Adjectives That Start With A

List of adjectives that start with A for students and teachers for use in class work or home work.

Adjectives That Start With AB

abandoned, abashed, abasic, abatable, abatic, abaxial, abbatial, abbreviated, abdicable, abdominal, abdominous, abdominovesical, abducent, abducting, abecedarian, aberdonian, aberrant, abeyant, abhorrent, abiding, abient, abiogenetic, abject, abkhaz, abkhazian, ablated, ablative, ablaze, able, abloom, ablutionary, abnaki, abnormal, abolishable, abolitionary, abomasal, abominable, aboral, aboriginal, abortifacient, abortive, aboulic, abounding, about, above, aboveboard,

 aboveground, abranchial, abranchiate, abranchious,abrasive, abreast, abridged, abroach, abroad, abrupt, abscessed, absent, absentminded, absolute, absolutist, absolutistic, absolved, absolvitory, absorbable, absorbed, absorbefacient, absorbent, absorbing, absorptive, abstemious, abstentious, abstinent, abstract, abstracted, abstractionist, abstractive, abstruse, absurd, abulic, abundant, abused, abusive, abuzz, abysmal

Adjectives That Start With AC

academic, acanthoid, acanthotic, acanthous, acapnial, acapnic, acapnotic, acarpellous, acarpelous, acarpous, acatalectic, acaudal, acaudate, acaulescent, accelerando, accelerated, accelerative, acceleratory, accented, accentual, acceptable, acceptant, accepted, accepting, acceptive, accessary, accessible, accessional, accessorial, accessory, accidental, accipitrine, acclivitous, accommodating, accommodational, accommodative, accompanied, accompanying, accomplishable,

 accomplished, accordant, according, accountable, accoutered, accoutred, accredited, accretionary, accretive, accrued, acculturational, acculturative, accumbent, accumulated, accumulative, accurate, accursed, accurst, accusative, accusatorial, accusatory, accusing, accusive, accustomed, ace, acellular,

acentric, acephalous, acerate, acerb, acerbic, acerose, acervate, acetabular, acetic, acetonic, acetose, acetous, acetylenic, acetylic, achaean, achenial, acheronian, acherontic, achievable, aching, achlamydeous, achlorhydric, achondritic, achondroplastic, achromatic, achromatinic, achromatous, achromic, achromous, achy, acicular, aciculate, acid, acidic, acidimetric, acidophilic, acidophilous, acidotic, acidulent, acidulous, aciduric, acinar, acinic, acinose, acinous, acknowledgeable,

 acknowledged, acned, acneiform, acold, acoustic, acoustical, acquainted, acquiescent, acquirable, acquired, acquisitive, acquitted, acrid, acrimonious, acritical, acrobatic, acrocarpous, acrocentric, acrogenic, acrogenous, acromegalic, acronymic, acronymous, acropetal, acrophobic, acroscopic, actable, actinal, acting, actinic, actinoid, actinometric, actinometrical, actinomorphic, actinomorphous, actinomycetal, actinomycetous, actinomycotic, actionable, activated, activating, active, activist, activistic, actual, actuarial, actuated, actuating, acuate, aculeate, aculeated, acuminate, acute, acyclic,

Adjectives That Start With AD

adagio, adamant, adamantine, adaptable, adaptational, adaptative, adapted, adaptive, adaxial, addable, addible, addicted, addictive, additional, additive, addlebrained, addled, addlepated, addressable, addressed, adducent, adducting, adductive, adenocarcinomatous, adenoid, adenoidal, adept, adequate, adherent, adhesive, adiabatic, adient, adipose, adjacent, adjectival, adjective, adjudicative, adjudicatory, adjunct, adjunctive, adjuratory, adjustable, adjusted, adjustive, adjuvant, administrable, administrative, admirable, admired, admissible, admissive, admittable, admittible, admonishing, admonitory, adnate, adnexal, adolescent, adonic, adoptable, adopted, adoptive, adorable,

adored, adoring, adorned, adpressed, adrenal, adrenergic, adrenocortical, adrenocorticotrophic, adrenocorticotropic, adrift, adroit, adscititious, adscript, adscripted, adsorbable, adsorbate, adsorbent, adsorptive, adulatory, adult, adulterant, adulterate, adulterated, adulterating, adulterine, adulterous, adumbrative, adust, advance, advanced, advancing, advantageous, advective, adventitial, adventitious, adventive, adventuresome, adventuristic, adventurous, adverbial, adversative, adverse, advertent, advertised, advisable, advised, advisory, adynamic,

