Boy Names That Start with E

List of boy names that start with E for your information and knowledge.

Names Meanings Origin
Ea Fire Celtic/Gaelic
Eadoin Blessed With Many Friends Celtic/Gaelic
Eamon Wealthy Protector Celtic/Gaelic
Earl Pledge, Nobleman Celtic/Gaelic
Earnest Truth German
Eben Rock Hebrew
Echo Sound Returned Greek
Ed Wealthy Guardian English
Edan Full Of Fire Celtic/Gaelic
Eddie Wealthy Guardian American
Eddy Protector English
Eden Paradise Hebrew
Edgar Great Spearman English
Edison Son Of Edward English
Edmund Protector English
Edric Prosperous Ruler English
Eduardo Form Of Edward Spanish
Edward Wealthy Guardian English
Edwin Prosperous Friend English
Efrain Fertile Hebrew
Efrat Honored, Distinguished Hebrew
Efrem From The Name Ephraim Hebrew
Egan Little Fire Greek
Egil Awe-Inspiring Scandinavian
Ehren Honorable German
Eitan Strong And Staunch Hebrew
Ekram Honor Hindi
Elam Highlands Hebrew
Elan Tree Hebrew
Elden Protector English
Eldon Of Old Age English
Eleazar God Has Helped Hebrew
Elgin Noble English
Eli From The Name Elijah Hebrew
Elias The Lord Is My God Latin
Elijah The Lord Is My God Hebrew
Eliot The Lord Is My God English
Elisha God Is Gracious Hebrew
Eljah Form Of Elijah Hebrew
Elkan Belonging To God Hebrew
Ellard Nobly Brave German
Ellery Elder Tree Island English
Elliott Close To God Hebrew
Ellis From The Name Elijah Hebrew
Ellison Son Of Elias English
Elmer Famous English
Elmo Protector English
Elroy The King French
Elton The Old Town English
Elvin Friend Of Elves Celtic/Gaelic
Elvis Wise, Sage Scandinavian
Ely Form Of Eli Hebrew
Emanuel God Is With Us Hebrew
Ember Spark, Burning Low German
Emerson Son Of Emery German
Emery Ruler Of Work German
Emil To Emulate, Copy Latin
Emilio Form Of Emil Italian
Emlyn Flatterer Welsh
Emmanuel From The Name Emanuel Hebrew
Emmet Strong Worker German
Emory Leader German
Ennis Island Celtic/Gaelic
Enoch Dedicated Hebrew
Enrico Ruler Of The Household Italian
Enrique Ruler Of The Home (Var. Of Henry) Spanish
Ephraim Very Fruitful Hebrew
Epifanio One Who Gives Light Greek
Erasmus To Love Greek
Eric Honorable Ruler Scandinavian
Erik Honorable Ruler Scandinavian
Erling Descendant Scandinavian
Ermin Universal, Whole Greek
Ernest Truth German
Ernie From The Name Ernest German
Erno Form Of Ernest German
Eron Peace, Enlightened Hebrew
Eros God Of Love Greek
Errigal Small Church Celtic/Gaelic
Errol To Wander English
Erv From The Name Irving English
Ervin Friend Of The Sea Hungarian
Erwin From The Name Irving English
Eryk Ever Powerful Polish
Esben God Scandinavian
Espen God Bear Scandinavian
Esteban Crown Of Victory Spanish
Etan Steady Hebrew
Ethan Firm, Strong Hebrew
Ethanael God Given Endurance American
Etienne Crowned One French
Euclid Intelligent Greek
Eugene Well Born Greek
Evan God Is Good Welsh
Everett Wild Boar, Strong English
Everley Grazing Meadow English
Everly Grazing Meadow English
Evers Wild Boar English
Ewan Young Warrior Celtic/Gaelic
Eyad Possesses Power Arabic
Eyal Strength Hebrew
Eytan Firm, Strong Polish
Ezekiel Strength Of God Hebrew
Ezra Helper Hebrew

This was the list of boy names starting with E, more names will be added soon