Boy Names That Start with F

List of boy names that start with F for your information and knowledge.

Fabian Bean Grower Italian
Fabiano Bean Farmer Italian
Fabio Bean Farmer Latin
Fabrizio One With Skillful Hands Latin
Fabunni God Has Given Me This African
Fadey Courageous Slavic
Fai Brilliant Light Chinese
Fairfax Fair Haired English
Fairly The Far Meadow English
Faolan Wolf Celtic/Gaelic
Faris Horseman/Knight Arabic
Farley From The Bull Pasture Celtic/Gaelic
Farrell Of Proven Courage Celtic/Gaelic
Farren Wanderer English
Fathi Victory Arabic
Faunus God Of Forests Latin
Fausto Lucky Spanish
Faustus Lucky Greek
Favian Brave Man Latin
Fawzi Winner Arabic
Faxon Thick-Haired Latin
Fearghus Strong Man Celtic/Gaelic
Federico Peaceful Ruler Spanish
Feivel God Assists Hebrew
Feleti Peace Italian
Felix Happy And Prosperous Latin
Fell A Field English
Felton Town In A Field English
Feo Ugly Spanish
Feoras Smooth Rock Celtic/Gaelic
Ferdinand To Be Courageous German
Fergal Man Of Strength Celtic/Gaelic
Fergus Manly Celtic/Gaelic
Ferguson Son Of Fergus Celtic/Gaelic
Fernando Daring, Adventurous Spanish
Ferris Iron Worker Celtic/Gaelic
Ferrol Iron Ring English
Fews Woods Celtic/Gaelic
Fico A Fig Italian
Fidel Faithful Latin
Fidelio Faithful Italian
Field A Field English
Filbert Brilliant English
Findlay Blond-Haired Soldier Celtic/Gaelic
Finlay Blond-Haired Soldier Celtic/Gaelic
Finley Fair Haired One Celtic/Gaelic
Finn Fair Celtic/Gaelic
Fionan Fair Celtic/Gaelic
Fiorello Little Flower Italian
Fisk A Fish English
Fitzwilliam Son Of William Celtic/Gaelic
Flan From Flannery Celtic/Gaelic
Flann Son Of The Red-Haired Man Celtic/Gaelic
Flannery Flat Land Celtic/Gaelic
Flavian Yellow, Blonde Greek
Fletcher Arrow Maker English
Flint Hard Quartz Rock English
Floyd The Hollow Welsh
Flynn Heir To The Redheaded Celtic/Gaelic
Forbes Prosperous Celtic/Gaelic
Ford River Crossing English
Fordon To Destroy English
Forest From The Woods English
Forrest Of The Woods, Forest English
Forrester Of The Forest English
Forster From The Name Forrester English
Fortune Given To Luck French
Foster From The Name Forrest English
Fountain A Spring French
Foy A Journey Celtic/Gaelic
Fraley Friar English
Fran Free Latin
Francis Free Latin
Francisco Free Land Spanish
Francois Free French
Frank Free Latin
Franklin Free Man English
Franz Free German
Frasier Strawberry English
Frayne Ash Tree English
Fred Peaceful Ruler German
Freddy From The Name Frederick German
Frederick Peaceful Ruler German
Freed Form Of Frederick English
Freeman Free Man English
Fremont Freedom Mountain English
French From France American
Frey God Of Weather Scandinavian
Fritz Contraction Of Frederick German
Frye Seed, Offspring English
Fulbright Very Light English
Fuller Occupational Surname English
Fynn Form Of Finn Celtic/Gaelic

This was the list of boy names starting with F, more names will be added soon