American Names

American boys, girls and unisex names with meaning for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Sex
Amarie Gracious Under Adversity F
Aaralyn With Song F
Adelie Noble Meadow F
Adonica From Adam And Monica F
Ady Noble, Kind F
Aira Of The Wind F
Alexavier Protector Of The New House M
Allayna Light F
Ally Of Noble Birth F
Altessa Noble Reaper F
Alyn Pretty F
Amber Precious Jewel F
Amberly Ruler Of The Jewels F
Amory Loved One F
Anakin Warrior M
Andralyn From Andrea & Lyn F
Anitra Gracious F
Arnie From The Name Arne Or Arnold M
Art Short Form Of Arthur M
Artie From The Name Arthur M
Arty From The Name Arthur M
Aspen The Aspen Tree U
Auryon Hunyer F
Avari Of The Heavens, From The Sky F
Avariella Small, Strong Woman F
Avarielle Woman Of Strength F
Azia From The East U
Barbie From The Name Barbara F
Bat Short For Bartholomew M
Bayle Beautiful U
Bea Blessed F
Bette Consecrated To God F
Biana Fair Skinned F
Blaze A Flame U
Blue The Color U
Bobby Bright Fame U
Bonner Good Citizen M
Bono All Good M
Brandi Warm And Comforting F
Brandice Combination Of Brandi And Candice F
Brandie Sweet Nectar F
Brandy Warm And Comforting F
Brasen God's Gift U
Brendy Sword F
Brilliant To Sparkle U
Bryson Grandson Of A Nobleman M
Buck Deer, Cowboy M
Bud Messenger, Friend M
Buddy Friend M
Buffy From The Name Bunny F
Bunny Little Rabbit F
Butch Manly U
Butterfly A Butterfly F
Cache Storage Place U
Cade Pure U
Cadee Pure F
Caden Fighter U
Cady Simple Happiness F
Cal Short For Names Beginning With Cal U
Candid Hidden U
Candie Bright, Sweet F
Candy Bright, Sweet F
Carly Strong One F
Carlynda Strong And Beautiful F
Carrie Melody, Song F
Carrieann Gracious And Womanly F
Carsyn Son Of Carr M
Cassara Prophet/Princess F
Chailyn Life, Waterfall F
Chakaluka Brilliant Energy F
Chalsie Seaport F
Chamomile Peace, Spice F
Channery Wise F
Charla From Charlotte F
Charlee Farmer F
Charleigh Manly, Farmer F
Chassidy Not Available F
Chelsi Seaport F
Chelsia From Chelsea F
Cherlin From Cher And Lin F
Cherry Cherry Fruit F
Chynna From The Name China F
Cinnamon The Spice F
Content Satisfied, Happy F
Conyers City In Georgia M
Creola Native To The Land, Creole U
Cricket Loud Insect Of The Night U
Daisy Daisy Flower F
Darena Famous And Loved F
Datherine Beloved Virgin F
Daveigh Beloved F
Day Light And Hope U
Dayshaun God's Gift Of Hope M
Deacon Pastor M
Deandra From The Name Diana F
December Month Name U
Dee Initial D F
Deliz From Dean And Liz F
Delora Of Sorrow F
Denim Strong Cloth U
Denver Green Valley U
Deon Divine Queen U
Derex Famous Ruler M
Destiny For Which You Were Meant To Do F
Diandra Not Available F
Dillian Combination Of Dillon And Gillian U
Dimaia Daughter Of Maia F
Dolly Cute Child F
Dorie The Sea F
Dragon Fire-Breathing Creature M
Dreama Joyous Music F
Dru Manly, Courageous U
Early Before Due Time Or Date F
Easter From The Holiday F
Ebony Dark Strength F
Eddie Wealthy Guardian M
Emberlynn Precious Pretty Jewel F
Emmly Admiring F
Eternity Everlasting F
Ethanael God Given Endurance M
Etta Ruler Of The Home F
Forever Never Ending F
French From France U
Gainell Happy, Shiny F
Genica Combination Of Genevieve And Jessica F
Gloriann Give Praise With Grace F
Graceland Land Of Grace U
Gusty Revered, Windy U
Happy Joyful U
Havily Grace Of God F
Heaven From The Heavens F
Holland From Holland U
Hollie Plant With Red Berries F
Honey Sweet As Honey F
Idalee From Ida And Lee F
Idalia From Idalee F
Idana From Ida & Anna F
Ilandere Moon Woman F
Independence Freedom F
Indiya Philosophical One F
Infinity Endless U
