Bernard French
Bert Bright German
Bevan Son Of Evan Celtic/Gaelic
Bevis Bowman English
Bien Ocean, Sea Vietnamese
Bijan Hero Persian
Bill From The Name William English
Billie Defender Of Justice German
Billy From The Name William German
Bin From The Name Bingham English
Bing Pet Form Of Bingham English
Bingham Town Of The Hollow English
Binh Vase, Jar Vietnamese
Birch Birch Tree English
Bishop A Bishop English
Biton Born After Long Wait African
Bjorn Bear Scandinavian
Blade Knife, Sword English
Blaine The Source Of A River English
Blair Field Or Plain Celtic/Gaelic
Blaise Stammerer French
Blake Pale English
Blaze A Flame American
Blue The Color American
Bo Strong And Fast Hebrew
Boaz Swift, Strong Hebrew
Bob Bright Fame English
Bobby Bright Fame American
Bonaventure Good Luck Latin
Bond To Bind English
Bonifacy Doer Of Good Deeds Polish
Bonner Good Citizen American
Bono All Good American
Booker Book Maker English
Boone Good French
Booth Hut English
Boris Warrior Slavic
Borka Fighter Slavic
Borna Youthful Persian
Bowen Archer Celtic/Gaelic
Bowie Yellow Haired Celtic/Gaelic
Boyce From The Woods German
Boyd Blonde Celtic/Gaelic
Brac Free Welsh
Brad Broad Meadow English
Braden Broad English
Bradford A Broad Ford English
Bradley A Broad Lea, Meadow English
Brady Broad Shouldered Celtic/Gaelic
Braeden From The Dark Valley Celtic/Gaelic
Bran From The Name Brand English
Brand Marked By Fire English
Branden Little Raven Celtic/Gaelic
Brandon Little Raven Celtic/Gaelic
Brant From The Name Brand English
Brasen God's Gift American
Brayden Brave Celtic/Gaelic
Brayton From Great Britain English
Breckin Freckled Celtic/Gaelic
Brede The Glacier Polish
Breindel Blessing Hebrew
Brencis Crowned With Laurel Slavic
Brend Little Raven Celtic/Gaelic
Brendan Little Raven Celtic/Gaelic
Brendon Little Raven Celtic/Gaelic
Brennan Raven-Like Celtic/Gaelic
Brent From High On The Hill English
Brett Briton, British Celtic/Gaelic
Brewster One Who Brews Beer German
Brian Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
Briar Shrub Or Small Tree English
Brice Son Of A Nobleman English
Brick From The Name Brice English
Brier Heather English
Brigham Covered Bridge English
Brighton From The Bright Town English
Brilane From Brigham Lane English
Brilliant To Sparkle American
Brinley Burnt Meadow English
Brinly Virtuous, Princess English
Brit From The Name Britannia English
Brock A Badger English
Broderick Brother Celtic/Gaelic
Brody Brother Celtic/Gaelic
Brogan Sturdy And Strong Celtic/Gaelic
Bron The Source African
Brone Brown English
Bronson Son Of Brown English
Brook Running Stream English
Brooke Brook, Stream English
Brooklyn Brook, Stream English
Brooks Running Water English
Brosh Lips Armenian
Bruce Woods French
Bruis Mansion Celtic/Gaelic
Bruno Brown One German
Bryan Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
Bryant Strong, Honorable Celtic/Gaelic
Bryce Son Of A Nobleman English
Brynn Small Hill Celtic/Gaelic
Bryson Grandson Of A Nobleman American
Buck Deer, Cowboy American
Bud Messenger, Friend American
Buddy Friend American
Burgess Town Citizen German
Burian Near The Woods Slavic
Burke From The Fortress French
Burt Town Of The Fortress English
Burton Town Of The Fortress English
