Full Stop

Full stop is a dot that is placed at the end of a sentence if there is no question mark, exclamation mark or dash.


We saw them in the garden.
The most beautiful songs are often sad.
Happiness, like any emotion, is short lived.

Rules of Full Stop

1. A full stop may or may not be placed after Mr, Messrs, Mrs or Ms (Ms is used when we donot show whether a lady is married or not).

Ms. Y invited Mr. and Mrs. X to dinner.

2. Short forms of words (abbreviations) take or do not take the full stop.

The Dept of English, a B.A. a B.Sc, the govt, the U.S. (or US), a.m., p.m., i.e, eg, etc.

3. The short form of international and government agencies do not now take the full stop.

The UN - United Nation
BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation

4. Full stops are not used for metric measurements.

kg, cm, km, g, etc.

5. Three full stops or dots indicate words left out (the ellipsis) within a sentence or at its end.

Those who live in glasshouses should... is a common saying.

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