Boy Names That Start with G

List of boy names that start with G for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Gabe From The Name Gabriel Hebrew
Gabriel Hero Of God Hebrew
Gael Gaelic, From Ireland Celtic/Gaelic
Gaerwn White Fort Welsh
Gaetan From Gaeta, Italy Italian
Gaetano Region In Italy Italian
Gagan Sky Hindi
Gage A Pledge, A Pawn French
Gaius Rejoicer Welsh
Galahad Pure, Noble And Selfless English
Gale A Stranger Celtic/Gaelic
Galen Healer, Calm Greek
Galeno Illuminated Child Spanish
Gali Fountain Hebrew
Gallagher Eager Helper Celtic/Gaelic
Galvin Sparrow Celtic/Gaelic
Ganit Defender Hebrew
Gannon Fair Complected Celtic/Gaelic
Garan Stork Welsh
Gardner A Gardener English
Gareth Gentle Welsh
Garfield Battlefield English
Garin Name Of An Old Armenian City Armenian
Garran Shrubbery Celtic/Gaelic
Garren Guardian English
Garret To Watch Celtic/Gaelic
Garrett To Watch Celtic/Gaelic
Garrick Leads By The Spear English
Garrison Troops In Battle English
Garron Guardian English
Garry From The Name Garret English
Garson Son Of Gar English
Garth A Field, Garden English
Garvey Peace Celtic/Gaelic
Gary Spear Carrier German
Gaston From Gascony, France French
Gates Barriers English
Gaurav Pride Hindi
Gautam Lord Buddha Hindi
Gautier Mighty Leader French
Gavan White Hawk Welsh
Gavin Little Hawk Welsh
Gavril Believer In God Slavic
Gaylord Happy Noble Person French
Gazali Mystic African
Gellert Powerful Soldier Hungarian
Gemini The Twins Latin
Gene Born To Nobility English
Genero General, Generic Latin
Genet Eden African
Gent Gentleman English
Geoff Peace German
Geoffrey Gift Of Peace English
Geordi Hill Near Meadows Greek
George Farmer Greek
Gerald Spear Warrior German
Geraldo From The Name Gerald Spanish
Gerard Brave French
Gerik Swords And Riches Polish
Gerodi Hero Or Hill Italian
Gerry From The Name Gerald German
Gershom A Stranger There Hebrew
Giacomo The Supplanter Italian
Giancarlo Gracious And Powerful Italian
Gibson Son Of Gilbert English
Gideon Great Warrior Hebrew
Gil Joy Hebrew
Gilbert Trusted English
Gilead Biblical Place Name Hebrew
Giles Baby Goat Greek
Gilles Young Goat French
Gillespie Servant Of The Bishop Celtic/Gaelic
Gilmore Servant Of Mary Celtic/Gaelic
Gilon Circle Hebrew
Gino Born Noble Italian
Giona A Dove Italian
Giorgio From The Name George Italian
Giovanni God Is Gracious Italian
Gitano Gypsy Italian
Giulio Youthful Italian
Giuseppe Form Of Joseph Hebrew
Glen A Secluded, Woody Valley Celtic/Gaelic
Glenn From The Name Glen Celtic/Gaelic
Glyn Valley Welsh
Godana Male Child African
Godfrey God Is Peace German
Gomer Good Fight English
Gordon Round Hill English
Gordy From The Name Gordon English
Gore Triangular-Shaped Land English
Goro Fifth Japanese
Graceland Land Of Grace American
Grady Of High Rank Celtic/Gaelic
Graham Home In Gravelled Valley English
Gram A Grain English
Grant Great Celtic/Gaelic
Granville Large Village French
Grayson Son Of The Grey-Haired One English
Greer Watchful, Guardian Celtic/Gaelic
Greg From The Name Gregory Greek
Gregg From The Name Gregory Greek
Gregory Vigilant, Watchful Greek
Griffin Mythological Beast Greek
Griffith Griffin Welsh
Grover From The Grove English
Gryphon Mythological Beast Greek
Guadalupe River Of Black Stones Spanish
Gualtier From The Name Walter Italian
Guang Light Chinese
Guban Burnt African
Guido Forest Guide Italian
Guillermo Form Of William Spanish
Gunnar Brave Soldier Scandinavian
Gunther Warrior German
Gur Baby Lion Hebrew
Gure Left Handed African
Gus Revered, Exalted German
Gustav Staff Of God German
Gustave Staff Of The Goths Scandinavian
Gustavo Staff Of The Gods Italian
Gusty Revered, Windy American
Guthrie War Serpent Celtic/Gaelic
Guy Living Spirit Latin
Gwydion God Of Magic Welsh
Gyala Youth Hungarian
Gyan Knowledge Hindi
Gyula Youth Hungarian

This was the list of boy names starting with G, more names will be added soon