Butch Manly American
Buzz Village In The Woods Celtic/Gaelic
Byrd Like A Bird English
Byron Barn Or Cottage English

Boy Names Starting with C

Names Meaning Origin
Cache Storage Place American
Cade Pure American
Caden Fighter American
Cael Victorious People Celtic/Gaelic
Caesar Long-Haired Greek
Cain Craftsman Hebrew
Caine Spear Hunter Hebrew
Cairbre Strong Man Celtic/Gaelic
Cais Rejoicer Vietnamese
Calder Stream Celtic/Gaelic
Cale Form Of Caleb Hebrew
Caleb Faithful, Bold Hebrew
Caley Brave Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
Calhoun Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
Calix Very Handsome Greek
Callum Dove Celtic/Gaelic
Calvin Bald Latin
Cam From The Name Cameron Celtic/Gaelic
Camden From The Valley Celtic/Gaelic
Camdyn Winding Valley English
Cameo Shadow Portrait Latin
Cameron Bent Nose Celtic/Gaelic
Camryn Bent Nose Celtic/Gaelic
Candid Hidden American
Candide Pure, Bright Latin
Caolan Form Of Helen Celtic/Gaelic
Caradoc Beloved Welsh
Carey Pure Celtic/Gaelic
Cargan Little Rock Celtic/Gaelic
Carl Strong One German
Carlen From Carlin-Champion Celtic/Gaelic
Carlin Little Champion Celtic/Gaelic
Carlos From The Name Carl Spanish
Carlow Quadruple Lake Celtic/Gaelic
Carlton Town Of Charles English
Carman Lord Of The Castle Celtic/Gaelic
Carmine Song Italian
Carnig Small Lamb Armenian
Carolos Strong, Manly Greek
Carr Marshland Celtic/Gaelic
Carrington Town Of The Marsh English
Carson Son Of Carr English
Carsyn Son Of Carr American
Carter Driver Of A Cart English
Carver Wood Carver English
Cary Pure Celtic/Gaelic
Casey Brave Celtic/Gaelic
Casimir Peacemaker Slavic
Caspar Royal German
Cassidy Clever Celtic/Gaelic
Cassius Box Latin
Casta Pure Spanish
Castel To The Castle Spanish
Cathal Mighty Battle Celtic/Gaelic
Cato Good Judgment Latin
Cavan Hollow Place Celtic/Gaelic
Ceallach Little Kelly - Strife Celtic/Gaelic
Cecil Blind English
Cedric Chief English
Ceres Goddess Of The Corn Greek
Cesar Long Haired Latin
Chad Battle, Warrior English
Chaim To Life Hebrew
Chaman Garden Hindi
Chance Keeper Of The Records English
Chancellor Keeper Of Records, Secretary English
Chandler Candle Maker English
Channer Wise English
Channing Wise English
Channon Clergyman - Canon Celtic/Gaelic
Chao Great One Chinese
Charan Feet Hindi
Charles Manly, Farmer German
Charlie Nickname For Charles/Charlotte German
Charlton House Where Charles Lives English
Chars Manly, Farmer English
Chas Manly, Farmer English
Chase Hunter English
Chauncey Chancellor English
Chavez Dream Maker Spanish
Chay Fairy Dwelling Celtic/Gaelic
Chaz Manly, Farmer English
Chelsey Port Of Ships English
Chen Dawn Chinese
Cheng To Become Chinese
Chester A Fortress, Camp English
Chet A Fortress, Camp English
Cheyne God Is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
Chi Younger Energy Chinese
Chick From The Name Charles English
Chico From The Name Francis Spanish
Chill From The Name Chilton English
Chilton A Town By The River English
Chimelu Made Of God African
Chip Chipping Sparrow English
Chris Short For Christopher Or Christine Greek
Christoffer Bearer Of Christ Scandinavian
Christopher Christ-Bearer Greek
Chuck From The Name Charles Latin
Chung Common Vietnamese
