Nouns That Start With O

List of Nouns that start with O for students and teachers for use in class work or home work.


Nouns That Start With OA, OB

oak, oath, oathe, oatmeal.

obedience, obelisk, obesity, object, objectification, objection, objective, objectivity, objector, obligation, oblige, obliteration, oblivion, oboist, obscenity, obscurity, observance, observation, observer, obsession, obsidian, obstacle, obstructionist, obverse.

Nouns That Start With OC, OD

ocarina, occasion, occlusion, occupancy, occupant, occupation, occurrence, ocean, oceanography, ocelot, ocher, ochre, octahedron, octoroon.

odor, odyssey.

Nouns That Start With OF

offal, offender, offense, offer, offering, office, officer, official, officialdom, offing, offspring.

Nouns That Start With OI, OL, OM ON

oil, oilcloth, oil heating, oilseed, ointment, optician.
oleomargarine, olive.

omelet, omen, omission, omission, omnipotence.
onion, onlooker, onrush, onset, onslaught.

Nouns That Start With OP

opera, operand, operation, operator, operetta, opinion, opium, opponent, opportunism, opportunity, opposite, opposition, oppression, opprobrium, optimality, optimism, optimization, optimum, option.

Nouns That Start With OR, OS

oracle, oration, orator, oratorio, oratory, orb, orbit, orchard, orchestra, orchestration, ordeal, order, ordering, orderly, ordinance, ordinary, ordnance, organ, organdy, orgy, orientation, origin, original, originality, origination, ornament, ornamentation, orphan,
oscillation, oscillator, osmium, ossification, ostracism.

Nouns That Start With OU

ounce, ouster, outback, outbreak, outburst, outcast, outcome, outcry, outfield, outfielder, outfit, outflow, outgrowth, outhouse, outing, outlaw, outlawry, outlay, outlet, outline, outlook, outpatient, outpost, outpouring, output, outrage, outreach, outset, outside,

Nouns That Start With OV, OW, OX

oven, overall, overcast, overcoat, overcrowding, overestimation, overexploitation, overflow, overhang, overhaul, overhauling, overhead, overheating, overlay, overload, overnight, overpayment, overpopulation, overpressure, overprotection, overriding, overrun,
owl, owner, ownership, owning.

oxalate, oxcart, oxen, oxidation, oxide, oxygen,

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