Adjectives That Start With AE

aegean, aeolian, aeolotropic, aeonian, aerated, aerial, aeriferous, aeriform, aerobic, aerobiotic, aerodynamic, aerolitic, aerological, aeromechanic, aeromedical, aeronautic, aeronautical, aerophilatelic, aerophilic, aerophilous, aerosolised, aerosolized, aery, aeschylean, aesculapian, aesthetic, aesthetical, aestival, aetiologic, aetiological

Adjectives That Start With AF

afeard, afeared, afebrile, affable, affected, affecting, affectional, affectionate, affective, afferent, affiliated, affinal, affine, affined, affirmable, affirmative, affirmatory, affixal, affixed, affixial, afflicted, afflictive, affluent, affordable, afghan, afghani, afghanistani, afire, aflame, aflare, aflicker, afloat, aflutter, afoot, aforementioned, aforesaid, aforethought, afoul, afraid, african, afrikaans, afrikaner, aft, after, aftermost, aftershafted

Adjectives That Start With AG

agamic, agamogenetic, agamous, agape, agaze, aged, ageing, ageless, agelong, agential, agglomerate, agglomerated, agglomerative, agglutinate, agglutinative, aggravated, aggravating, aggregate, aggregated, aggregative, aggressive, aghast, agile, aging, agitated, agitating, agitative, agleam, aglitter, aglow, agnate, agnatic, agnostic, agnostical, ago, agog, agonadal, agonal, agone, agonised, agonising, agonistic, agonistical, agonized, agonizing, agoraphobic, agranulocytic, agraphic, agrarian, agreeable, agreed, agrestic, agricultural, agrobiologic, agrobiological, agrologic, agrological, agronomic, agronomical, aground, agrypnotic, aguish

Adjectives That Start With AH

ahead, ahistorical, ahorse, ahorseback

Adjectives That Start With AI

aided, ailing, aimless, ain, airborne, aired, airheaded, airless, airlike, airsick, airtight, airworthy, airy

Adjectives Starting With AJ, AK

ajar, akimbo, akin,

Adjectives That Start With AL

alabaster, alabastrine, alacritous, alar, alarmed, alarming, alary, alaskan, alate, alated, albanian, albescent, albigensian, albinal, albinic, albinistic, albinotic, albitic, albuminous, albuminuric, alcalescent, alchemic, alchemical, alchemistic, alchemistical, alcoholic, aldehydic, aldermanic, aldermanly, aleatory, alert, aleuronic, aleutian, alexandrian, alexic, alfresco, algal, algebraic, algebraical, algerian, algid, algoid, algolagnic, algometric, algometrical, algonkian, algonquian, algonquin, algophobic, algorithmic, alien, alienable, alienated, alienating, aliform, alight, aligned, aligning, alike, alimental, alimentary, alimentative, aliphatic, aliquot, alive, alkahestic, alkalescent,

 alkalic, alkaline, alkaloidal, alkalotic, alkylic, all, allantoic, allantoid, allargando, alleged, allegiant, allegoric, allegorical, allegretto, allegro, allelic, allelomorphic, allergenic, allergic, alleviated, alleviative, alleviatory, alliaceous, allied, alligatored, alliterative, allocable, allocatable, allochronic, allochthonous, allogamous, allogeneic, allographic, allomerous, allometric, allomorphic, allopathic, allopatric, allophonic, allotropic, allotropical, allotted, allover, allowable, alloyed, alluring, allusive, alluvial, allylic, almighty, alone, aloof, alopecic, alpestrine, alpha, alphabetic, alphabetical, alphabetised, alphabetized, alphameric, alphamerical, alphanumeric, alphanumerical, alpine, alright, alsatian, altaic, alterable, alterative, altered, alternate, alternating, alternative, altissimo, altitudinal, altitudinous, alto, altricial, altruistic, alular, aluminiferous, aluminous, alveolar, alveolate, alvine

