Adjectives That Start With W

List of adjectives that start with W for students and teachers for use in class work or home work.

Adjectives That Start With WA

wacky, waggish, wagnerian, wailful, wailing, wainscoted, waiting, wakeful, wakeless, waking, walking, walleyed, walloping, wan, wandering, waning, wanted, wanting, wanton, warlike, warm, warmed, warmhearted, warming, warning, warped, warring, warriorlike, wartlike, warty, wary, washable, washed, washingtonian, washy, waspish, waste, wasted, wasteful, watchful, waterborne, watercress, watered, waterless, waterlogged, waterproof, waterproofed, watertight, waterworn, watery, wavelike, wavering, wavy, waxed, waxen, waxing, waxlike, waxy, wayfaring, wayward, , ,

Adjectives That Start With WE

weak, weakened, weakening, weakly, wealthy, weaned, weaponed, weaponless, wearable, wearied, wearing, wearisome, weary, wearying, weather, weathered, weatherly, weatherproof, weatherworn, webbed, webby, weblike, wed, wedded, wedged, wee, weedless, weedy, weeklong, weekly, weensy, weeny, weeping, weepy, weighted, weightless, weighty, weird, welcome, welcoming, welfarist, well, wellborn, welsh, wesleyan, west, westbound, westerly, western, westernmost, westmost, westside, westward, wet, , ,

Adjectives That Start With WH

whacked, whacking, whacky, whatever, whatsoever, wheaten, wheeled, wheelless, wheezing, wheezy, whimsical, whiney, whiny, whiplike, whipping, whippy, whirring, whiskered, whiskerless, whiskery, whispered, whispering, white, whitened, whitewashed, whitish, whole, wholehearted, wholemeal, wholesale, wholesome, whopping, whorled, , ,

Adjectives That Start With WI

wiccan, wicked, wide, wideband, widespread, widowed, wieldy, wifelike, wifely, wigged, wiggly, wigless, wild, wildcat, wilful, willful, willing, willowy, wilsonian, wilted, wily, wimpish, wimpy, windblown, windburned, windburnt, winded, winding, windless, windswept, windup, windward, windy, winey, winged, wingless, winglike, winking, winless, winning, winsome, wintery, wintry, winy, wired, wireless, wiry, wise, wishful, wisplike, wispy, wistful, witching, witchlike, withdrawn, withered, withering, witless, wittgensteinian, witting, witty, wizard, wizardly, wizen, wizened, , ,

Adjectives Starting with WO

wobbling, wobbly, woebegone, woeful, wolfish, wolflike, womanish, womanlike, womanly, won, wonderful, wondering, wonderworking, wondrous, wonky, wonted, wooded, wooden, woodsy, woody, woolen, woolgathering, woollen, woolly, wooly, woozy, wordless, wordsworthian, wordy, workable, workaday, working, workmanlike, world, worldly, worldwide, wormlike, wormy, worn, worried, worrisome, worrying, worse, worsened, worsening, worshipful, worshipped, worst, worth, worthful, worthless, worthwhile, worthy, wound, wounded, wounding, woven, , ,

Adjectives Starting with WR

wraithlike, wrapped, wrathful, wrecked, wrenching, wretched, wriggling, wriggly, wrinkled, wrinkleless, wrinkleproof, wrinkly, writhed, writhen, writhing, written, wrong, wrongful, wrongheaded, wroth, wrothful, wrought, wry,

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