Colon is a sign (:) that is placed before a list, statement, explanation, etc.

Have we studied these subjects: English, Physics and Chemistry.
Our father said: "Jump high, but not higher than your capacity."

Colon Rules

1. The colon is not followed with a capital letter except when a quotation is provided.

She advised: we should try our luck at more places than one.
The selfish leader cried: "Vote for me or you are lost."

2. Colon is used to indicate shares or proportion.

Elder brother: 3 parts; younger sister: 2 parts.
The proportion of the rich to the poor here is 5:95.

3. The colon is placed after the salutation in official or formal letters in modern American English.

Dear Sir (or Madam): Guests and Visitors: Ladies and Gentlemen:

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