T Adjectives to Describe a Person

List of adjectives that start with T to describe a person for students and teachers for use in class work or home work.

Tactful, tactless, talented, tall, tan, tantalizing, taupe, Taiwanese, Tajikistani

Teal, tearful, teasing, techy, tedious, tempting, tender, tense, terrible, terrified, terrifying, testy, tetchy, Teen, teenage, teenaged, terrific

Thankful, thankless, thinking, thirsty, thoughtful, thoughtless, threatened, threatening, thrifty, thrilled, thrilling, thwarted, Thick, thickset, thin, Thai, Theban, Thracian

Tidy, tight, tightlipped, timid, tired, tireless, tiresome, tiring, tiny, Tibetan

Tolerant, touched, touching, touchy, tough, tousled

Tranquil, transfixed, treasured, tricky, troubled, troubling, truculent, trusted, trustful, trusting, traditional, trustworthy

Tumultuous, turbulent, Tunisian, Turkic, Turkish, Turkmen

These were some of the T adjectives used to describe a person.

List of Adjectives That Start With T

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