Chuong Chapter Vietnamese
Cian Ancient Celtic/Gaelic
Cicero The Historian Greek
Cid Lord Spanish
Cillian War Celtic/Gaelic
Ciro Ancient Egyptian Wind Greek
Cirocco Ancient Egyptian Wind Italian
Clarence Clear, Luminous Latin
Clark Clergyman French
Clarke From The Name Clark French
Claude Lame Latin
Claudio Lame Latin
Clay Immortal English
Clayland From The Name Clayton English
Clayton Town On Clay Land English
Cleatus Illustrious Greek
Cleavant A Steep Bank English
Cleave From The Name Cleavon English
Cleavon From The Name Cleavant English
Clem From The Name Clement English
Clemens From The Name Clement English
Clement Gentle, Merciful English
Cleveland Land Of High Cliffs English
Cliff From The Name Clifford English
Clifford From A Steep Cliff English
Clifton From A Town Near A Cliff English
Clint From The Name Clinton English
Clinton Town On A Hill English
Clive Cliff Dweller English
Clove A Nail, Spice German
Clovis Famous Soldier (Fm. Louis) German
Clyde Warm Celtic/Gaelic
Coby Supplanter Hebrew
Cody A Cushion English
Coen Brave, Alt. Sp. Koen German
Colby Dark Haired English
Cole From The Name Nicholas Celtic/Gaelic
Colin Child, Also Form Of Nicholas English
Collier Miner English
Collin From The Name Colin English
Colm Dove Celtic/Gaelic
Colman Little Dove English
Colton Coal Town English
Colum Dove Celtic/Gaelic
Conan Wise Celtic/Gaelic
Conary Wise Man Celtic/Gaelic
Cong Intelligent, Clever Chinese
Conlan Hero Celtic/Gaelic
Conley Hero Celtic/Gaelic
Conner Wise Celtic/Gaelic
Connie From The Name Constance English
Connley Hero Celtic/Gaelic
Connor Much Wanted Celtic/Gaelic
Conor Much Wanted Celtic/Gaelic
Conrad Bold, Wise Counselor German
Conroy Wise Man Celtic/Gaelic
Constantine Firm, Constant Greek
Conway Hound Of The Plain Welsh
Conyers City In Georgia American
Cooper Barrel Maker English
Corbett Black Raven Latin
Corbin A Raven Latin
Corby Dark As A Raven English
Cordell Rope Maker English
Corey Hollow Celtic/Gaelic
Coriander Romance, Spice Greek
Cormac Charioteer Celtic/Gaelic
Cornelius Horn-Colored Latin
Cornell From The Name Cornelius Celtic/Gaelic
Cort Bold Or Short English
Cory Hollow Celtic/Gaelic
Corydon Lark Greek
Cosmo The Universe Greek
Coty Small Slope French
Courtney From The Court English
Coy Woods English
Coye Woods English
Coyne Modest French
Craig From The Crag Celtic/Gaelic
Creighton Near The Creek English
Creola Native To The Land, Creole American
Crescent To Grow English
Crevan Fox Celtic/Gaelic
Cricket Loud Insect Of The Night American
Crispin Curly Haired Latin
Cristy From The Name Christopher English
Cruz The Cross Bearer Spanish
Cullen Handsome Celtic/Gaelic
Curry A Marsh Or An Herb Celtic/Gaelic
Curt From The Name Curtis Latin
Curtis Courteous Latin
Cuthbert Brilliant English
Cutler Knife Maker English
Cutter Gem Cutter English
Cuyler Chapel, Shelter Celtic/Gaelic
Cy From The Name Cyril Greek
Cyd A Public Hill Greek
Cyril Lordly Greek
Cyrus Sun Persian

Boy Names Starting with D

Names Meaning Origin
Dacey Down Below Latin
Dacian From Dacia (Near Rome) Latin
Dafydd Beloved Welsh
Dagan Grain Of Corn Hebrew
Daire Ancient Irish Celtic/Gaelic
Dale Valley German
Dalit Draw Water Hebrew
Dallas Wise Celtic/Gaelic
Dallin From The Dale Celtic/Gaelic
