Verbs That Start With B

List of verbs that start with B for students and teachers for use in class work or home work.


Verbs That Start With BA

babbled, back, backed, backing, backs, backstitch, bade, badgering, baffle, baffled, bag, bagged, bailing, baited, bake, baked, bakes, baking, balance, balanced, balancing, balked, balking, balks, balled, balling, ballooning, ban, bandaged, banded, banding, bang, banged,

Verbs That Start With BE

beaching, beaded, beaming, bear, bearded, bearing, bears, beat, beaten, beating, beats, beautify, beautifying, becalmed, became, beckon, beckoned, beckoning, beckons, become, becomes, becoming, bedazzled, bedded, beefed, befall, befell, befits, befitting,

Verbs That Start With BI

bickering, bid, bide, bilked, billed, billowed, bind, binding, binds, biosynthesized, birdie, birdied, birthed, bit, bite, bites, biting, bitten.

Verbs That Start With BL

blabbed, black, blacked, blackened, blackmailed, blame, blamed, blaming, blanched, blanching, blanket, blanketed, blankets, blared, blaring, blasphemed, blast, blasted, blasting, blaze, blazed, blazing, blazon, bleached, bleaching, bleating, bled, bleed, bleeding, blend,

Verbs That Start With BO

board, boarded, boarding, boards, boast, boasted, boasting, boasts, boating, bobbed, bobbing, bodes, bodies, bog, bogeyed, bogged, boggled, boil, boiled, boiling, boils, bolster, bolstered, bolstering, bolt, bolted, bolting, bomb, bombarding, bombed, bombing, bonded,

Verbs That Start With BR

brace, braced, bracing, brag, bragged, bragging, braided, braiding, branch, branched, branching, branded, brandishing, brave, braved, braving, braying, breaching, break, breakfasted, breaking, breaks, breathe, breathed, breathes, breathing, bred, breed, breeding,

Verbs That Start With BU, BY

bubbled, bubbles, bubbling, bucked, bucking, buckle, buckled, buckling, bud, budded, budding, budge, budget, budgeted, budgeting, buffered, buffet, buffeted, bugged, bugging, bugs, build, building, builds, built, bulged, bulging, bulked, bulks, bulldoze, bulletins, bullies,
bye, bypass, bypassed.

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