Adjectives That Start With EX - List of EX Adjectives

Adjectives That Start With EX

List of adjectives that start with EX for students and teachers for use in class work or home work.

Adjectives That Start With EX

ex, exacerbating, exact, exacting, exaggerated, exalted, exalting, exanimate, exasperated, exasperating, exaugural, exceeding, excellent, exceptionable, exceptional, excess, excessive, exchangeable, exchanged, excitable, excitant, excitative, excitatory, excited, exciting, exclamatory, exclusive, excogitative, excrescent, excretory, excruciating, exculpated, exculpatory, excursive, excusable, excusatory, excused, execrable, executable, executed, executive, exegetic, exegetical, exemplary, exemplifying, exempt, exergonic, exhausted, exhaustible, exhausting, exhaustive, exhibitionistic, exhilarated, exhilarating, exhortative, exhortatory, exigent, exiguous, exilic, existent, existential, existentialist, existing, exocentric, exocrine, exodontic, exoergic, exogamic,

 exogamous, exogenic, exogenous, exonerated, exonerative, exorbitant, exoteric, exothermal, exothermic, exotic, expandable, expanded, expandible, expansible, expansile, expansionist, expansive, expectable, expectant, expected, expedient, expeditionary, expeditious, expendable, expensive, experienced, experient, experiential, experimental, expert, expiable, expiative, expiatory, expiratory, expired, explainable, explanatory, explicable, explicit, exploded, exploitative, exploitatory, exploited, exploitive, explorative, exploratory, explosive, exponential, exportable, exposed, expositive, expository, express, expressed, expressible, expressionist, expressionistic, expressionless, expressive, expurgated, exquisite, exsanguine, exsanguinous, extant, extemporaneous, extemporary, extempore, extendable, extended, extendible, extensible, extensile, extensional, extensive, extenuating, exterior,

 exterminable, exterminated, external, exteroceptive, exterritorial, extinct, extinguishable, extinguished, extirpable, extortionate, extra, extracellular, extractable, extractible, extracurricular, extradural, extragalactic, extrajudicial, extralegal, extralinguistic, extramarital, extramural, extraneous, extraordinaire, extraordinary, extrasensory, extrasystolic, extraterrestrial, extraterritorial, extravagant, extraversive, extravert, extraverted, extravertive, extreme, extremist, extricable, extrinsic, extropic, extrospective, extroversive, extrovert, extroverted, extrovertish, extrovertive, extrusive, exuberant, exultant, exulting, exuvial

I hope this list of adjectives starting with EX will help you in your home work.

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