List of Prepositions

List of prepositions that are most commonly used in daily written English and while carrying out conversation. This preposition list contains one-word and complex prepositions also.

List of Prepositions Starting with A

Aboard, about, above, across, after (also conjunction), against, along, alongside, amid | amidst (poetic), among | amongst (mainly British English), anti, around, as (also conjunction), astride, at, atop (poetic), according to, ahead of, à la (from French), along with, apart from, as for, aside from, as per, as to, as well as, away from

List of Prepositions Starting with B

Bar, barring, before (also conjunction), behind, below, beneath, beside, besides, between, beyond, but (also conjunction), by, because of, but for, by means of

List of Prepositions Starting with C, D, E

Circa, concerning, considering, counting, cum, close to, contrary to

Despite, down, during, depending on, due to

Except, excepting, excluding, except for

Preposition List Starting with F, G

Following, for (also conjunction), from, forward of, further to

Given, gone (mainly British English)

Preposition List Starting with I

In, including, inside, into, in addition to, in between, in case of, in face of, in favour of, in front of, in lieu of, in spite of, instead of, in view of

Preposition List Starting with L, N

Less, like

near, notwithstanding, near to, next to

Preposition List Starting with O

Of, off, on, onto (mainly American English) see on to, opposite, outside, over, on account of, on behalf of, on board, on to (mainly British English), on top of, opposite to, other than, out of, outside of, owing to

List of Prepositions Starting with P, R, S

Past, pending, per, plus, pro, preparatory to, prior to

Re, regarding, respecting, round, regardless of

save (formal), saving (formal), since (also conjunction), save for

List of Prepositions Starting with T

than (also conjunction), through (also thru - American English), throughout, till (also conjunction), to, touching, towards (mainly British English), toward (mainly American English), thanks to, together with

List of Prepositions Starting with U, V, W

Under, underneath, unlike, until (formal; also conjunction), up, upon (formal), up against, up to, up until

Versus, via

With, within, without, worth, with reference to, with regard to

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Using prepositions properly in your written and spoken English is very important, because wrong placement of prepositions may change the meaning and sense of the sentence. In addition to this wrong usage can make your conversation sound impropriate, so you have to be very careful about it. To learn about this subject in details go to main prepositions page and learn about its usage. The list of prepositions given above is prepared carefully and you are free to use it in your class work and homework.

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