Girl Names with Meaning & Origin

List of girl names with meaning and origin for your information and knowledge.

Girl Names Starting with A

Name Meaning Origin
A'marie Gracious Under Adversity American
Aadi Beginning Hindi
Aaliyah Ascender Hebrew
Aaralyn With Song American
Abba Born On Thursday African
Abbie Father Of Joy Hebrew
Abby God Is Joy Hebrew
Abeni Girl Prayed For African
Abia Great Arabic
Abiba Child Born After Grandmother Died African
Abigail God Is Joy Hebrew
Abra Mother Of Many Hebrew
Abrianna Mother Of Many Nations Hebrew
Abrienda Opening Spanish
Abril April Latin
Acacia Thorny Greek
Accalia Mythical Greek Name Greek
Ada Noble, Kind German
Adah Beautiful Addition Hebrew
Adalia God Is My Refuge, Noble German
Adamina The Earth Hebrew
Adamma Beautiful Girl African
Adara Chaste One Arabic
Addo King Of The Road African
Adela Noble And Serene German
Adelaide Noble, Kind German
Adele Noble, Kind German
Adelie Noble Meadow American
Adeline Noble, Kind French
Adelle Noble, Kind German
Adeola Crown Has Honor African
Aderes Cape Hebrew
Aderyn Bird Welsh
Adia Gift Swahili
Adie Noble, Kind German
Adila Just, Fair African
Adin Beautiful, Adorned Hebrew
Adina Beautiful, Adorned Hebrew
Adita Basket African
Adonia Greek Goddess Greek
Adonica From Adam And Monica American
Adora Beloved One Latin
Adriana Dark, Rich Spanish
Adrienne Dark, Rich French
Adrina Happiness Italian
Ady Noble, Kind American
Aelan Flower Hawaiian
Aelwen Fair Brow Welsh
Aerona Berry Welsh
Afia Born On Friday African
Afra Female Deer English
Afric Pleasant African-American
Afya Health African
Agalia Bright Joy Greek
Agatha Virtuous, Good Greek
Aggie Lamb Latin
Aglaia Brilliance Greek
Agnes Lamb Latin
Agrata Leader Hindi
Ahava Cherished One Hebrew
Aida Helper Latin
Aideen Flame Celtic/Gaelic
Aiko Little Loved One Japanese
Ailani High Chief Hawaiian
Aileen Form Of Helen - Light Celtic/Gaelic
Ailis Noble, Kind Celtic/Gaelic
Ailish Consecrated To God Hebrew
Ailsa Consecrated To God Hebrew
Aimee Beloved Friend French
Aine Joy, Ardent Celtic/Gaelic
Ainsley My Own Meadow English
Ainslie My Own Meadow English
Aira Of The Wind American
Airell Noble Celtic/Gaelic
Airlia Ethereal Greek
Aisha Life Arabic
Aislin Dream Celtic/Gaelic
Ailing Vision, Dream Celtic/Gaelic
Aislinn A Dream Celtic/Gaelic
Aitana Glory Portuguese
Aizza Life Hebrew
Akiva Protected Hebrew
Alaina Fair One French
Alamea Precious, Whole Hawaiian
Alameda Ambitious Latin
Alana Peaceful, Serene Celtic/Gaelic
Alanna Form Of Alana Slavic
Alannis From Atlanta Greek
Alarice All Ruler German
Alaula Light Of Dawn Hawaiian
Alaura From Laura Latin
Alayna Var Of Alaina - Fair One French
Alba White Hill Latin
Albany White Hill Latin
Alberta Noble, Bright English
Albina White-Skinned Italian
Alda Long Lived Italian
Aldona Old Polish
Aleda Small And Winged Latin
Algeria Happiness Spanish
Alena Light Slavic
Alessa Noble One Hebrew
Aleta Truthful One Greek
Aletha Truthful One Greek
Alethea Truthful One Greek
Aletta Winged One Spanish
Alexa Protector Of Mankind Greek
Alexandra Protector Of Mankind Greek
Alexandria Defender Of Mankind Greek
Alexia Defender Of Mankind Greek
Alia Noble Hebrew
Alice Truth, Noble Greek
Alicia Of Noble Birth English
Alida Small, Winged Latin
Alika Truthful Hawaiian
Alima Strong Arabic
Alina Noble, Kind Slavic
Alisa Rational Greek
Alisha Truth, Noble Greek