Irish From Ireland U
Isanne From Isabel And Anne F
Jace Moon-Var. Of Jacey U
Jacey From The Initials J.C. U
Jacie Variation Of Jace U
Jalen Bird Of Light U
Jalene From James And Lenore F
Jalia Noble F
Jam A Sweet Condiment Or Musical Get-Together U
Janeeva Juniper Berry F
Janelle God Is Gracious F
Janina Form Of Jane F
Janine From The Name Jane F
January Born In January F
Jase From Jason M
Jaunie Brave And Kind F
Jaxon Son Of Jack M
Jayden God Has Heard M
Jazlynn From Jasmine & Lynn F
Jenaya Trendy And Hip F
Jeneil Champion Wave F
Jeneva White Wave F
Jenibelle Beautiful And Bright F
Jenn Nickname For Jennifer F
Jennica Combination Of Jennifer And Jessica F
Jennis Wild Wave U
Jera Holy F
Jerica Strong, A Gifted Ruler F
Jerrica Honorable One Who Rules By The Spear F
Jesimae Wealthy And Bitter F
Jeslyn Blessed With Wealth And Beauty F
Jimbo Nickname For James M
Jimmy From The Name James M
Jock Short Form Of Jacob Or John M
Jodi From Johanna F
Jody Short For Joseph M
Johnavon River Consecrated To God M
Jorjanna Lovable Country Child F
Jorryn The One God Loves U
Jory Descending U
Josie God Will Add F
Joylyn Joyful One F
Justice Fairness U
Justis Fair Minded U
Justus Fairness, Justice M
Kacy From Initials K.C. F
Kaden Fighter M
Kaelem Honest M
Kailey Laurel, Crown F
Kalea Bright, Clear F
Kalin Form Of Caleb U
Kallima Butterfly F
Kameryn Crooked Nose U
Karah Sweet Melody F
Karik Form Of Carrick M
Karsen Created Name F
Kat From The Name Catherine F
Katima Powerful Daughter F
Kaycee Initals K And C U
Kaydence Musical F
Kaylana From Kay And Lana F
Kaylee From Kay And Lee Also See Chaeli F
Kayleen Pure Lass F
Kayo From Initials K.O. M
Keladry Not Available U
Kelli Warrior/Defender F
Kellsie Island Of The Ships U
Kenadia Chief F
Kenisha Gorgeous Woman F
Kennita Not Available F
Kerryn Dusky And Pure F
Kert Simple Pleasures M
Kesler Independent And Energetic M
Kevlyn Not Available F
Keyanna Living With Grace F
Kiana Living With Grace F
King Ruler M
Kory Hollow U
Kourtney From The Court U
Kreeli Sweet And Charming F
Krisalyn Beautiful Bearer Of Christ F
Krystal A Clear, Brilliant Glass F
Kylia Narrow Land F
Lacey From Normandy, France F
Lainey Bright Light F
Laken From The Lake U
Lalaine The Narrow Road F
Landis From The Name Landry M
Lark Songbird F
Lavada Friendly And Creative F
Lavonn Wood F
Lawanda Little Wanderer F
Leatrix Weary + Bringer Of Joy F
Lecea Of Noble Birth F
Lefty Left-Handed M
Leighna Illustrious F
Len Like A Lion M
Lesa Consecreted To God F
Lexine Defender Of Mankind F
Lexiss Protector Of Mankind U
Liberty Freedom U
Lilian Blend Of Lily And Ann F
Linaeve Tree Of Song F
Liz From The Name Elizabeth F
Lore Crowned With Laurel U
Loren Crowned With Laurel U
Lorene Small Victories F
Lovey Loved One F
Lovie Loved One F
Lucky Fortunate, Light U
Luella Female Warrior F
Lyn Beautiful F
Lynelle Pretty F
Lynn From The Name Linda Or Lyndon U
Lynsey From The Linden Tree F
Mahalia Powerful F
Makaila Who Is Like God F
Malloren Laurel Of Bad Luck F
Mandelina Lovable F
Marge Pearl F
Maribeth Bitter Sea, House Of God F
Marilee Combination Of Mary And Lee F
Marilu From Mary And Lucille F
Marlee Descendents Of Mary F
Marlie From The Name Marilyn F
Marnie From The Sea F
Marv Friend Of The Sea M
Mauve Purplish Color F
Maverick Wildly Independent U
Maylin Great Waterfall F
Mayten Born On The 10Th Of May F
Meadow Beautiful Field F
Melora Combination Of Melissa And Lora F
Micheal Form Of Michael U
Mickey From The Name Michael U
Mikaia God's Earth F
Mikel Who Is Like God? M
Minor Junior, Younger U
Miracle Divine Act U
