Verbs That Start With P

List of verbs that start with P for students and teachers for use in class work or home work.


Verbs That Start With PA

pace, paced, pacifies, pacify, pacing, pack, package, packaged, packaging, packed, packing, pad, padded, padding, paddle, padlocked, page, paginated, paid, pained, paint, painted, painting, paints, paired, paled, paling, pall, palletized, palmed, pamper, pampered, pan, paneled, panelized, panic, panicked, panted, panting,

Verbs That Start With PE

pecked, pedal, peddle, peddled, peed, peeked, peeking, peel, peeled, peeling, peels, peeping, peer, peered, peering, peers, pegged, pegging, pelting, pen, penalized, penciled, penetrate, penetrated, penetrating, penned, people, peopled, peppered, pepping, peptizing,

Verbs That Start With PH

philosophized, philosophizing, phone, phoned, phones, photograph, photographed, photographing, photographs, phrase, phrased, phrasing.

Verbs That Start With PI

pick, picked, picketed, picketing, picking, pickled, picks, picnicked, picture, pictured, pictures, picturing, piddling, piece, pierced, piercing, pile, piled, piles, pilfering, piling, pillage, pillaged, pillared, pilloried, pilot, piloting, pin, pinch, pinched, pinching, pinging, pinioned, pinned,
Verbs That Start With PL

placating, place, placed, places, placing, plague, plagued, plan, plane, planed, plank, planned, planning, plans, plant, planted, planting, plastered, plated, platted, play, played, playing, plays, plead, pleaded, pleading, pleads, please, pleased, pleases, pleasure, pledged, plied,

Verbs That Start With PO

poach, poaches, pocketed, poetizing, point, pointed, pointing, points, poised, poison, poisoned, poisoning, poke, poked, pokes, poking, polarize, polarized, polarizing, policed, policing, poling, polish, polished, polishing, polled, polling, polluted, pomaded, ponder,

Verbs That Start With PR

practice, practiced, practices, practicing, praise, praised, praises, praising, prancing, pray, prayed, praying, preach, preached, preaches, preaching, prearranged, precede, preceded, precedes, preceding, precipitated, precipitating, preclude, precluded, preconceived, preconditioned, precooked, precut, predestined,

Verbs That Start With PU

publicized, publicizing, publish, published, publishes, publishing, puckered, puckering, puff, puffed, puffing, puffs, pull, pulled, pulling, pulls, pulsating, pulse, pulsed, pulsing, pulverized, pulverizing, pummeled, pump, pumped, pumping, punch, punched, punching, punctuated, punctured, puncturing, punish, punished, punishes,

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