Alison Of Noble Birth German
Alissa Truth, Noble Hebrew
Aliya Defender Hebrew
Aliza Joyful Hebrew
Alize Joyful Hebrew
Alka Young Hindi
Allayna Light American
Allegra Joy Spanish
Allene Attractive, Peaceful Celtic/Gaelic
Allie Of Noble Birth German
Allison Of Noble Birth German
Ally Of Noble Birth American
Allyson Of Noble Birth German
Alma Soul Latin
Almira Of Higher Birth Order Arabic
Alodie Wealthy English
Aloha Loving, Kind-Hearted Hawaiian
Alohilani Bright Sky Hawaiian
Alpha First Born Greek
Alsatia From Alsace-Loraine Area Of France French
Altessa Noble Reaper American
Althea Healer Greek
Alvis Thor's Daughter Greek
Alyn Pretty American
Alyson Of Noble Birth, Kind German
Alyssa Rational Greek
Amable Lovable Latin
Amadis Love Of God Latin
Amalia Hardworking Latin
Amalie Hard Worker Latin
Aman Trustworthy African
Amanda Worthy Of Love Latin
Amandla Power African
Amara Eternal Greek
Amaranta Flower That Never Fades Latin
Amarante Flower That Never Fades Japanese
Amaris Promised By God Hebrew
Amaryllis Fresh Flower Greek
Amaya Night Rain Japanese
Amber Precious Jewel American
Amberly Ruler Of The Jewels American
Amelia Industrious, Admiring Latin
Amelie Industrious, Admiring French
Ami Friend French
Aminia Faithful African
Amity Friendship Latin
Amma Godlike Hindi
Amora Love Spanish
Amorina Love Latin
Amory Loved One American
Amy Beloved Latin
Ana Gracious Latin
Anahid Divine Armenian
Anais Graceful Hebrew
Analiese From Anna & Lisa German
Analise From Analiese German
Anana Soft, Gentle African
Ananda Worthy Of Love African-American
Anastacia Variant Of Anastasia-Reborn Greek
Anastasia Resurrection Greek
Anatola From The East Greek
Anaya Look Up To God African
Ancelin Handmade French
Anchoret Loved Welsh
Andeana Leaving Spanish
Andie Courageous French
Andra Strong & Courageous Greek
Andralyn From Andrea & Lyn American
Andromeda Rescued Greek
Aneko Older Sister Japanese
Anemone Breath Greek
Angela Angelic Latin
Angelica Angelic Latin
Angelina Little Angel Italian
Angelique Angelic French
Angie Angel Latin
Ani Very Beautiful Slavic
Ania Graciousness Slavic
Anika Gracious Scandinavian
Anila Children Of The Wind Hindi
Anisa Joy, Pleasure African
Anise Spice English
Anita Gracious Latin
Anitra Gracious American
Anja Grace Of God Russian
Anjelita Heavenly Messenger Spanish
Ann Gracious Hebrew
Anna Gracious Hebrew
Annabel Grace And Beauty French
Annabella Grace And Beauty Latin
Annabelle Grace And Beauty French
Annalise Gracious, Consecreted To God German
Anne Gracious Hebrew
Anneke Little Ann Scandinavian
Anneliese Consecrated And Gracious Greek
Annelise Gracious, Consecreted To God German
Annette Gracious French
Annice From Agnes English
Annick Gracious Russian
Annie Blessed With Grace Hebrew
Annis From Agnes English
Annissa Form Of Ann English
Annona Goddess Of The Harvest Latin
Annora With Honor German
Annot Light Hebrew
Anoush Sweet Disposition Armenian
Anstice One Who Will Rise Again Greek
Anthea Flowerlike Greek
Antoinette Flourishing, Praiseworthy French
Antonia Praiseworthy Greek
Antonie Feminine Form Of Anthony French
Anya From The Name Anna Slavic
Aoife Life Celtic/Gaelic
Aolani Cloud From Heaven Hawaiian
Aphrodite Goddess Of Love Greek
Apria From The Apricot Latin
April Opening, 4Th Month Latin
Aqua Of The Water Greek
Arabela Beautiful Altar Italian
