Tenses are a grammatical category of verbs used to express distinctions of time like past, present or future.

Tense of a verb shows the time of an action or happening, whether it is in the present, past or future.

There are basically three kinds of tenses:

Past Tense: When something happens in the past.
Present Tense: When something is happening in the present time.
Future Tense: When something will happen in the future.

Each tense is further divided into four kinds.

Simple (Indefinite)
Continuous (progressive)
Perfect Continuous (Perfect progressive)

So in total, there are 12 kinds of tense as given below. We will study each tense in details.

Present Tense

a. Present Simple Tense
b. Present Continuous Tense
c. Present Perfect Tense
d. Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Past Tense

a. Past Simple Tense
b. Past Continuous Tense
c. Past Perfect Tense
d. Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Future Tense

a. Future Simple Tense
b. Future Continuous Tense
c. Future Perfect Tense
d. Future Perfect Continuous Tense

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