Slash is a sign (/) that is used to separate alternative words or phrases.

What are you? typist/composer/designer? (Tick off that is applicable)
We shall like to buy interesting novels and/or magazines.

Slash Rules

1. Slash is used to indicate the end of a line of poetry to save space.

With every rising of the sun/Think of your life just begun.
The past has cancelled and buried deep/All yesterdays. There let them sleep.

2. Slash is used to indicate a period of time in connection with some activity.

Our case in the civil court refers to the 2002/2003 list of fresh cases.
Were you admitted to the college in the 2001/2003 degree session?

3. Slash is used to indicate the route or passages followed during a journey.

The Lahore/Chiniot/Faisalabad bus.
The Karachi/Lahore/Peshawar fast train.
The Lahore/Karachi/Dubai flight.

4. Slash is used as a short form or abbreviation.

The car is running at 80 km/hour. (kilometers per hour)
c/o = care off
a/c = account, etc.

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