Arabella Beautiful Altar Italian
Aracely Heavenly Altar Latin
Aradia Goddess Of Witches Greek
Arama Of The Virgin Mary Spanish
Arcelia Treasure Spanish
Ardara Fort On The Hill Celtic/Gaelic
Ardelis Industrious Greek
Ardelle Warm Latin
Ardice Flowering Field Hebrew
Ardith Flowering Field Hebrew
Arella Angel Hebrew
Aretha Virtuous Greek
Aria Melody Italian
Ariadne Holy Greek
Ariana Holy Greek
Ariane Holy French
Arianna Holy Greek
Ariella Lion Of God Hebrew
Arielle Lion Of God Hebrew
Arin Enlightened Hebrew
Arissa Best Greek
Arista Best Greek
Arlais From The Temple Welsh
Arlene Pledge Celtic/Gaelic
Armani Faith African
Armelle Princess French
Armina Noble Latin
Arva Fertile Latin
Arwen Muse English
Asabi One Of Select Birth African
Asasia Form Of Acacia Greek
Asha Life Arabic
Ashleigh From The Ash Tree English
Ashlyn Roots: Ashley&Lyn English
Ashtyn From The Ash Tree Town English
Asia Resurrection Greek
Asis Sun African
Aspasia Lily Greek
Asta Bright As A Star Latin
Aster Star English
Astra From The Stars Greek
Astrid Unusual Beauty And Strength Scandinavian
Atalanta Mighty Huntress Greek
Atalaya Watch Tower Arabic
Atara Crown, Blessed Hebrew
Ataret Crown, Blessed Hebrew
Athalia God Is Exalted Hebrew
Athena Goddess Of Wisdom & War Greek
Atira Prayer Hebrew
Auberta Noble, Bright Latin
Aubrianna Noble, Strong One English
Audi Last Daughter African
Audra From Audrey French
Audrey Noble Strength English
Augusta Venerable Latin
Aulani King's Messenger Hawaiian
Aurelia Golden Greek
Aurora Goddess Of The Dawn Greek
Aurorette From Aurora French
Auryon Hunyer American
Austine Exalted Latin
Autumn Fall Season Latin
Ava Like A Bird Greek
Avalbane White Orchard Celtic/Gaelic
Avalon Island Latin
Avani Earth Hindi
Avari Of The Heavens,From The Sky American
Avariella Small, Strong Woman American
Avarielle Woman Of Strength American
Ave Hail (All Bow To) Latin
Aveline Hazel French
Avian Bird-Like French
Aviva Joyful Spring Hebrew
Avongara To Tie African
Avril April French
Awen A Muse Welsh
Awena Seer Welsh
Axelle Source Of All Life French
Aya Bird Hebrew
Ayala A Female Deer - (Doe) Hebrew
Ayame Iris Japanese
Ayanna Beautiful Flower African
Ayla The Oak Tree Hebrew
Ayoka One Who Causes Joy African
Aysel Moonlight Turkish
Aysha Life African
Azana Ultimate African
Aziza Precious Egyptian
Azuka Past Glory African
Azura Sky Blue Spanish

Girl Names Starting with B

Name Meaning Origin
Baba Born On Thursday African
Babette From The Name Elizabeth French
Bach Yen White Vietnamese
Badu Tenth Born Child African
Baina Sparkling African
Baka Crane Hindi
Ballari Walking Quietly Hindi
Bambi Child Italian
Bandele Born Away From Home African
Barb Stranger Latin
Barbara Stranger Latin
Barbie From The Name Barbara American
Barbra Stranger Latin
Bathsheba Seventh Daughter Hebrew
Bea Blessed American
Beata One Who Brings Joy Latin
Beate One Who Brings Joy Latin
Beatrice Bringer Of Joy French
Beatrix Bringer Of Joy English
Beatriz Brings Joy Latin
Bebe Baby French
Becca Bound Hebrew
Becka From The Name Rebecca Hebrew
Becky Bound Hebrew
Bela She Of Fair Skin Slavic
Belicia Dedicated To God Spanish
Belinda Beautiful Spanish
Belisma River Goddess English
Belita Beautiful Spanish
Bella Beautiful Latin
Belle Beauty French
Bellini From The Name Belle Italian
Bellona Goddess Of War Latin
Belva Beautiful View Latin
Benecia Blessed Latin
