Boy Names That Start With A

List of boy names that start with A for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Aaron Enlightened; To Sing Hebrew
Abbott Father Hebrew
Abe Father Of A Multitude Hebrew
Abel A Breath Hebrew
Abie God Is Joy Hebrew
Abner Father Of Light Hebrew
Abraham Father Of A Multitude Hebrew
Abram High Father Hebrew
Absolom My Father Is Peace Hebrew
Abu Father African
Ace Unity, One Latin
Acton Oak Tree Settlement English
Adair Noble, Exalted English
Adam Mankind Hebrew
Addison Son Of Adam English
Ade Crown, Royal African
Adelio Father Of The Noble Prince Spanish
Adem Red Earth African
Aden Handsome, Adorned Hebrew
Adiel Goat African
Adish Fire Persian
Adlai God Is Just Hebrew
Adli Just, Wise Hebrew
Admon Red Peony Flower Hebrew
Adolfo Wolf Italian
Adolph Wolf German
Adonai My Lord Hebrew
Adonis Beautiful Greek
Adrian Of The Adriatic Latin
Adriano Native Of Adria: Greek City Latin
Adriel Congregation Latin
Afton From The Afton River Celtic/Gaelic
Agamemnon Resolute Greek
Agostino Respectable Italian
Ai Love Japanese
Aidan Fiery Celtic/Gaelic
Aiden Fiery Celtic/Gaelic
Aiken From The Oak Trees English
Aimon Homebody Spanish
Aja Goat Hindi
Ajani He Who Wins The Struggle African
Ajax Strong Warrior Greek
Ajay Victorious Hindi
Akamu Of The Red Earth Hawaiian
Akia First Born African
Akili Wisdom Arabic
Akio Bright Boy Japanese
Akuji Dead And Awake African
Al From The Name Albert German
Alagan Handsome Hindi
Alain Handsome French
Alair Cheerful/Merry English
Alake One To Be Honored African
Alan Handsome Celtic/Gaelic
Alaric He Who Rules German
Alastair Protector Of Mankind English
Alawi Descendant Of Ali Arabic
Alban White Hill Latin
Albert Noble, Bright German
Alberto Form Of Albert Spanish
Albin White Polish
Aldan Of Old Age English
Alden Of Old Age English
Aldis From The Old House English
Aldon Of Old Age Polish
Alec Protector Of Men Greek
Alejandro Protector Of Men Spanish
Alem World Leader African
Aleron Epaulet Worn By A Knight French
Alex Protector Of Mankind Greek
Alexander Protector Of Mankind Greek
Alexavier Protector Of The New House American
Alexis Protector Of Mankind Greek
Alfonso Eager, Noble Italian
Alfred Counselor English
Algernon Bearded French
Alick Protector Of Mankind All Nationalities
Alijah The Lord Is My God Hebrew
Allan Handsome Celtic/Gaelic
Allen Fair, Handsome Celtic/Gaelic
Aloysius A Warrior German
Alphonse Eager, Noble German
Alta Tall And Lofty Latin
Alton Old Town English
Alva Fair Complected Latin
Alvaro Extremely Cautious Spanish
Alvin Light Skinned German
Amadeus Love Of God Latin
Amal Pure Hindi
Amani Peace African
Ambrose Immortal Greek
Amergin Poet Celtic/Gaelic
Americus Royalty Latin
Ameya Boundless Hindi
Amiel God Of My People Hebrew
Amil Worthy Hindi
Amin Trustworthy Persian
Amir Proclaimed, Prince Hebrew
Amiri Prince African
Amish Honest Hindi
Amor Love Spanish
Amos Troubled Hebrew
An Peace Chinese
Anakin Warrior American
Analu Manly Hawaiian
Anando Bliss African
Anatole From The East French
Ande Pillar African
Andre Manly, Courageous French
Andrea Courageous Greek
Andreas Strong & Manly Greek
Andren From The Town Of Ardres, France English
Andres Manly, Courageous Spanish
