Fashion Mistakes To Avoid

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Fashion & Style

Sometimes people dress up so strangely that it looks awkward in the company of sober people. They think that dressing up differently they will look more fashionable and dressy. Whereas it is other way round; people laugh at them and it also affects their overall personal outlook.

It is very wisely said that, ‘eat what you like and dress what others like’. There is a particular dress code for a decent and sober personality. You have to follow it in order to be respectable part of the society.

Though you should dress up fashionably but wherever possible try to avoid these fashion mistakes:

1. Shiny Shirts & Suits. It doesn’t look manly to wear glittering shirts and suits. A number of boys try to copy the dressing of musical groups. Avoid it and try to dress up decently. Select color according to your age, skin tone and body features.

2. Socks with Chapals/Sandals. Yes its cold outside but why not wear shoes with warm socks. Never wear socks and kohati chapal or sandals. It doesn’t look fashionable at all. The best is to wear shoes on formal occasions.

3. Chunky Shoes. Such shoes were considered fashionable in early eighties. However with the changing trends they are the stories of the past. Some boys think that wearing square toe shoes with jeans give them a look of a fashionable cowboy. This is wrong, avoid it if possible and wear latest fashion shoes.

4. Novelty Shorts, Ties, T-shirts. Putting on two color shorts in which the two legs are of different color is a rejected and clownish fashion. Similarly never have any cartoons, pictures on the back of your shorts. Don’t think that by this way you will look mod squad. It’s a laughing style.

If you wear ties and t-shirts then avoid cartoons and funny pictures on them. Yes they attract people’s attention towards you but with a different perspective. Never get excited that if they smile or laugh then they are attracted towards you.

5. Use Correct Combination. You must have heard about a man with a dhoti and a neck tie. Try to avoid dress shoes with shorts, joggers with shalwar qamiz, and sports shoes with suits. There are number of ill combination you can think of according to your living style.

6. Select The Right Color. Color selection is a very important subject when we dress up. Never try to copy others. A color suiting anybody else may not look good on you. Select the colors of your dresses according to your age, skin tone, eye color and body features. An old person wearing shocking red will make a joke of himself.

7. Be Watchful On Fittings. If the clothes you are wearing are not properly stitched and fitting, it will give a lousy look. Perhaps it is for this reason that people say that clothes may be less expensive but its tailoring should be expensive. Obviously if a simple dress is properly stitched and fitting, it looks good than expensive one but unfitting.

Final Word. Fashion is not just wearing clothes after seeing somebody putting on a dress on TV shows or fashion magazines. It is a full fledge subject which need to be mastered. The more information you gather about it, wiser you will get. In addition to it try different combination and outfits get help of a sincere friend and then decide about your fashion style.


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