Adjectives That Start With O

List of adjectives that start with O for students and teachers for use in class work or home work.

Adjectives That Start With OA

oafish, oaken, oaten,

Adjectives That Start With OB

, obdurate, obedient, obese, objectionable, objective, oblanceolate, oblate, obligate, obligated, obligational, obligatory, obliged, obliging, oblique, obliterable, obliterate, obliterated, oblivious, oblong, obnoxious, obovate, obscene, obscure, obsequious, observable, observant, observational, observed, observing, obsessed, obsessional, obsessive, obsolescent, obsolete, obstetric, obstetrical, obstinate, obstreperous, obstructed, obstructive, obtainable, obtrusive, obtuse, obviating, obvious, , ,

Adjectives That Start With OC

occasional, occidental, occipital, occluded, occlusive, occult, occupational, occupied, occurrent, oceangoing, oceanic, ocellated, ocher, ochre, octagonal, octal, octangular, octogenarian, octosyllabic, octuple, ocular, , ,

Adjectives That Start With OD

odd, oddish, odious, odoriferous, odorless, odorous, odourless, , , Starting with OE, oecumenic, oecumenical, , ,

Adjectives That Start With OF

off, offbeat, offenceless, offended, offending, offenseless, offensive, offhand, offhanded, official, officious, offish, offshore, offside, offsides, offstage, , ,

Starting with OH, OI

ohmic, oiled, oily

Adjectives That Start With OK

ok, okay, , , Starting with OL, old, olden, older, oldish, oldline, oleaceous, oleaginous, oleophilic, oleophobic, olfactive, olfactory, oligarchic, oligarchical, olive, olivelike, olympian, olympic, , ,

Adjectives That Start With OM

omani, ominous, omissible, omissive, omnibus, omnidirectional, omnifarious, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, omnivorous, , ,

Adjectives That Start With ON

on, oncologic, oncological, oncoming, one, oneiric, onerous, onetime, ongoing, online, only, onomastic, onomatopoeic, onomatopoeical, onomatopoetic, onshore, onside, onstage, ontogenetic, ontological, onymous, , ,

Starting with OO

oozing, oozy,

Adjectives That Start With OP

opalescent, opaline, opaque, open, opencast, opencut, opened, openhanded, openhearted, opening, openmouthed, operable, operant, operatic, operating, operational, operationalist, operative, operculate, operculated, operose, ophthalmic, opinionated, opinionative, opisthognathous, opponent, opportune, opportunist, opportunistic, opposable, opposed, opposing, opposite, oppositive, oppressed, oppressive, opprobrious, optative, optic, optical, optimal, optimistic, optimum, optional, opulent, , ,

Adjectives That Start With OR

oracular, oral, orange, orangish, oratorical, orbicular, orbiculate, orbital, orbitual, orchestral, orchestrated, ordained, ordered, orderly, ordinal, ordinary, organic, organicistic, organisational, organised, organismal, organismic, organizational, organized, orgiastic, oriental, orientated, orientating, oriented, orienting, original, originative, ornamental, ornate, ornery, ornithological, oropharyngeal, orotund, orphaned, orphic, orthodontic, orthodox, orthogonal, orthographic, orthomolecular, orthopaedic, orthopedic, orthopedical, orthoptic, orthostatic, orthotropous, orwellian, , ,

Adjectives That Start With OS

oscillating, oscillatory, oscine, oscitant, osmotic, osseous, ossicular, ossiculate, ossiferous, ossified, osteal, ostensible, ostensive, ostentatious, , ,

Adjectives Starting with OT

otc, other, otherwise, otherworldly, otic, otiose, ototoxic, ottoman, , ,

Adjectives Starting with OU

out, outback, outboard, outbound, outbred, outcast, outcaste, outclassed, outdated, outdoor, outdoorsy, outer, outermost, outfitted, outflowing, outgoing, outlandish, outlaw, outlawed, outlined, outlying, outmoded, outmost, outraged, outrageous, outre, outrigged, outright, outside, outsize, outsized, outspoken, outspread, outstanding, outstretched, outward, , ,

Adjectives Starting with OV

oval, ovarian, ovate, over, overabundant, overactive, overage, overaged, overall, overambitious, overanxious, overarm, overawed, overbearing, overblown, overbold, overburdened, overbusy, overcareful, overcast, overcautious, overconfident, overcredulous, overcritical, overcurious, overdelicate, overdone, overdressed, overdue, overeager, overemotional, overenthusiastic, overexcited, overfamiliar, overfed, overflowing, overfond, overfull, overgenerous, overgreedy, overgrown, overhand, overhanded, overhasty, overhead, overheated, overindulgent, overjealous, overjoyed, overladen,

 overland, overlarge, overloaded, overlooked, overlooking, overlying, overmodest, overmuch, overnice, overnight, overpowering, overpriced, overprotective, overproud, overreaching, overrefined, overriding, overripe, oversea, overseas, oversensitive, overserious, oversewn, oversexed, overshot, oversize, oversized, oversolicitous, overstated, overstrung, overstuffed, oversubscribed, oversuspicious, overt, overturned, overvaliant, overweening, overweight, overwhelming, overwrought, overzealous, oviform, ovine, oviparous, ovoid, ovoviviparous, ovular, , ,

Adjectives Starting with OW

owing, owlish, own, owned, ownerless, , ,

Adjectives Starting with OX

oxalic, oxidative, oxidised, oxidizable, oxidized, oxonian,

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