Andrew Manly, Courageous Greek
Andy Manly Greek
Angel Angelic Greek
Angelito Little Angel Spanish
Angelo Angel Latin
Angus Unique Strength Celtic/Gaelic
Ansel Follows Nobility French
Anson Son Of Andrew English
Anthony Worthy Of Praise Greek
Anton Worthy Of Praise Slavic
Antonio Worthy Of Praise Spanish
Antony Praiseworthy, Flourishing Latin
Antranig First Son Armenian
Anwar The Brightest African
Aoko Outside African
Apollo God Of Truth And Light Greek
Appollo God Of The Sun Greek
Apu Unique Hindi
Aquila Eagle Spanish
Aram High, Exalted Armenian
Aran Forest Thai
Arash Hero Persian
Arav Peaceful Hindi
Arawn King Of The Other World Welsh
Arch Bold, Bowman German
Archana Worshiping One Hindi
Archer Bowman English
Archibald Very Bold German
Archie From The Name Archibald German
Arden Thrilled And Excited Latin
Aren Eagle, Ruler, Peace Scandinavian
Argus Vigilant And Alert Scandinavian
Argyle Diamond Pattern English
Ari Lion Hebrew
Ariabod Tribe Leader Persian
Aric Form Of Richard Or Eric Greek
Aricin King's Son Scandinavian
Ariel Lion Of God Hebrew
Arien Enchanted Hebrew
Aries The Ram Latin
Arif Knowledgeable Arabic
Arion With Melody Hebrew
Arkadiy Bold Russian
Arlen Pledge Celtic/Gaelic
Arlo Hill German
Armand Of The Army Latin
Armande From The Name Armand French
Armando From The Name Armand Latin
Armen Armenian Armenian
Arnaldo Strong As An Eagle Spanish
Arnaud Ruler Of Eagles French
Arnav Ocean Hindi
Arne Eagle German
Arnie From The Name Arne Or Arnold American
Arnold Strong As An Eagle German
Arnoldo Strong As An Eagle Spanish
Arnon Stream, River Hebrew
Aron To Sing Hebrew
Art Short Form Of Arthur American
Artan Little Bear Celtic/Gaelic
Artaxiad King's Name Armenian
Artemas Safe Greek
Artemis Goddess Of The Moon And Hunt Greek
Artemus Of The Moon Greek
Arthur A Follower Of Thor All Nationalities
Artie From The Name Arthur American
Arty From The Name Arthur American
Arvid Eagle Tree Polish
Arvin Friend To All German
Arya Honored, Noble Hindi
Asa Born At Dawn Japanese
Ash From The Ash Tree English
Ashanti African Tribe Name Swahili
Ashby Ash Tree Farm Hebrew
Asher Blessed, Happy Hebrew
Ashley From The Ash Tree English
Ashling Dream, Vision English
Asho Pure Of Heart Persian
Ashton Ash Tree Settlement English
Aspen The Aspen Tree American
Astin Star like French
Astro Of The Stars Greek
Atalo Youthful Greek
Atticus Father-Like English
Aubrey Noble, Bright German
August Revered, Exalted German
Augustin Revered, Exalted French
Augustus Revered, Exalted Latin
Aulii Delicious Hawaiian
Aure Soft Air, Breeze French
Austin From The Name Augustin English
Avak The First Armenian
Avedis Brings Good News Armenian
Avel Breath Greek
Avent Born During Advent French
Avery Nobility English
Avi Lord Of Mine Latin
Avidan God Is Just Hebrew
Avinoam Blessed Father Hebrew
Avis Birds Latin
Avital Father Of Dew Hebrew
Aviv Spring, Renewal Hebrew
Avon The River Welsh
Axel Source Of All Life German
Ayman Holy, Right-Hand Worker Arabic
Azhar Famous Hindi
Azia From The East American
Azize Highly Valued Swahili
Azizi Precious One African
Azra Pure Hebrew
Azriel God Is My Aid Hebrew
Azure Bluish Color Latin

This was the list of boy names starting with A, more names will be added soon