Benita Good Person Latin
Berdine Bright Maiden Greek
Berenice Victorious English
Berit Glorious, Intelligent German
Bernadette Brave As A Bear French
Bernadine From The Name Bernard French
Bernice Brings Victory French
Bertha Bright German
Bertille Heroine French
Beryl Green Jewel Greek
Bess From The Name Elizabeth Hebrew
Bessie Consecrated To God Hebrew
Beth From The Name Elizabeth Hebrew
Betha Life Celtic/Gaelic
Bethan Consecrated To God Welsh
Bethany Life-Town Near Jerusalem Hebrew
Bethesda House Of Mercy Hebrew
Betrys From Beatrice Welsh
Betsy Consecrated To God Hebrew
Bette Consecrated To God American
Bettina Consecrated To God Hebrew
Betty Consecrated To God Hebrew
Beulah Married Hebrew
Beverly Near The Meadow Of The Beavers English
Beyla By God! Slavic
Beyonce Beyond Others African-American
Bian Secretive Vietnamese
Biana Fair Skinned American
Bianca White, Fair Skinned Latin
Bibiana Lively Latin
Bibiane Lively French
Bidelia High One Celtic/Gaelic
Bikita Anteater African
Bina Freshness African
Blanca White Spanish
Blanche White French
Blenda Dazzling Bright Latin
Bliss Perfect Joy English
Blithe Happy English
Blodwyn Flower Welsh
Blondelle Blonde French
Blossom Flower-Like English
Bluma A Flower, Bloom Hebrew
Blythe Happy English
Bona Good Italian
Bonita Pretty, Beautiful Spanish
Bonnie Pretty Girl Celtic/Gaelic
Bozica Born At Christmas Slavic
Bracha A Blessing Hebrew
Braima Father Of Multitudes African
Braith Freckled Welsh
Brandee Brandy, After Dinner Drink Scandinavian
Brandi Warm And Comforting American
Brandice Combination Of Brandi And Candice American
Brandie Sweet Nectar American
Brandy Warm And Comforting American
Breanna Strong, Virtuous, Honorable Celtic/Gaelic
Bree Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
Breena Fairy Land Celtic/Gaelic
Brenda Sword Scandinavian
Brendy Sword American
Brenna Little Raven Celtic/Gaelic
Briallen Primrose Welsh
Briana Fortitude And Strength Celtic/Gaelic
Brianna Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
Brianne Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
Bridget Strong Celtic/Gaelic
Bridgit From The Name Bridget Celtic/Gaelic
Bridie Strong Celtic/Gaelic
Brie From Region Of France French
Brielle Exalted Goddess French
Brigette Strong French
Brigid Strong Celtic/Gaelic
Brigit Strong Scandinavian
Brigitte From The Name Bridget French
Brina Boundary Line Latin
Brinda Of The Basil Plant Hindi
Brita From The Name Brittania English
Britany From Britain English
Britney From Great Britain English
Brittania From Britain, British English
Brittany From Britain English
Brittnee From Britain English
Brittney From Britain English
Bronwen Dark, Pure Welsh
Bronwyn Dark, Pure Welsh
Bryanne Strong One Celtic/Gaelic
Brygid Strength Polish
Bryony Vine With Small Blossoms English
Buffy From The Name Bunny American
Bunny Little Rabbit American

This was the list of girl names starting with B, more names will be added soon

Girls Names Starting with C

Name Meaning Origin
Cai Rejoice Welsh
Caia To Rejoice Latin
Cailean The Child Celtic/Gaelic
Caitir Pure, Unsullied Celtic/Gaelic
Caitlin Virginal Beauty Celtic/Gaelic
Caitlyn Pure Beauty Celtic/Gaelic
Cala Castle Arabic
Calais City In France French
Calandra Singing Bird Greek
Calantha Like A Lovely Blossom Greek
Calida Warm Spanish
Calista Beautiful Greek
Calixte Very Beautiful Greek
