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English learning channel of PakGenius where you can learn English Conversation, Grammar and good vocabulary to improve your written and spoken English skills.

Spoken English Topics

  • Agreeing
  • Apologizing
  • Asking About Preferences
  • Asking About Information
  • Asking About Things
  • Inviting
  • Keep Conversation Going
  • Know or Not
  • Making Appointments
  • Making Offers

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    How to Learn English Wisely

    To learn English you have to pay attention to your spoken and written English skills for which you need to have sufficient vocabulary and know the grammar rules properly. Learning English is not difficult at all provided you make some changes in your daily learning schedule.

    You have to be confident enough and need to shun the fear of making mistakes. Many people are unable to learn English because they are afraid of making mistakes and this hinders their progress. For learning conversational English the only solution is to speak, speak and speak, without which you will not be able to speak English fluently.

    Whenever some new word comes in your way, search for its meaning and try to use it in your sentence. Translate the meaning in your native language and relate it with your daily life. Make different sentences and then note it down in your vocabulary copy. This is the best way to learn English, and after couple of months you will notice a fair improvement in your spoken English skills.

    To learn English Grammar try to master all the rules of the language. They may seem to be boring in the beginning but as you start understanding them then the things will start getting easier for you. Never get bored from learning the grammar rules because without fully mastering the structure of the sentences you will not be able to learn English correctly.

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