How To Make A Study Plan?

Study plan is the program or road map that you develop to keep track of your studies and its progress. Without a good study plan it will get difficult for you to carryout effective studies. So you must make a study plan as it will help you to achieve the maximum benefit with minimum efforts.

It is a proven fact that anybody who develops a solid plan for achieving his goals feels much easier in getting them because organized activity always pays rich dividends. Plan your progress hour-by-hour, day by day and month by month.

Study Plan

Make a study plan that this much you will study per day, per week and ultimately per month. A specific study plan is essential in order to be a genius student. You may like to use the under mentioned techniques regarding your study plan:

1. In Relation to Class Work

Your study plan should normally be in relation to your class work. Firstly you should review what all has been taught to you in the class. After completing your homework then you can plan some advance studies.

Let me assure you dear GENIUS that if you only keep pace with the class work, you will never feel any problem. The only thing to remember is to remain regular. Your study plan should never fall behind the class schedule.

2. Prioritize Subjects

Normally for a GENIUS no subject is difficult. However even if you feel some subjects are a bit tougher then plan them on the time when you are mentally fresh and can drill them properly. You can even plan some extra time to hammer the problem subjects properly. Normally most of the students consider math, English grammar and science subjects as boring and difficult as compared to other subjects.

3. Allocating Time

You should be liberal in allocating time to each subject. Give the importance a particular subject deserves. Some subjects with technical details need more time than some theoretical subjects. For example if you are a science student then physics, chemistry etc require more study time than Pakistan studies or civics etc. You should learn to use the time that is available to you.

4. Flexibility

Your study plan should never be to rigid and it must be capable to adjust to some unexpected event as illness, accidents etc. Everyone’s’ schedule may go wrong from time to time. With a workable plan you can probably get back on schedule quickly.

A less workable and inflexible plan means that you have to tear it often and make a new one. The plan you can’t keep to is worse than no plan at all.

5. Extra Curricular Activities

GENIUS students not only plan for their studies but they also keep sufficient time for their extracurricular activities. These include their hobbies, recreation, picnics, games and sports etc. All these activities not only broaden your mental horizon but also give you time to recuperate for a new day.

6. Over Study/Rest

Do not study for more than one and a half hour or a maximum of two hours at one sitting. Always plan some breaks between your studies. Divide your plan into periods with a short rest between each period. During these breaks, take some walk, exercise lightly (head stand is the best), eat some snacks, fruits etc. This will refresh you for the new session.

7. Review/Revision

Plan some time for revisions at the end of the study session and at the end of the week. GENIUS students normally keep weekends for revision. Whatever you have studied in a week must be revised properly.

This will help you to retain the things for a longer duration. You will also be able to monitor your progress and can plan the next week in an effective manner. Remember you don’t have to fall behind your schedule.

Final Word

It is rightly said that anybody who fails to plan he plans to fail. Planning makes your task easier and you are not burdened. You can monitor your progress and can make adjustments. You will exactly know where you stand in terms of study progress. So it is strongly advised to plan your studies.


Khudadad Alam

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