Verbs That Start With C

List of verbs that start with C for students and teachers for use in class work or home work.


Verbs That Start With CA

cable, cabled, cackled, caged, caked, calcified, calculate, calculated, calculating, calibrated, calibrating, call, called, calling, calloused, calls, calm, calmed, calming, calumniated, calving, came, camouflage, camouflaged, camp, campaign, campaigned, campaigning, camped,

Verbs That Start With CE

cease, ceased, ceases, ceasing, celebrate, celebrated, celebrates, celebrating, cement, cemented, censored, censors, censured, center, centered, centering, centers, centralized, centralizing, centrifuged, centrifuging, cerebrated, certified, certifies, certify, certifying.

Verbs That Start With CH

chafe, chaffing, chafing, chalk, chalked, challenge, challenged, challenges, challenging, chambered, champion, champions, chance, chanced, chandelle, change, changed, changes, changing, channel, channeled, chant, chanted, chanting, chaperoned, char, characterize,

Verbs That Start With CI

cipher, circle, circled, circling, circulate, circulated, circulating, circumscribed, circumscribing, cite, cited, cites, citing, civilized, civilizing.

Verbs That Start With CL

clad, cladding, claim, claimed, claiming, claims, clambered, clambering, clamor, clamored, clamoring, clamors, clamped, clamping, clanged, clanking, clapped, clapping, claps, clarified, clarifies, clarify, clarifying, clashed, clasped, clasping, class, classed,

Verbs That Start With CO

coaching, coagulating, coalesce, coalesced, coalesces, coarsened, coasted, coat, coated, coating, coax, coaxed, coaxing, cocked, coddled, code, coded, codetermines, codified, coding, coerce, coerced, coexist, cohere, coiled, coiling, coin, coincide, coincided, coincides, coinciding, coined, collaborate, collaborated, collapse, collapsed, collapses, collapsing, collar, collared, collated, collect,

Verbs That Start With CR

crack, cracked, cracking, crackled, crackles, cracks, cradled, crammed, crane, crash, crashed, crashing, cratered, crave, craved, craving, crawl, crawled, crawling, crazed, crazing, creaked, creaking, creaks, creamed, creased, create, created, creates, creating, credit, credited, credits, creep, creeping, creeps, cremate, cremated, crept,

Verbs That Start With CU, CY

cubed, culminate, culminated, culminates, culminating, cultivate, cultivated, cultivates, cultivating, cultured, cumulate, cup, cupped, curb, curbing, curdling, cure, cured, curing, curl, curled, curling, curse, cursed, cursing, curtail, curtailed, curtseyed, curved, curving, cushion, cushioning, cut, cuts, cutting.
cycled, cycles.

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