Shoes and Your Personality

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Fashion & Style

A large number of people do not pay sufficient attention to their foot gear while dressing up. Shoes are considered as a very important part of fashionable dressing. Shoes speak a lot about one’s style and his attention to details.

You will come across number of people who dress up smartly but if you sneak a peek on their shoes you will be amazed…. This may be due because they think that nobody will pay attention towards their feet. Well they are sadly mistaken. Everybody will definitely assess them as a whole.

Therefore while dressing up fashionably you need to pay proper attention to yours shoes also. You may like to consider following points regarding your shoes.

There are two universal colors which most men prefer with different combinations, black and brown. While brown has equal importance however black is taken as the classy shoe color.

You need to consider your pants or suit color for selecting the right shoes. Black shoes look best with black, grey, navy color suits and pants. Brown shoes work with tan suits and some shades of navy and black.

The top of your shoes should be shinny and of smooth leather. Opt for leather soles than rubber soles. Close set laces are considered dressier than wide set laces.

For less formal occasions slip on shoes can be considered. If you work in an office or your job involves wearing of suits regularly then buy some good quality expensive shoes. Choose sturdy leather uppers and good quality heels.

The color of your socks should match with the color of your trousers. If you wear tan suits then choose socks that match your shoe color. If your trousers are grey, white or black then you may consider wearing dark grey or maroon socks….imagination have no limits. . Well selection of socks color depends upon on individual taste and style as well. The color of your belt should match your shoes color or should be as close as possible.


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