Mircea Mercy F
Missy Form Of Melissa  
Misty Covered With Mist, Dew F
Mitch Who Is Like God? M
Mitchell Who Is Like God? M
Mo Dark Skinned U
Modesty Without Conceit F
Moon From The Moon U
Moon-Unit One That Orbits The Moon U
Moral Lovely Thoughts U
Morey From The Name Morris U
Morrie Moor M
Mystery Unknown, Question F
Nash Adventurer M
Nature Nature U
Navid Beloved U
Neo New U
Nerice Powerful Woman F
Nevaeh Heaven F
Nikki From The Name Nicole F
Norm Invader Of Normandie M
Obedience To Obey U
Olencia Not Available F
Patch Form Of Peter M
Pebbles Small Rocks F
Pepper From The Pepper Plant F
Pink Light Red Color, Healthy F
Pooky Little Cute Person U
Precious Precious One F
Qiana Gracious F
Queenie Queen Or Female Companion F
Quiana Living With Grace F
Raeanne Graceful Lamb F
Rain Abundant Blessings From Above U
Randilyn Protected Waterfall F
Rangle Cowboy M
Red Redheaded One, Or Diminutive Of Redmond U
Reegan One Who Rules U
Remedy Cure U
Ricky Powerful, Rich  
River From The River U
Rock A Rock M
Rocky From The Rocks M
Ronalee From Rona And Lee F
Ros Rose Colored F
Rosie Like A Rose F
Rowdy Loud, Spirited U
Roxy Rosy F
Rumor Falsity U
Rusty Red Headed U
Ryo River U
Sailor Sailor U
Sanne Lily F
Satchel Bag M
Scout First Explorer U
Seven The Number 7 U
Shanna Variant Of Shannon F
Shepry Friendly And Honest Mediator F
Shirina Love Song F
Skip From The Name Skipper M
Sky Sky U
Skye Sky U
Snow Frozen Rain F
Snowy Diminutive Of Snow F
Sonny Our Son M
Southern From The South U
Spike Long, Heavy Nail M
Star A Star F
Starbuck Astronaut U
Starr From The Name Star F
Stash Sun's Rays M
Steffi From The Name Steven F
Steffie Nickname For Stephanie F
Step From The Name Steven M
Stevie From The Name Steven U
Stew From The Name Stuart M
Stone Stone M
Storm A Storm U
Stormy Impetuous Nature U
Studs A House M
Sue Lily F
Sugar Sugar F
Summer The Season F
Sunny Brilliant, Of The Sun U
Symona It Is Heartd F
Tab Form Of David Or Drummer M
Tad From The Name Thad M
Tailynn From Tai And Lynn F
Tamatha Dear Tammy F
Tamber Music Pitch F
Tangia The Angel F
Taran Earth U
Tasmine Twin F
Tawny Tanned Hide F
Tayten Beautiful Happiness U
Teal Greenish Blue Color U
Teenie Small One U
Teige A Poet U
Tempest Stormy F
Tender Sensitive F
Teness Not Available F
Terrian Physically Strong, Ambitious M
Terrica From Terri And Erica  
Terryal Reaper U
Tessica Wealthy Harvester F
Tex From Texas U
Tiger Powerful Cat, Tiger U
Tip Nickname For Thomas U
Tommy A Twin M
Tori From Torrance Or Victoria F
Torie Victorious, F
Torn Form Of Torrence U
Tory Winner U
Tracen Not Available U
Trapper Trapper U
Trinity Holy Three F
Trish From Patricia F
Trixie Bringer Of Joy F
Tuesday Born On Tuesday U
Ty Short For Tyler/Tyrone U
Tyanne From Tyrus & Anne F
Tynice Not Available F
Unity Oneness F
Valterra Strong Earth F
Velvet Soft Fabric F
Verlee Truthful F
Vi From The Name Violet F
Vianca Fair Skinned, White F
Vicki Victorious F
Vicky Winner, Conqueror F
Vinnie From The Name Vincent M
Vinny From The Name Vincent M
Vlora Bravery F
Wednesday Born On Wednesday U
Welcome Welcome Guest F
Will From The Name William M
Wind Moving Air F
Winter The Season U
Wood From The Name Woody M
Woods Of The Woods M
Woody From The Name Woods M
Xadrian Of The Adriatic U
Xandy From Alexander Or Alexandra U
Xannon Ancient God U
Xantara Protector Of The Earth F
Xaria Gift Of Love (Zaria) F
Xexilia Blind F
Zabrina Fruitful Desert Flower F
Zariel Lion Princess F
Zeal With Passion U
Ziarre Goddess Of The Sky F
Zody Cusion Of Life U

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