Boy Names That Start with H

List of boy names that start with H for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Haben Pride African
Hadar Glorious Scandinavian
Hadley Heath Near The Wasteland Celtic/Gaelic
Hagop Supplanter Armenian
Haig Legend, From The Field Armenian
Haines From A Vined Cottage English
Hajari Flight African
Hal Chief Celtic/Gaelic
Halden Half-Danish Scandinavian
Haldis Stone Spirit Greek
Halen Hall English
Haley Hero English
Hall From The Manor English
Hallam From The Hills German
Ham Hot Hebrew
Hamal Lamb Arabic
Hamilton From The Beautiful Mountain English
Hamish He Who Removes Celtic/Gaelic
Hamlet Home English
Hamlin Lover Of Home German
Hammer A Hammer Scandinavian
Hampton Little Town English
Hani Cheerful And Happy Arabic
Hank Ruler Of The Home German
Hanley Meadow On The Cliff English
Hannan Warm Feelings Arabic
Hannibal Baal Has Favored Hebrew
Hans God Is Gracious Scandinavian
Hansel God Is Gracious Scandinavian
Hao Good, Perfect Vietnamese
Happy Joyful American
Hardy Courageous, Strong German
Harlan From The Army English
Harley Spacious Meadow English
Harlow Troops On The Hill English
Harmon Soldier German
Harold Army Ruler Scandinavian
Harper Harp Player English
Harris Son Of Harry English
Harrison Son Of Harry English
Harry From The Name Harold English
Hart Deer Or Stag English
Hartwell From The Well English
Haru Born In The Spring Japanese
Haruki Shining Brightly Japanese
Haruko First Born Japanese
Haruni Mountaineer African
Harvey Army Warrior French
Hasad Harvest Turkish
Hastin Elephant Hindi
Havard Guardian Of The Home Scandinavian
Haven Safe Place English
Havyn Form Of Haven English
Hayden The Rosy Meadow English
Hayes From The Hedged Place English
Hayward Guardian Of The Hedged Area English
Heath Wasteland English
Heaton High Ground English
Hector Anchor, Steadfast Greek
Heinz Household Ruler German
Heman Faithful Hebrew
Henri From The Name Henry French
Henrik From The Name Henry German
Henry Ruler Of The Home German
Herb From The Name Herbert German
Herbert Bright, Excellent Army Ruler German
Herbst Soldier German
Hercules Glorious Gift Greek
Heremon Form Of Irving Celtic/Gaelic
Heriberto Ruler Spanish
Herman Person Of High Rank German
Hernando Bold Voyager Spanish
Herne God Of The Hunt Celtic/Gaelic
Hero Brave Defender Greek
Herschel Deer Hebrew
Hertz My Strife German
Herve Army Warrior French
Hewitt Little Smart One English
Hidalgo Noble One Spanish
Hien Meek And Gentle Vietnamese
Hiero Holy Greek
Hieu Pious Vietnamese
Hilaire Form Of Hilary French
Hilary Cheerful Greek
Hillary Cheerful Greek
Hilliard Guardian In Battle German
Hiroshi Generous Japanese
Hirsi Amulet African
Hoai Always, Eternal Vietnamese
Hoang Phoenix Vietnamese
Hogan Youth Celtic/Gaelic
Holden Hollow In The Valley English
Holt Wood English
Homer Promise Greek
Horace Hour In Time Latin
Horus God Of Light Egyptian
Hosea Salvation Hebrew
Hoshi Star Japanese
Houston Town Of Houses Celtic/Gaelic
Hovan God's Gift Armenian
Howard Guardian Of The Home English
Howe From The Name Howard English
Howell Alert One Welsh
Howie From The Name Howard English
Hubert Shining Of Mind German
Huey From The Name Hugh German
Hugh Bright In Mind And Spirit German
Hugo From The Name Hugh German
Hume Supporter Of Peace English
Humphrey Peace German
Hunter One Who Hunts English
Hy From The Name Hyman English
Hyman Life Hebrew

This was the list of boy names starting with H, more names will be added soon