Adjectives That Start With AM

amalgamate, amalgamated, amalgamative, amaranthine, amateur, amateurish, amative, amatory, amaurotic, amazed, amazing, ambagious, ambassadorial, amber, ambidextrous, ambient, ambiguous, ambitionless, ambitious, ambivalent, ambiversive, amblyopic, ambrosial, ambrosian, ambulacral, ambulant, ambulatory, ameban, amebic, ameboid, amebous, ameliorating, ameliorative, amelioratory, amenable, amendable, amendatory, amended, amenorrheal, amenorrheic, amenorrhoeal, amenorrhoeic, amentaceous, amentiferous, amerciable, american, amerind, amerindic, ametabolic, ametabolous, amethyst, amethystine, ametropic, amharic, amiable, amicable, amidship, aminic, amino, amiss, amitotic, ammino, ammoniac, ammoniacal, ammoniated, ammonitic, amnesiac, amnesic, amnestic, amnic, amnionic, amniotic, amoeban, amoebic, amoeboid, amoebous, amok, amoristic, amorous, amorphous, amort, amphibian, amphibiotic, amphibious, amphiprostylar, amphiprostyle, amphiprotic, amphistylar, amphitheatric, amphitheatrical, amphitropous, amphoric, amphoteric, ample, ampullar, ampullary, amuck, amused, amusing, amusive, amygdaliform, amygdaline, amygdaloid, amygdaloidal, amylaceous, amyloid, amyloidal, amylolytic

Adjectives That Start With AN

anabatic, anabiotic, anabolic, anachronic, anachronistic, anachronous, anaclinal, anaclitic, anacoluthic, anadromous, anaemic, anaerobic, anaerobiotic, anaesthetic, anaglyphic, anaglyphical, anaglyptic, anaglyptical, anagogic, anagogical, anagrammatic, anagrammatical, anal, analeptic, analgesic, analgetic, analog, analogical, analogous, analogue, analphabetic, analytic, analytical, analyzable, analyzed, anamnestic, anamorphic, anapaestic, anapestic, anaphasic, anaphoric, anaphrodisiac, anaphylactic, anaplastic, anarchic, anarchical, anarchistic, anasarcous, anastigmatic, anastomotic, anatomic, anatomical, anatropous, ancestral, anchoritic, ancient, ancillary, andalusian, andante, andantino, andean, andorran, androgenetic, androgenic, androgenous, androgynous, ane, anecdotal, anecdotic, anecdotical, anechoic, anemic, anemographic, anemometric, anemometrical, anemophilous, anencephalic,

 anencephalous, aneroid, anesthetic, anestric, anestrous, aneuploid, aneurismal, aneurismatic, aneurysmal, aneurysmatic, anfractuous, angelic, angelical, angered, anginal, anginose, anginous, angiocarpic, angiocarpous, angiomatous, angiospermous, angled, anglican, anglophilic, anglophobic, angolan, angry, anguillan, anguine, anguished, angular, angulate, anhydrous, anicteric, anile, animal, animalistic, animate, animated, animating, animatistic, animist, animistic, anionic, aniseikonic, anisogametic, anisogamic, anisogamous, anisometric, anisometropic, anisotropic, ankylotic, annalistic, annelid, annelidan, annexal, annexational, annihilated, annihilating, annihilative, announced, annoyed, annoying, annual, annular, annulate, annulated, annunciatory, anodal, anodic, anodyne, anoestrous, anomalous, anomic, anonymous, anoperineal, anopheline, anorectal, anorectic, anorexic, anorexigenic, anorthic, anorthitic, anosmatic, anosmic, another, anoxemic, anoxic, anserine, answerable, answering, antacid, antagonistic, antarctic, antebellum, antecedent, antecubital, antediluvial, antediluvian, antemeridian, antemortem, antenatal, antennal, antennary, antenuptial, antepartum,