Dallon From Dale, A Valley English
Dalton The Town Near The Valley English
Damian Sweet And Harmless Greek
Damien Sweet And Harmless Greek
Damon Constant, Loyal Greek
Dan From The Name Daniel Hebrew
Dana Danish, From Denmark English
Dane God Is My Judge Or From Denmark Scandinavian
Daniel God Is My Judge Hebrew
Danil Form Of Daniel Persian
Danniell God Is My Judge French
Dannon From Daniel-Judged By God Hebrew
Danny From The Name Daniel Celtic/Gaelic
Dante Lasting Latin
Danton From The Name Dante English
Danyl From The Name Daniel Hebrew
Daray Dark Celtic/Gaelic
Darby Free Man Celtic/Gaelic
Darcy Dark One Celtic/Gaelic
Dard Son Of Zeus Greek
Dareh Wealthy One Armenian
Darian From The Name Darin Celtic/Gaelic
Darin Precious Present Celtic/Gaelic
Dario Affluent Spanish
Darius Wealthy Greek
Darnell Hidden Nook English
Darrell Darling French
Darren Great Celtic/Gaelic
Darrin From The Name Darren Celtic/Gaelic
Darrion From The Name Darren Celtic/Gaelic
Darrius He Who Upholds The Good Greek
Darryl From The Name Daryl French
Darwin Dear Friend English
Daryl Dear, Beloved French
Dash Page Boy French
Dashiell Page Boy French
Davan Feminine Form Of David Celtic/Gaelic
Dave From The Name David Hebrew
David Beloved Hebrew
Davin Finnish Person Scandinavian
Davis Son Of David Welsh
Davu The Beginning African
Dawson Son Of David English
Day Light And Hope American
Dayshaun God's Gift Of Hope American
Dayton Bright And Sunny Town English
Deacon Pastor American
Dean Head, Leader English
Decker Man Of Prayer German
Declan Irish Saint Celtic/Gaelic
Deepak Brilliant Hindi
Deion God Of Wine And Revelry African-American
Deiondre Valley African-American
Deiter Army Of The People German
Deka Pleasing African
Del Short For Names Beginning With Del Celtic/Gaelic
Delaine Descendent Of The Challenger Celtic/Gaelic
Delaney Enemy's Child Celtic/Gaelic
Delano Dark Celtic/Gaelic
Delbert Bright Like Daytime English
Delling Scintillating Scandinavian
Dembe Peace African
Demetrius Goddess Of Fertility Greek
Demitrius Lover Of The Earth Greek
Dempster Judge English
Denim Strong Cloth American
Denis From The Name Dennis French
Dennis Wild, Frenzied Greek
Denton Happy Home English
Denver Green Valley American
Denzel Wild One African-American
Deon Divine Queen American
Derby From The Village Of Danes Celtic/Gaelic
Derek Famous Ruler German
Derex Famous Ruler American
Dermot Free Man Celtic/Gaelic
Deron Belongs To God Armenian
Derrick Famous Ruler English
Derron Great English
Derry Red-Head Celtic/Gaelic
Des Desire Spanish
Deshawn God Is Gracious African-American
Desi Desire Spanish
Desiderio Desire Spanish
Desmond One From S. Muenster Celtic/Gaelic
Devan Writer Of Poetry Celtic/Gaelic
Devin Poet English
Devlin Brave; Fierce Celtic/Gaelic
Devon Poet English
Dewayne From The Wagon Maker African-American
Dewei Of Great Principle Chinese
Dewey From The Name David Welsh
Dewitt Blond German
Dexter Flexible, Able-Bodied Latin
Dezso Desired Hungarian
Dharma Ultimate Law Of All Things Hindi
Diallo Bold African
Diamond Brilliant Gem English
Dian From God Of Wine German
Diara Gift African
Dick Powerful, Rich Ruler German
Didier Desire French
Diego St. James Spanish
Dillan Form Of Dillon Celtic/Gaelic
