Free Web Hosting Guide

Free web hosting guide for aspiring cyberpreneurs to be wiser about the subject and select the best free hosting provider for your website.

Pros & Cons of Free Web Hosting?

Free web hosting is mostly suitable for personal and small websites and can help you to get yourself introduced to the online world. If you are not very serious about your online presence, or you want to have some experience before making full bang into online world then go for free hosting.

Go through the following paragraphs to decide better about free web hosting.

Advantages of Free Hosting

(a) It’s of course free and you don’t have to worry about the hosting charges or renewals etc. This can be the most attractive thing about free hosting.

(b) You don’t need any experience to manage your free hosted blog, free hosting companies provide you with number of handy tools, which even a new newbie can use easily, you do not need any special programming knowledge or technical skill.

(c) It’s very simple and easy; you just need on e-mail address which you may require for making a free web hosting account. This anybody can do it, just sign up and give your blog/site a name and start adding content.

Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting

(a) You can’t have your own brand name in free web hosting. You will get a sub-domain with a dot in it and the main domain name will be of your free hosting provider, For example yourname.blogspot .com or

Note: Blogger by Google and WordPress do offer custom domain names for a fee also but then it also involves money.

(b) You are at the mercy of free web hosting provider because when you get something for nothing then you can easily become victim of corporate apathy.

(c) You can’t claim the ownership of your blog and it can be shut down any time for being a spam or any other allegation.

(d) Except for blogger and WordPress you don’t have control over advertisements. Most of the free hosting companies offer you this service to show ads of their choice. That’s how they get able to offer you free hosting. However if you have Google Adsense account, you can opt to earn some money from your free blog.

(e) You can’t earn good online reputation with free hosting. This is because your sub-domain indicates to people that you are not very serious about your online presence. People take an impression that a person who don’t like to spend some 10 bucks, how to believe him.

(f) If you get lucky with your free hosted blog and start getting lot of traffic then arises the SEO problem. After being so much popular you will definitely think to brand yourself with custom domain. So if you change the structures, it may annoy your present visitors and things may get difficult for you.

(g) Since you know that you don’t own your blog and it can be removed from online scene any time, you can’t have mental peace about it.

Free web hosting should be considered by newbie, to gain some experience. It is better not to put anything serious or important on free hosting account. Getting normal web hosting and a domain name for yourself is not a big deal these days. It’s just a matter of 10-12/ bucks and you can own an internet property easily. So best thing is to stay away as much as you can from free web hosting.

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