Importance Of Taking Notes

Taking notes in a class is considered to be a very important activity. The main purpose of taking notes is to help you to retain the things or to remember them. Whether you take notes from a teacher’s lecture or from a book, you cannot expect to remember the whole matter or the topic in verbatim.

Instead of it you make notes of the most important points or items concerning the topic. Then you use these notes for reference and revision. With the help of these notes, you can easily reconstruct and understand the whole topic.

Another advantage of taking notes is that it helps you to boost your concentration and make the learning process much easier. This is because making notes requires more concentration and effort than simply reading the topic. So if your grammar teacher is teaching you about adjectives then by taking notes in point forms will help clarify your concept.

Recitation and writing are ‘active’ methods of learning and they promote concentration much better than only reading. Apart from senior students the junior graders also find it much easier to read and understand the simplified material instead of plain text from the book.

Whatever the case maybe the overall purpose of a GENIUS student’s notes is to gain success in his studies. The GENIUS knows very clearly that what should be included in his notes and how to arrange them in order to make them a useful study aid.

Qualities of Good Notes

Good notes are those which you consider to be useful for yourself. The form of useful notes are according to your personal requirement. This is because every student have different study and learning style.

However there are certain basic requirements of good notes.

1. Brevity: Good notes should be as brief as possible without missing any important point. If they are to lengthy, it will get difficult to go through them or to look for the most important point.

2. Clarity—Easily Understandable: You don’t just have to scribble on your notebook. Whether you are noting something from the black board or writing from the teacher’s lecture it has to be neat. It should never happen that you are unable to read your own written notes.

This can be avoided by practicing to write fast and clear. You should use abbreviations and catch words while taking notes.

3. Relevancy: Try to restrict yourself to the topic. Writing unnecessary details will not serve your purpose. The more you remain close to your topic, more advantage you will derive from your notes.

4. Organized: GENIUS students always organize and arranges the notes according to his best understanding. If you are able to organize your notes properly then you will be able to draw maximum benefits from them. Otherwise they will just become a junk of papers. So arrange them according to the sequence of the topic.

Final Word

There are other requirements as well which are according to the students requirements. You can think of them on need basis. I have seen number of students who secure very good marks by merely studying notes. This is possible only if your notes are to the point, relevant and contain all the necessary details about the topic.


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