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WordPress hosting guide for webmasters and bloggers to learn about WP hosting, select the right WordPress host for their blog.

If you are maintaining WordPress blog then you must be knowledgeable and wise enough to manage and handle the hosting matters otherwise you won't be able to showcase your blog to the world. Before going ahead let us see what is WordPress hosting and why it is different from other types of hosting.

What is WordPress Hosting?

As the name implies WordPress hosting is a special type of hosting that is configured and designed for only WordPress blogs and websites. If you are WordPress blogger and don't want to use any other software like HTML or ASP for your website then you can opt for special WordPress hosting.

Normally almost every web hosting package comes with Softaculous apps installer bundle that you can find in your hosting cpanel under software head in which you will find WordPress software that can be easily installed and made use of. However some of the new bloggers find it difficult to install and manage the software so they can buy dedicated WordPress hosting from their web hosting company.

Do You Really Need WordPress Hosting?

Before going for special WordPress hosting for your blog, you must know that whether you really need to spend some extra bucks to buy it or your normal web hosting will suffice for hosting your blog. In most of the cases I personally don't think so that a blogger will need WordPress web hosting as it can be easily installed by him through the cpanel within a few minutes. However if you are totally new to the hosting environment and know nothing about plugin, widgets, installation of WordPress, updating the software etc. then you can decide to buy WordPress hosting instead of normal hosting.

Factors to See in WordPress Hosting

Like all other types of web hosting, you have to watch for certain important factors in WordPress hosting also, a few of them are:

1. WordPress Site Loading Speed

Of course you would like to see your WordPress blog loading fast so that you can provide better user experience to your site visitors. Check about your WordPress host that whether they have good servers that can handle sufficient amount of traffic and on peak time can load your website quickly. Loading speed of a WordPress blog or site is really important as it can make or break the impression of it and people quickly leave the blog that cannot load fast.

WordPress websites are bit heavy in structure due to installation of plugins and widgets that are essential for the CMS so they consume more resources than a normal HTML website. That is why loading speed is considered as one of the top most requirement of a WordPress host. Read the review, talk with your friends, discuss on forums and then decide about the WP host that does not disappoint you later.

2. Security of WordPress Hosting

Security and reliability is important for all types of hosting but WordPress requires a bit of extra security. This is because the CMS can't be run without the help of plugins. themes and widgets so you will often find bugs and fixes in them. Some of them may contain viruses and different security threats as hackers and bad guys are always at a watch for any loop holes in plugins etc. That is why you have to be very watchful for the security measures of your WordPress site.

Good WordPress hosting providers care for their hosting customers and arrange for special security of the databases and the hosting software. However you have to ensure it  by talking to your WP host about it. Lot of online websites lose their visitors and search engine ranking due to this security matter.

3. Uptime Guarantee by WP Host

Your site needs to remain online all the times, yes this is not only the desire of every blogger and webmaster but an essential requirement of online reputation of your WordPress blog. How  embarrassing it feels when some visitors click a link to your blog and then it shows that your website is down. What impression will your site visitor get? They will think that you have opted for a very cheap and defective web hosting and you are not a serious person. Almost every WordPress hosting provider does promise to provide you with 99.99% uptime guarantee but you have to be extra vigilant on this issue.

You may use third party software to check the uptime of your blog, so that you can notify your WP host about any extra downtime. Some of the good WordPress hosting companies do offer their clients with extra hosting if their downtime increases more than the promised time.

Commonly Asked Questions About WordPress

There are certain commonly asked questions by new bloggers and webmasters about WordPress hosting and I have tried to answer them in simple language so that you can be wise enough about this type of hosting and be able to make the right choice about WordPress host.

1. Can I Change WordPress Host Afterwards?

Ans: Of course you can change your WordPress hosting provider if you are not satisfied with him. If you find any problem with your present WordPress host then find a better one and most of them will offer you free website migration services without any downtime. It is better to carry out your research beforehand so that you do not have to move from place to place. I have been hosting all my website with my webhost and found no problems for several years, if you like you can try my recommended WordPress web host and that is Interserver as I am fully satisfied with their services.

2. Do I Need to Buy Domain Name From the Same WP Host?

Ans: No, it is not at all a requirement to buy your domain name from the same hosting company where you host your website. In fact domain name registration is totally a different thing from web hosting. You cab buy your domain name from any domain registrar and then point its name servers provided by your WordPress web host and that's it. Domain name is your personal property and you are sole owner of it, it has nothing to do with your WordPress web hosting.

3. Why Not to Use Free WordPress Hosting Provider?

Ans: If you are blogging for fun then you are welcome to use free WordPress hosting but if you are a serious blogger and consider your online presence a serious matter then it is advisable to stay away from free WordPress hosting as it can create lot of problems for you. Most of the free WP hosts will show ads on your blog that may disturb your blog readers. Since you have control on your hosting so your free WordPress host can close your website any time on one pretext or the other. It is not good for bloggers who are blogging with an aim or are concerned about their online reputation.

4. Can I Manage my WordPress Hosting Myself?

Ans: Of course you can, to be very frank it hardly takes a few minutes in managing your WordPress hosting yourself. All you have to do is to regularly check your WordPress dashboard and update all the plugins and themes if there is any update message. Read a few guides and WordPress tutorials and you can be at hands in a very short span of time. There are thousands of bloggers and webmasters who manage their WordPress web hosting themselves without any problem. There are just a few things to do for your WordPress blog and you will see that things have started getting easier for you.

5. Will WordPress Hosts Backup my Website?

Ans: Though the WordPress web hosts do offer regular backups of your WordPress site but it is a wise idea to keep the backups of your website with you. You can personally make backups of your WP blog and this task can be done on weekly or monthly basis depending on the availability of time.

6. Is Yearly WordPress Hosting Package Better Than Monthly Package?

Ans: Almost every WP host will offer you different WordPress hosting package, buying yearly or 6 monthly WordPress hosting will offer you some discount also. It all depends upon on you but the better way while you are new with a WordPress host is to go for monthly or for 3 months package, if you are fully satisfied with the WordPress hosting provider then you can opt for longer durations. If you are totally new to the web hosting matters then go for shorter durations.

7. Are There Any Special WordPress Requirements?

Ans: WordPress is a simple CMS and it does not require any special type of hosting except the few ones:

  • a. PHP version 5.2.4 or greater
  • b. MySQL version 5.0 or greater
  • c. The mod_rewrite Apache Module
  • These technical aspects are present with every web host, so literally speaking all the good web hosting companies can manage WordPress hosting. The official website wordpress.org recommends Apache or Nginx as the most robust and featured server for running WP but any server that supports PHP and MySQL will serve your purpose.

    8. Are WordPress Hosting Comparisons Helpful?

    Ans: Of course yes! WordPress hosting comparisons are indeed very helpful in selecting the best WordPress host as they provide different information about the WP hosts about price, features, technical aspects. Basing on this information you can carryout a quick WordPress host comparison and decide about the best WordPress host for your blog. It is better to read different WordPress hosting comparisons, make your own list and then decide about it.

    These were some of the commonly asked questions about WordPress hosting, I will keep on adding more questions when they come to me so keep visiting this page often for any updates.

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