Popularity of Reseller Web Hosting

Web hosting requirements are increasing everyday as new websites and blogs are being launched in thousands of number daily. It is an open truth that web hosting is a very lucrative business indeed so great number of people are entering in to it.

The infrastructure, equipment, servers, manpower and other requirements of a hosting company requires high huge investment. So common people with limited financial resources can only dream to own a web hosting company of their own.

Web hosts have themselves sought out the solution and started giving reseller hosting accounts to the people who are interested to own a web hosting company. This has opened up great job and work opportunities for many people throughout the world. There are certain resellers who have a handsome number of regular paying customers in their portfolio.

The major web hosts provide such white label reseller web hosting accounts that almost nobody can distinguish between a regular web host and reseller host. Or at least it is difficult for most of the people. So a reseller web host can operate just like a normal web hosting company with his own website, company name and office.

Reasons of Reseller Hosting Popularity

There are certain reasons why reseller hosting is getting popular in different parts of the world:

1. Reseller web hosts are very useful to the people with small hosting needs for just one odd 5 pages company website. Particularly people in the developing countries prefer to buy web hosting from a local company or person. This is due to the easy availability of the person who can be contacted locally.

2. Another reason for this popularity is lack of online payment resources in the developing countries. Making payments with the help of credit cards is difficult because it is not easily issued. So it gets difficult for the people to pay online to the major web hosting companies in USA, UK or Canada. Whereas paying in the local currency through easy means is much preferred by most of the people.

3. Sense of nearness and closeness is another reason that satisfies the psychological needs of some people. When they buy web hosting plan from local reseller they are of an impression that he is within their reach. If they face any hosting issue they will easily get hold of the person or company.

There may be other reasons also but the fact remains the same that the reseller hosting is getting popular every day. The reseller can make his own packages and gets his profits from the price difference.

If a company or person is an active reseller and conducts his business seriously then he can easily increase the number of his clients. I have seen couple of reseller web hosts who have done very well in this field and are earning a handsome income from their reseller hosting business.

Yet there are some sharp and intelligent guys who establish a good reseller hosting business, run it for some time and then sell it to someone who is interested. So they earn a handsome profit by selling an established hosting business and the buyer also gets running and established business with already paying customers that result in to a win-win situation for both of them.

There are lot of pros and cons to get hosting from a reseller about which we will talk later but if you are looking to earn a decent profit then do consider becoming a reseller web host.