Web Hosting in Pakistan

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Web Hosting

Web hosting in Pakistan guide for aspiring webmasters to make better hosting decisions before buying web hosting in Pakistan.

Web hosting in Pakistan is getting popular everyday because more and more webmasters are entering in to the online world. Due to the increasing number of new websites and blogs in Pakistan the demand of web hosting in Pakistan is at a constant rise. Thanks to the rapid development in the information technology sector, now the availability of internet is getting common.

Web Hosting in Pakistan

When the number of internet users increases then more people will get awareness about web technology. So more Pakistani websites will get online, that results in the immense requirements of web hosting in Pakistan. Keeping in view the demand and requirements of Pakistani web masters this detailed guide about web hosting in Pakistan is prepared so that you can learn about the core concept of web hosting and get wiser about the subject.

Who Require Web Hosting in Pakistan?

Most of the online bloggers prefer to use free blogging platforms like Google blogger and WordPress so they do not require paid web hosting in Pakistan. Still the trend of getting free hosting is there and a great number of webmasters are looking for something for which they don't have to pay a dime. However following types of people like to get paid web hosting in Pakistan:

1. Business companies who want to maintain their own company website and they are serious about having a solid online presence. Trend of getting your website address and e-mail on the letter pads, visiting cards and other office stationary is picking up, so a company website surely requires web hosting.

2. E-commerce websites or online shops require good and fast web hosting in Pakistan as they have to sell goods online. They also require SSL certificates so that their customers data is secured and they can provide secure online shopping experience to their customers. Trend of online shopping is also moving at a rapid pace so in near future you will a great demand of web site hosting by online business companies.

3. Serious bloggers who have knowledge of blogging require hosting to maintain their blogs online. Though there is not a separate requirement but even then several bloggers are looking for exclusive blog hosting or WordPress hosting in Pakistan for the WP blogs. So web hosts in Pakistan should start catering for specialized needs of such customers.

4. Number of freelancers is also increasing in Pakistan and most of them have developed their own portfolio websites to showcase their expertise to their potential clients. Due to this requirement they are also looking for some good web hosting in Pakistan.

5. Services providers who aim at providing different service like SEO, online tutoring etc know the importance of good online presence and ease of communication with their potential clients. They can not only showcase the full range of their services but can also increase the number of their clients and students. As websites and blogs are considered as a best medium of keeping in touch with the world so web hosting in Pakistan is required by them.

In addition to the above important categories of common people there are schools, colleges, institutes and universities that are maintaining their own websites so web hosting in Pakistan is their main requirement in order to remain online.

Problems in Web Hosting in Pakistan

Though the requirements and needs for web hosting is immense in Pakistan but unluckily we don't have private sector web hosting companies in Pakistan that owns their own servers that are located within Pakistan. There is just one odd hosting company that just hardly meets the requirements of few government and official websites in Pakistan. The reason is that setting up a web hosting company with own infrastructure is extremely difficult. It requires lot of financial resources and high tech professionals to maintain and run a hosting company, but the hosting professionals in Pakistan are very few.

Most of the web hosts in Pakistan are resellers of large foreign hosting companies, while some of them have rented dedicated servers and are able to provide better hosting services in the country. You will find a great number of one man hosting companies, in which young boys having reseller hosting accounts providing web hosting and domain registration services to their clients. They are available at one phone call and come to your place with a laptop in a bag and register your domain name and give you hosting package there and then.

Such type of web hosting providers in Pakistan are not reliable because when you require any support or help then they might not be available to you and you may land in to trouble. Since it is their part time work so on getting a good job they be leave this work and your domain name and hosting gets in to deep waters. So whenever you need web hosting in Pakistan then try to avoid such one man hosts and search for a reliable one.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Hosting in Pakistan

If you are serious about your online presence then you must look for certain important things before buying web hosting in Pakistan:

a. Office Location of Web Host: Always try to buy hosting from that hosting company that is having a physical presence in your city with fixed office address and a landline number. This can be checked from the website of the host. Try to call them on their landline number and if they are available then discuss with them the hosting packages you require.

b. In Your Own City: You will be lucky enough if you find a web hosting company in your own city, search it and you will surely find web hosting in Karachi, Lahore and web hosting in Islamabad and other major cities of Pakistan. The major advantage of this is that you can meet them and get your problems solved.

c. Web Hosting Support: Before buying web hosting in Pakistan always be sure to check about the support they provide. Of course web hosting is a technical type of thing and till the time you get proficient in the subject you may require support of the tech staff to get your issues resolved.

d. Web Hosting Packages: This is your money and you should ensure it that you get the best web hosting discounts and deals. Read their hosting packages and then decide the one that suits your requirements and budget. If you are small company and do not expect to many visitors then buying extra bandwidth and hosting space will be of no use to you. However if you are running an e-commerce website or an online shop then you surely need the best hosting package with SSL certificate. Be sure about  all these things before buying web hosting in Pakistan.

There are number of other factors that you may require before buying any hosting package but the above given points are a few most important ones.

Types of Web Hosting in Pakistan

Being a Pakistani webmaster you may require different type of hosting in Pakistan and you must know something about them

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • E-Commerce Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Cloud Web Hosting
  • Blog Hosting
  • E-Mail Hosting

    These were some of the common types of web hosting in Pakistan, though there are number of other specialized types of hosting but you may not require them for normal websites.

    Web Hosting in Major Cities of Pakistan

    There are number of web hosting companies operating in different cities of Pakistan and you can find some very good web hosts in your own city. As already stated above that if you are resident of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad or other city then the best option is to buy web hosting from the hosts that is physically located in your own city. Search and I am sure you will find good web hosting in Islamabad if you are placed in Islamabad or web hosting in Karachi if you are a resident of Karachi, web hosting in Lahore if your business is located there.

    Searching for web hosting in Pakistan is good option and then narrow down your search for your city. After finding the best ones, start contacting them and if need be then go and visit their offices to ensure that every thing goes fine. Working online in Pakistan is getting popular and hundreds of online businesses are popping up everyday so web hosting in Pakistan is the most sought after subject in web technology.