Italics are tilted or slanting letters that are often used in writings. It is much easier to write in italics with computer.

Italics Rules

1. The titles of books, magazines, films, newspapers, work of art etc. are written italics or are italicized.

Joseph Conrads's Herat of Darkness, The Reader's Digest, Mona Lisa, Virgin of the Rocks.

2. The italics are used for foreign words or phrases.

ab initio (Latin: from the beginning)
modus operandi (Latin: the way of proceeding)

3. The italics are used to emphasize something or to lay stress on it.

Play, dance, sing, talk at will but never forget your studies.
No one can tell what Fate is, only Fate tell what it is when we fall or fail.

4. When italics are written in hand or typed with typewriter then underlining is used.

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