 antepenultimate, anterior, anterograde, anthelminthic, anthelmintic, antheral, antheridial, anthophagous, anthophilous, anthracitic, anthropic, anthropical, anthropocentric, anthropogenetic, anthropogenic, anthropoid, anthropoidal, anthropological, anthropometric, anthropometrical, anthropomorphic, anthropomorphous, anthropophagous, anti, antiadrenergic, antiaircraft, antiapartheid, antiauthoritarian, antibacterial, antibiotic, antiblack, antic, anticancer, anticholinergic, anticipant, anticipated, anticipative, anticipatory, anticlimactic, anticlimactical, anticlinal, anticlockwise, anticoagulative, anticyclonic, antidotal, antidromic, antiferromagnetic, antifertility, antifungal, antigenic, antiguan, antiheretical, antiknock, antiknocking, antimagnetic, antimicrobial, antimicrobic, antimonial,
antimonic, antimonious, antimonopoly, antineoplastic, antinomian, antiparallel, antipathetic, antipathetical, antipersonnel, antiphlogistic, antiphonal, antiphonary, antipodal, antipodean, antipollution, antipyretic, antiquarian, antiquated, antique, antisatellite, antisemitic, antiseptic, antisocial, antistrophic, antisubmarine, antitank, antithetic, antithetical, antithyroid, antitoxic, antitrust,
antitumor, antitumour, antitypic, antitypical, antiviral, antlered, antonymous, antrorse, antsy, anuran, anuretic, anuric, anurous, anxiolytic, anxious, any

Adjectives Starting with AO

aoristic, aortal, aortic

Adjectives That Start With AP

apart, apathetic, apelike, aperient, aperiodic, apetalous, aphaeretic, aphakic, aphanitic, aphasic, apheretic, aphetic, aphonic, aphoristic, aphotic, aphrodisiac, aphrodisiacal, aphyllous, apian, apiarian, apical, apiculate, apicultural, apish, apivorous, aplacental, aplanatic, aplitic, apneic, apnoeic, apocalyptic, apocalyptical, apocarpous, apochromatic, apocrine, apocryphal, apocynaceous, apodal, apodeictic, apodictic, apodous, apogametic, apogamic, apogamous, apogean, apolitical, apologetic, apomictic, apomictical, aponeurotic, apopemptic, apophatic, apophyseal, apoplectic, apoplectiform, apoplectoid, aposiopetic, apostate, apostolic, apostolical, apostrophic,

apothecial, apothegmatic, apothegmatical, apotropaic, appalachian, appalled, appalling, appareled, apparent, apparitional, appealable, appealing, appeasable, appeasing, appellant, appellate, appellative, appendaged, appendant, appendicular, apperceptive, appetent, appetising, appetitive, appetizing, applaudable, applicable, applicative, applicatory, applied, appointed, appointive, apportionable, apportioned, apposable, apposite, appositional, appositive, appraising, appreciable, appreciated, appreciative, apprehended, apprehensible, apprehensive, apprenticed, appressed, approachable, approaching, approbative, approbatory, appropriable, appropriate, appropriative, approved, approving, approximate, approximative, appurtenant, apractic, apraxic, apropos, apsidal, apt, apteral, apterous, aptitudinal

Adjectives That Start With AQ

aquatic, aqueous, aquicultural, aquiferous, aquiline

Adjectives That Start With AR

arabian, arabic, arable, araceous, arachnidian, arachnoid, aramaean, aramaic, aramean, araneidal, araneidan, arawakan, arbitrable, arbitral, arbitrary, arbitrational, arbitrative, arboraceous, arborary, arboreal, arboreous, arborescent, arboresque, arborical, arboriform, arborous, arcadian, arcane, arced, arch, archaean, archaeologic, archaeological, archaeozoic, archaic, archaistic, archangelic, archangelical, archdiocesan, archducal, archean, arched, archegonial, archegoniate, archeologic, archeological, archeozoic, archepiscopal, archesporial, archetypal, archetypical, archidiaconal, archiepiscopal, arching, archipelagic, architectonic, architectural, archival, archosaurian, arciform, arco, arctic, arcuate, ardent, arduous, areal, arenaceous, arenicolous, areolar, areolate, argent, argentic,

argentiferous, argentine, argentinian, argentous, argillaceous, argive, arguable, argumentative, arid, ariled, arillate, ariose, aristocratic, aristocratical, aristotelean, aristotelian, aristotelic, arithmetic, arithmetical, armed, armenian, armillary, arminian, armless, armlike, armored, armorial, armoured, aroid, aromatic, aroused, arranged, arrant, arrayed, arresting, arrhythmic, arrhythmical, arrogant, arsenical, arsenious, artefactual, arterial, arteriolar, arteriosclerotic, arteriovenous, artesian, artful, arthralgic, arthritic, arthromeric, arthropodal, arthropodan, arthropodous, arthrosporic, arthrosporous, arthurian, articled, articular, articulary, articulate, articulated, articulative, articulatory, artifactual, artificial, artiodactyl, artiodactylous, artistic, artless, arty, arundinaceous, aryan