Calla Beauty Greek
Callia Beautiful Greek
Callie Beautiful Greek
Calliope One With Beautiful Voice Greek
Callista Most Beautiful Greek
Calvine Bald Latin
Cambree From Wales Welsh
Cambria From Wales Latin
Camila Attendant Italian
Camilla Young, Virginal Italian
Camille Virginal, Unblemished Character French
Cana Beloved Turkish
Candace Fire White, Pure Greek
Candice Fire White Greek
Candida Pure, Bright Latin
Candie Bright, Sweet American
Candra Pure And Chaste Greek
Candy Bright, Sweet American
Caprice Fanciful French
Capucine Hood French
Cara Dearest Latin
Caraf Love Welsh
Cardea Goddess Of Protecting The Home Greek
Caressa Loving Touch French
Caresse Beloved French
Carina Dear One Greek
Carissa Beloved Greek
Carla Strong One Latin
Carlota From The Name Charlotte Or Caroline Spanish
Carlotta Strong One Italian
Carly Strong One American
Carlyn Small And Womanly Greek
Carlynda Strong And Beautiful American
Carmela Garden Hebrew
Carmelita From The Name Carmel Spanish
Carmen Song Latin
Carmencita Song Spanish
Carminda Beautiful Song Spanish
Carol Melody, Song French
Carolena Little And Womanly Italian
Carolina Beautiful Woman Latin
Caroline Beautiful Woman Latin
Carolyn From The Name Carol And Linda German
Caron Loving, Kind Welsh
Caroun Spring Armenian
Carrie Melody, Song American
Carrieann Gracious And Womanly American
Carys To Love Welsh
Cascata Waterfall Italian
Cashlin Vain English
Cassandra Prophet Greek
Cassara Prophet/Princess American
Cassia Cinnamon Greek
Cassie From Cassandra- Prophetess Greek
Catalin Pure Spanish
Catalina Pure Spanish
Cate Pure Greek
Catherine Pure, Virginal Greek
Cathy Pure Greek
Catrin Pure Welsh
Catriona Pure Celtic/Gaelic
Cayenne Hot Spice French
Cayla Crown Of Laurel Hebrew
Ceana God Is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
Cece Blind Celtic/Gaelic
Cecelia Blind Celtic/Gaelic
Cecile Blind French
Cecilia Blind Latin
Cecily Blind Celtic/Gaelic
Celerina Quick Spanish
Celeste From The Heavens Latin
Celestine Heavenly Latin
Celestyn Heaven French
Celia Blind Latin
Celina Moon Latin
Celine Moon French
Cerelia Goddess Of The Harvest Greek
Ceri Love Welsh
Cerise Cherry French
Chaela Who Is Like God? Celtic/Gaelic
Chaeli Who Is Like God? Celtic/Gaelic
Chailyn Life, Waterfall American
Chaka Chakra, Energy Center Arabic
Chakaluka Brilliant Energy American
Chakra Energy Center Of The Body Arabic
Chalondra Smart African
Chalsie Seaport American
Chamomile Peace, Spice American
Chana Gracious Hebrew
Chandra Moon Goddess Hindi
Chanel Channel French
Channary Full Moon Cambodian
Channery Wise American
Chantal Rocky Land Or Song French
Chantel Rocky Land Or Singer French
Chanton We Sing French
Chantrea Moon Cambodian
Charis Grace Greek
Charisma Personal Power, Attraction Greek
Charisse Grace, Beauty, Kindness French
Charity Charity, Kindness English
Charla From Charlotte American
Charlee Farmer American
Charleen Female of Charles French
Charleigh Manly, Farmer American
Charlene From The Name Charles English
Charlize Womanly French
Charlot Womanly, Feminine French
Charlotte Feminine French
Charmaine Bountiful Orchard French
Charo Farmer Spanish
Chastity Purity English
Chava Life Hebrew
Chavi Female Child Egyptian
Chaviva Beloved Hebrew
Chaylse Seaport English
Cheche Small Thing African
Chelsa Harbor English
Chelsea Port Of Ships English
