Capital Letters

In this lesson we will see some rules regarding use of capital letters.

1. The first letter of the word in a sentence begins with a capital letter.

It is good to play in the evening. We slept. They studied.

2. The first letter of a proper noun or a proper adjective is a capital letter.

California, English, Chinese

3. I (as a pronoun) and O (as interjection) are always capitals.

It is Sybil whom I saw there.
Come here, O Allan!

4. In the direct speech the first word within the inverted commas begins with a capital letter.

My brother told me, "All of your friends in Los Angeles remember you very much."

5. The pronouns for God begin with a capital letter.

God is kind. We should obey Him. We say He is great.

6. Days and months begin with a capital letter.

Monday, Friday, January, October.

7. The names of books, magazines, etc. titles and abbreviations begin with a capital letter.

The Elder Statesman (a play), The Betsy (a novel), New York Times (newspaper)

8. Each new line of poetry generally starts with a capital letter.

When the lamp is shattered
The light in the dust lies dead
When the lute is broken,
Sweet tones are remembered not
However there are poets who prefer not to use the capital letter at the start of the lines.

9. In the titles of books, magazines, etc. the words except the articles, conjunctions and prepositions begin with a capital letter.

The Dreams of a Foolish Lady (an essay), Who is to Blame (a novel)

10. The designations (names of titles) of heads of state and ministers begin with a capital letter.

The UK Prime Minister met with the US President in his office.
Mr. X, the Chief Justice of Canada, was the chief guest.

11. The different parts of the world, stars, planets and the heavenly bodies, except the earth, moon and sun, begin with a capital letter.

The Northern Areas, the Far East, Jupiter, Venus, Mars.

12. The name of the qualities personified begin with a capital letter.

Our common enemy is Time.
We depend on Courage.

13. The nouns, together with proper nouns and part of the same description, begin with a capital letter.

The YMCA Hall, the Arabian Sea, the Sahara Desert, the Prime Minister.

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