Verbs That Start With F

List of verbs that start with F for students and teachers for use in class work or home work.


Verbs That Start With FA

fabricate, fabricated, fabricating, face, faced, faces, facilitate, facilitated, facilitates, facilitating, facing, factors, fade, faded, fading, fail, failed, failing, fails, fainted, fairing, fake, faked, fall, fallen, falling, falls, falsify, falsifying, falter, faltered, falters, fan, fancied, fancies,

Verbs That Start With FE

fear, feared, fearing, fears, feasting, feather, featherbedding, feathered, feature, featured, features, featuring, fed, federalize, feed, feeding, feeds, feel, feeling, feels, feigned, feigning, feint, fell, felled, felling, felt, fenced, fencing, fermented, fermenting, ferret, ferreted,

Verbs That Start With FI

field, fielded, fielding, fields, fight, fighting, fights, figure, figured, figures, figuring, filched, file, filed, files, filing, fill, filled, filling, fills, film, filmed, filming, filter, filtered, filtering, finance, financed, financing, find, finding, finds, fine, fined, fingered, fingering, fingerprinting, finish,

Verbs That Start With FL

flag, flagellated, flags, flailed, flailing, flake, flame, flamed, flaming, flanked, flanking, flapped, flapping, flared, flares, flaring, flash, flashed, flashing, flatten, flattened, flattening, flatter, flattered, flattering, flaunted, flaunting, flavored, flavoring, flecked, fled, flee, fleeing, flees, fleeting, flew, flex, flexed, flicked, flicker, flickered, flicking, flies,

Verbs That Start With FO

foam, foamed, foaming, focus, focused, focuses, focusing, fogged, foil, foiled, foisted, fold, folded, folding, follow, followed, following, follows, fool, fooled, fooling, footing, foraging, forbad, forbade, forbid, forbidden, forbidding, forbids, forbore, forborne, force, forced, forces, forcing, foreboding, forecast, forecasting, foreclosed,

Verbs That Start With FR

fractionated, fractured, fractures, fragmented, frame, framed, framing, fraternize, fraternized, frayed, frazzled, freckled, free, freed, freeing, frees, freeze, freezes, freezing, frequent, frequented, frescoed, freshened, fret, fretted, fretting, fried, frighten, frightened, frightening, fringed, frizzled, frizzling, frolicking, fronted, fronting,

Verbs That Start With FU

fueled, fuels, fulfill, fulfilled, fulfilling, fulfills, fulminate, fulminating, fumbled, fumbling, fumed, fuming, function, functioned, functioning, functions, funding, funneled, furbishing, furled, furloughed, furnish, furnished, furnishes, furnishing, furrowed, further, furthered,

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