Dillian Combination Of Dillon And Gillian American
Dillon Faithful Celtic/Gaelic
Dima Powerful Warrior Slavic
Dinesh The Sun Hindi
Dinh Peace, Calm Vietnamese
Dino Little Sword Italian
Dinos Diminutive Of Constantine Greek
Dion God Of Wine And Revelry Greek
Dionysius God Of Wine & Revelry Greek
Dionysus God Of Wine & Revelry Latin
Dior Present French
Dirk Famous Ruler German
Dixon Son Of Richard English
Dmitri Lover Of The Earth Slavic
Doane Hill Dweller English
Dobry Good Polish
Doctor The 7Th Son Of The 7Th Son English
Dolan Dark Haired Celtic/Gaelic
Dolph From The Name Randolph German
Dom Belonging To God Latin
Domani Tomorrow Italian
Dominic Belonging To God Latin
Dominick Belonging To God Latin
Dominy Belonging To God English
Don World Leader Celtic/Gaelic
Donagh Brown Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
Donal World Leader Celtic/Gaelic
Donald World Leader Celtic/Gaelic
Donar God Of Thunder Scandinavian
Donat Given Slavic
Donato A Gift Italian
Dong Winter Vietnamese
Donnan Brown Celtic/Gaelic
Donnel World Leader Celtic/Gaelic
Donnelly Brave, Dark Man Celtic/Gaelic
Donny World Leader Celtic/Gaelic
Donovan Dark Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
Dooley Brown Hero Celtic/Gaelic
Dorian From The Sea Greek
Dorjan Dark Man Hungarian
Dorsey From The Name Dorset Celtic/Gaelic
Doug From The Name Douglas Celtic/Gaelic
Dougal Dark Stranger Celtic/Gaelic
Douglas Flowing From The Dark River Celtic/Gaelic
Douglass From The Name Douglas Celtic/Gaelic
Doyle Dark Foreigner Celtic/Gaelic
Draco Dragon Italian
Drago Dragon Italian
Dragon Fire-Breathing Creature American
Drake Dragon English
Drew Manly And Courageous Greek
Dru Manly, Courageous American
Druce Druid, Wise Man Celtic/Gaelic
Duane Wagon Maker Celtic/Gaelic
Duante Wagon Maker African-American
Duard Wealthy Guardian English
Duc Moral, Good Vietnamese
Dudley From The Meadow English
Duer Heroic Celtic/Gaelic
Duff Baker English
Dugan Dark-Colored Celtic/Gaelic
Duka All African
Duke Title Of Nobility English
Dume The Bull African
Dumi The Inspirer African
Duncan Dark Skinned Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
Dung Bravery Vietnamese
Dunixi God Of Wine Greek
Dunn Brown English
Dunne Brown English
Durin Mythical Dwarf German
Dusan Lord And Judge Slavic
Duscha Divine Spirit Slavic
Dustin Warrior English
Dusty From The Name Dustin English
Dutch From The Netherlands Scandinavian
Duy Save Vietnamese
Dwayne From The Wagon Maker African-American
Dwight White, Fair One English
Dylan Born From The Ocean; Son Of The Sea Welsh
Dyre Dear Heart Scandinavian

Boy Names Starting with E

Names Meanings Origin
Ea Fire Celtic/Gaelic
Eadoin Blessed With Many Friends Celtic/Gaelic
Eamon Wealthy Protector Celtic/Gaelic
Earl Pledge, Nobleman Celtic/Gaelic
Earnest Truth German
Eben Rock Hebrew
Echo Sound Returned Greek
Ed Wealthy Guardian English
Edan Full Of Fire Celtic/Gaelic
Eddie Wealthy Guardian American
Eddy Protector English
Eden Paradise Hebrew
Edgar Great Spearman English
Edison Son Of Edward English
Edmund Protector English
Edric Prosperous Ruler English
Eduardo Form Of Edward Spanish
Edward Wealthy Guardian English
Edwin Prosperous Friend English
Efrain Fertile Hebrew