Chelsi Seaport American
Chelsia From Chelsea American
Cher Beloved French
Cheri From The Name Cheryl French
Cherie Beloved French
Cherlin From Cher And Lin American
Cherry Cherry Fruit American
Cheryl Beloved French
Chesna Bringing Peace, Calm Slavic
Chessa Peaceful Slavic
Chezarina From The Name Cesar Greek
Chiara Illustrious Latin
Chika Near Japanese
Chinara May God Receive African
Chinue God's Own Blessing African
Chione Daughter Of The Nile Egyptian
Chipo A Gift African
Chiquita Little Girl Spanish
Chloe Verdant And Blooming Greek
Chloris Pale Greek
Chrissy From The Name Christopher English
Christa Christ Bearer English
Christiana Christian, Christ-Bearer English
Christina Christ-Bearer Greek
Christine Christ-Bearer Greek
Christy Of Christ English
Chyna From The Name China English
Chynna From The Name China American
Cianna God Is Gracious Italian
Ciara Black And Mysterious Celtic/Gaelic
Cicada Loud Insect Of The Night Greek
Cicely From The Name Cecilia Latin
Cicily From The Name Cecilia Latin
Ciel From Heaven, Heavenly Latin
Cili Blind Hungarian
Cilicia Ancient Province Of Asia Latin
Cinderella Girl By The Cinders Latin
Cindy From The Name Cynthia Greek
Cinnamon The Spice American
Cira Sun Italian
Cirila Lordly Greek
Cissy From The Name Cecilia Latin
Claire Clear, Bright French
Clara Clear, Bright Latin
Claral Clear, Bright French
Clare Clear English
Clarice Clear, Bright French
Clarimonde Brilliant Protector German
Clarissa Brilliant Latin
Claudette Lame French
Claudia Lame Latin
Clea From The Name Cleo Greek
Cleantha In Praise Of Flowers Greek
Clemance Merciful French
Clementine Merciful English
Cleo To Praise, Acclaim Greek
Cleopatra Glory Of The Father Greek
Cleta Diminutive Of Cleopatra Greek
Clio From The Name Cleo Greek
Clodia Form Of Claudia French
Cloris Flower Goddess Greek
Clover Meadow Flower English
Colette From The Name Nicole French
Coligny From Cologne French
Colista Most Beautiful Greek
Colleen Irish Girl Celtic/Gaelic
Collice Form Of Colleen Celtic/Gaelic
Columbia A Dove Latin
Comfort To Strengthen Greatly English
Constance Constant English
Consuela Consolation Spanish
Consuelo Consolation Spanish
Content Satisfied, Happy American
Cora Heart, Maiden Greek
Coral Reef Formation English
Coralia Like Coral Greek
Coralie Little Maiden French
Corazon Heart Spanish
Cordelia Daughter Of The Sea English
Corentine Little Cora African-American
Corin A Maiden French
Corina Maiden French
Corine From The Name Corinne French
Corinna Maiden Greek
Corinne Maiden French
Corinthia From Corinth Greek
Corliss From The Name Carl Or Carlisle English
Cornelia From The Name Cornelius Latin
Corrine Maiden French
Cosette Victorious People French
Cosima Universe, Harmony Greek
Creda Faith English
Crete Diminutive Of Lucretia Latin
Crwys Cross Welsh
Crystal A Clear, Brilliant Glass Latin
Csilla Protection Hungarian
Cwen Queen English
Cybele Mother Scandinavian
Cybil Soothsayer Greek
Cybill Soothsayer Greek
Cybille Soothsayer French
Cyma Flourish Greek
Cynara From The Island Of Zinara Greek
Cyndi From The Name Cynthia Greek
Cynthia The Moon Personified Greek
Cyrah Enthroned African
Cytheria Goddess Of Love Greek

This was the list of girl names starting with C, more names will be added soon

This was the list of girl names with meaning, origin and other information, more names will be added soon