Parentheses or Brackets

The parentheses ( ) or brackets [ ] are the signs that are used to provide extra information or comment.

They came of a noble family. (the Khiljis)
We stayed long at a place in 2003. (and longer we desired to stay.)

1. The brackets or parentheses are used to make a reference.

We find gold in certain areas of the country, honesty we locate nowhere. (The latest reports of the Geology Department and the Human Welfare Society may be consulted.)

2. The brackets or parentheses are used to enclose numbers and letters in detailed descriptions.

(a) Our geography,
(b) Our politics,
(c) Our education system.

3. The brackets or parentheses and the dash can be used as a comma at certain places.

Uranium (a metal) is found in Brazil.
Uranium -a metal-is found in Brazil.
Uranium, a metal, is found in Brazil

4. The square brackets [ ] are used to make a sentence complete, to enclose short directions or explanations or to enclose the other brackets.

No one cared [to] write the number of the car running away.
The Political Parties [Act] restricts the speech of political leaders shortly before and during elections.
The report draws attention to the storage of water in our dams. [See Page 3 of the first chapter of the book]
[The company did not provide enough facilities (like medical treatment and cold drinking water) to its employees.]

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