Efrat Honored, Distinguished Hebrew
Efrem From The Name Ephraim Hebrew
Egan Little Fire Greek
Egil Awe-Inspiring Scandinavian
Ehren Honorable German
Eitan Strong And Staunch Hebrew
Ekram Honor Hindi
Elam Highlands Hebrew
Elan Tree Hebrew
Elden Protector English
Eldon Of Old Age English
Eleazar God Has Helped Hebrew
Elgin Noble English
Eli From The Name Elijah Hebrew
Elias The Lord Is My God Latin
Elijah The Lord Is My God Hebrew
Eliot The Lord Is My God English
Elisha God Is Gracious Hebrew
Eljah Form Of Elijah Hebrew
Elkan Belonging To God Hebrew
Ellard Nobly Brave German
Ellery Elder Tree Island English
Elliott Close To God Hebrew
Ellis From The Name Elijah Hebrew
Ellison Son Of Elias English
Elmer Famous English
Elmo Protector English
Elroy The King French
Elton The Old Town English
Elvin Friend Of Elves Celtic/Gaelic
Elvis Wise, Sage Scandinavian
Ely Form Of Eli Hebrew
Emanuel God Is With Us Hebrew
Ember Spark, Burning Low German
Emerson Son Of Emery German
Emery Ruler Of Work German
Emil To Emulate, Copy Latin
Emilio Form Of Emil Italian
Emlyn Flatterer Welsh
Emmanuel From The Name Emanuel Hebrew
Emmet Strong Worker German
Emory Leader German
Ennis Island Celtic/Gaelic
Enoch Dedicated Hebrew
Enrico Ruler Of The Household Italian
Enrique Ruler Of The Home (Var. Of Henry) Spanish
Ephraim Very Fruitful Hebrew
Epifanio One Who Gives Light Greek
Erasmus To Love Greek
Eric Honorable Ruler Scandinavian
Erik Honorable Ruler Scandinavian
Erling Descendant Scandinavian
Ermin Universal, Whole Greek
Ernest Truth German
Ernie From The Name Ernest German
Erno Form Of Ernest German
Eron Peace, Enlightened Hebrew
Eros God Of Love Greek
Errigal Small Church Celtic/Gaelic
Errol To Wander English
Erv From The Name Irving English
Ervin Friend Of The Sea Hungarian
Erwin From The Name Irving English
Eryk Ever Powerful Polish
Esben God Scandinavian
Espen God Bear Scandinavian
Esteban Crown Of Victory Spanish
Etan Steady Hebrew
Ethan Firm, Strong Hebrew
Ethanael God Given Endurance American
Etienne Crowned One French
Euclid Intelligent Greek
Eugene Well Born Greek
Evan God Is Good Welsh
Everett Wild Boar, Strong English
Everley Grazing Meadow English
Everly Grazing Meadow English
Evers Wild Boar English
Ewan Young Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
Eyad Possesses Power Arabic
Eyal Strength Hebrew
Eytan Firm, Strong Polish
Ezekiel Strength Of God Hebrew
Ezra Helper Hebrew

This was the list of boy names with meanings and of different origin, more names will be added soon.

Naming a baby boy is an interesting and most awaited thing in one's life. When a baby is born the first thing is to select the best boy name for him as it is a thing that he has to carry whole of his life. Parents and family members gather and then enjoy the name keeping ceremony, everybody desires that the boy name that he or she has selected should be given to the baby. However the final decision of naming the baby boy rests with the parents or the grand parents and everybody looks towards them for approval.

If you are one of them then you can use this list of boys names with meaning and origin so that you are confident and knowledgeable when the naming occasion comes for your beloved baby boy.