Boy Names That Start with I

List of boy names that start with I for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Iago Supplanter Latin
Iain God Is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
Ian God Is Gracious Celtic/Gaelic
Ichabod Departed Glory Hebrew
Ife Wide, Love African
Ige Born By Breech African
Iggi Only Son African
Iggy From The Name Iggi African
Ignatius Firey One English
Ike From The Name Isaac Hebrew
Ilario Cheerful Italian
Illias Jehovah Is My God Greek
Ilo Light, Joyous, Sunshine African
Ilom My Enemies Are Many African
Ilya From Elijah Russian
Imaran Strong Hindi
Ince Innocent Hungarian
Indivar Blue Lotus Hindi
Ingo Male Leader Scandinavian
Inigo Ardent Portuguese
Ion God Is Good Celtic/Gaelic
Ira Watchful, Descendant Hebrew
Iram Shining Hebrew
Irving Handsome And Fair English
Isaac He Will Laugh Hebrew
Isaiah Salvation By God Hebrew
Ishmael God Will Hear Hebrew
Ismael God Will Hear Hebrew
Ismail God Will Hear Hebrew
Ismet Honor Turkish
Israel Prince Of God Hebrew
Issay Hairy African
Ivan God Is Good Slavic
Ivo Cut Wood German
Ivrit The Hebrew Language Hebrew
Izzy He Will Laugh Hebrew

This was the list of boy names starting with I, more names will be added soon