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Word: Stock Exchange
Meaning: بازارِ حصص، وہ جگہ جہاں شئیر کا لین دین ہوتا ہے
Roman: bazar-e-hisas, wo jaga jahan shares ka len den hota hai
Info: stak ex-change
Synonym: Stock Market

Stock Exchange ka matlab hai, bazar-e-hisas, wo jga jahan shares or stocks ka len den hota hai.

Stock Exchange Sentences & Usage

  • 1. Stock exchange building has several floors where stock brokers sit and trade stocks.
  • 2. Please take me with you whenever you go to stock exchange as I am without any transport.
  • 3. Can you please tell me the shortest route to stock exchange building.
  • Synonyms of Stock Exchange

    Stock Market

    In college I started studying the stock market. I went down to the stock exchange, watched all the activity from the visitors' gallery, people running around, calling numbers, shouting, and all the paper flying and the bells ringing, and of course that was exciting, and it seemed to lend itself to my analytical skills. Robert C. Merton

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