Adjectives That Start With AS

asat, ascendable, ascendant, ascendent, ascendible, ascending, ascensional, ascensive, ascertainable, ascertained, ascetic, ascetical, ascitic, asclepiadaceous, ascocarpous, ascomycetous, ascosporic, ascosporous, ascribable, aseptic, asexual, ashamed, ashen, ashy, asian, asiatic, asinine, askance, askant, askew, aslant, asleep, aslope, asocial, aspectual, asphaltic, aspheric, aspherical, asphyxiated, asphyxiating, aspirant, aspiring, asquint, assailable, assamese, assassinated, assaultive, assentient, assertable, asserted, asserting, assertive, assessable, assiduous, assignable, assigned, assimilable, assimilating, assimilative, assimilatory, assistant, assisted, assistive, associable, associate, associational, associative, associatory, assonant, assorted, assuasive, assumed, assuming, assumptive, assured, assurgent, assuring, astatic, asteriated, asterisked, asterismal, asternal, asteroid, asteroidal, asthenic, asthmatic, astigmatic, astir, astomatal, astomatous, astonied, astonished, astonishing, astounded, astounding, astragalar, astral, astringent, astrocytic, astrological, astronautic, astronautical, astronomic, astronomical, astrophysical, astute, astylar, asunder, asymmetric, asymmetrical, asymptomatic, asymptotic, asynchronous, asyndetic, asynergic,

Adjectives That Start With AT

atactic, ataractic, ataraxic, atavistic, ataxic, ateleiotic, atheist, atheistic, atheistical, athenian, atheromatic, atheromatous, atherosclerotic, athirst, athletic, atilt, atlantic, atmospheric, atmospherical, atomic, atomistic, atomistical, atonal, atonalistic, atonic, atoxic, atrabilious, atrial, atrioventricular, atrip, atrocious, atrophic, atrophied, attachable, attached, attacking, attainable, attained, attempted, attendant, attended, attentional, attentive, attenuate, attenuated, attested, attic, attired, attitudinal, attractable, attractive, attributable, attributive, attrited, attritional, atypic, atypical

Adjectives That Start With AU

auburn, auctorial, audacious, audenesque, audible, audile, audiometric, audiovisual, auditive, auditory, augean, augitic, augmentative, augmented, august, augustan, auld, aural, aureate, auric, auricular, auriculate, auriculated, auriculoventricular, auriferous, auriform, auroral, aurorean, aurous, auscultatory, auspicious, austenitic, austere, austral, australasian, australian, australopithecine, austrian, austronesian, autacoidal, autarchic, autarchical, autarkic, autarkical, authentic, authenticated, authorial, authorised, authoritarian,

 authoritative, authorized, autistic, autobiographic, autobiographical, autocatalytic, autochthonal, autochthonic, autochthonous, autocratic, autodidactic, autoecious, autoerotic, autofluorescent, autogamic, autogamous, autogenetic, autogenic, autogenous, autographed, autographic, autoicous, autoimmune, autoloading, autologous, autolytic, automated, automatic, automatonlike, automotive, autonomic, autonomous, autophytic, autoplastic, autoradiographic, autosemantic, autosomal, autotelic, autotomic, autotrophic, autotypic, autumnal, auxetic, auxiliary, auxinic

Adjectives Starting With AV

available, avaricious, avascular, avellan, avellane, avenged, average, averse, aversive, avertable, avertible, avestan, avian, avid, avifaunal, avifaunistic, avionic, avirulent, avitaminotic, avocado, avocational, avoidable, avowed, avuncular

Adjectives That Start With AW

awaited, awake, awakened, aware, awash, away, aweary, awed, aweigh, aweless, awesome, awestricken, awestruck, awful, awheel, awing, awkward, awless, awned, awninged, awnless, awny, awol, awry

Adjectives That Start With AX

axenic, axial, axile, axillary, axiological, axiomatic, axiomatical, axonal

Adjectives Starting With AZ

azerbaijani, azido, azimuthal, azo, azoic, azonal, azonic, azotemic, azotic, azure, azygos, azygous

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