Boy Names That Start with C

List of boy names that start with C for your information and knowledge.

Names Meaning Origin
Cache Storage Place American
Cade Pure American
Caden Fighter American
Cael Victorious People Celtic/Gaelic
Caesar Long-Haired Greek
Cain Craftsman Hebrew
Caine Spear Hunter Hebrew
Cairbre Strong Man Celtic/Gaelic
Cais Rejoicer Vietnamese
Calder Stream Celtic/Gaelic
Cale Form Of Caleb Hebrew
Caleb Faithful, Bold Hebrew
Caley Brave Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
Calhoun Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
Calix Very Handsome Greek
Callum Dove Celtic/Gaelic
Calvin Bald Latin
Cam From The Name Cameron Celtic/Gaelic
Camden From The Valley Celtic/Gaelic
Camdyn Winding Valley English
Cameo Shadow Portrait Latin
Cameron Bent Nose Celtic/Gaelic
Camryn Bent Nose Celtic/Gaelic
Candid Hidden American
Candide Pure, Bright Latin
Caolan Form Of Helen Celtic/Gaelic
Caradoc Beloved Welsh
Carey Pure Celtic/Gaelic
Cargan Little Rock Celtic/Gaelic
Carl Strong One German
Carlen From Carlin-Champion Celtic/Gaelic
Carlin Little Champion Celtic/Gaelic
Carlos From The Name Carl Spanish
Carlow Quadruple Lake Celtic/Gaelic
Carlton Town Of Charles English
Carman Lord Of The Castle Celtic/Gaelic
Carmine Song Italian
Carnig Small Lamb Armenian
Carolos Strong, Manly Greek
Carr Marshland Celtic/Gaelic
Carrington Town Of The Marsh English
Carson Son Of Carr English
Carsyn Son Of Carr American
Carter Driver Of A Cart English
Carver Wood Carver English
Cary Pure Celtic/Gaelic
Casey Brave Celtic/Gaelic
Casimir Peacemaker Slavic
Caspar Royal German
Cassidy Clever Celtic/Gaelic
Cassius Box Latin
Casta Pure Spanish
Castel To The Castle Spanish
Cathal Mighty Battle Celtic/Gaelic
Cato Good Judgment Latin
Cavan Hollow Place Celtic/Gaelic
Ceallach Little Kelly - Strife Celtic/Gaelic
Cecil Blind English
Cedric Chief English
Ceres Goddess Of The Corn Greek
Cesar Long Haired Latin
Chad Battle, Warrior English
Chaim To Life Hebrew
Chaman Garden Hindi
Chance Keeper Of The Records English
Chancellor Keeper Of Records, Secretary English
Chandler Candle Maker English
Channer Wise English
Channing Wise English
Channon Clergyman - Canon Celtic/Gaelic
Chao Great One Chinese
Charan Feet Hindi
Charles Manly, Farmer German
Charlie Nickname For Charles/Charlotte German
Charlton House Where Charles Lives English
Chars Manly, Farmer English
Chas Manly, Farmer English
Chase Hunter English
Chauncey Chancellor English
Chavez Dream Maker Spanish
Chay Fairy Dwelling Celtic/Gaelic
Chaz Manly, Farmer English
Chelsey Port Of Ships English
Chen Dawn Chinese
Cheng To Become Chinese
Chester A Fortress, Camp English
Chet A Fortress, Camp English
Cheyne God Is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
Chi Younger Energy Chinese
Chick From The Name Charles English
Chico From The Name Francis Spanish
Chill From The Name Chilton English
Chilton A Town By The River English
Chimelu Made Of God African
Chip Chipping Sparrow English
Chris Short For Christopher Or Christine Greek
Christoffer Bearer Of Christ Scandinavian
Christopher Christ-Bearer Greek
Chuck From The Name Charles Latin
Chung Common Vietnamese
Chuong Chapter Vietnamese
Cian Ancient Celtic/Gaelic
Cicero The Historian Greek
Cid Lord Spanish
Cillian War Celtic/Gaelic
Ciro Ancient Egyptian Wind Greek
Cirocco Ancient Egyptian Wind Italian
Clarence Clear, Luminous Latin
Clark Clergyman French
Clarke From The Name Clark French
Claude Lame Latin
Claudio Lame Latin
Clay Immortal English
Clayland From The Name Clayton English
Clayton Town On Clay Land English
Cleatus Illustrious Greek
Cleavant A Steep Bank English
Cleave From The Name Cleavon English
Cleavon From The Name Cleavant English
Clem From The Name Clement English
Clemens From The Name Clement English
Clement Gentle, Merciful English
Cleveland Land Of High Cliffs English
Cliff From The Name Clifford English
Clifford From A Steep Cliff English
Clifton From A Town Near A Cliff English
Clint From The Name Clinton English
Clinton Town On A Hill English
Clive Cliff Dweller English
Clove A Nail, Spice German
Clovis Famous Soldier (Fm. Louis) German
Clyde Warm Celtic/Gaelic
Coby Supplanter Hebrew
Cody A Cushion English
Coen Brave, Alt. Sp. Koen German
Colby Dark Haired English
Cole From The Name Nicholas Celtic/Gaelic
Colin Child, Also Form Of Nicholas English
Collier Miner English
Collin From The Name Colin English
Colm Dove Celtic/Gaelic
Colman Little Dove English
Colton Coal Town English
Colum Dove Celtic/Gaelic
Conan Wise Celtic/Gaelic
Conary Wise Man Celtic/Gaelic
Cong Intelligent, Clever Chinese
Conlan Hero Celtic/Gaelic
Conley Hero Celtic/Gaelic
Conner Wise Celtic/Gaelic
Connie From The Name Constance English
Connley Hero Celtic/Gaelic
Connor Much Wanted Celtic/Gaelic
Conor Much Wanted Celtic/Gaelic
Conrad Bold, Wise Counselor German
Conroy Wise Man Celtic/Gaelic
Constantine Firm, Constant Greek
Conway Hound Of The Plain Welsh
Conyers City In Georgia American
Cooper Barrel Maker English
Corbett Black Raven Latin
Corbin A Raven Latin
Corby Dark As A Raven English
Cordell Rope Maker English
Corey Hollow Celtic/Gaelic
Coriander Romance, Spice Greek
Cormac Charioteer Celtic/Gaelic
Cornelius Horn-Colored Latin
Cornell From The Name Cornelius Celtic/Gaelic
Cort Bold Or Short English
Cory Hollow Celtic/Gaelic
Corydon Lark Greek
Cosmo The Universe Greek
Coty Small Slope French
Courtney From The Court English
Coy Woods English
Coye Woods English
Coyne Modest French
Craig From The Crag Celtic/Gaelic
Creighton Near The Creek English
Creola Native To The Land, Creole American
Crescent To Grow English
Crevan Fox Celtic/Gaelic
Cricket Loud Insect Of The Night American
Crispin Curly Haired Latin
Cristy From The Name Christopher English
Cruz The Cross Bearer Spanish
Cullen Handsome Celtic/Gaelic
Curry A Marsh Or An Herb Celtic/Gaelic
Curt From The Name Curtis Latin
Curtis Courteous Latin
Cuthbert Brilliant English
Cutler Knife Maker English
Cutter Gem Cutter English
Cuyler Chapel, Shelter Celtic/Gaelic
Cy From The Name Cyril Greek
Cyd A Public Hill Greek
Cyril Lordly Greek
Cyrus Sun Persian

This was the list of boy names starting with C, more names will be added soon