Boy Names That Start with J

List of boy names that start with J for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Ja Magnetic African
Jabari Fearless Swahili
Jabilo Medicine Man African
Jabir Comforter Arabic
Jabulani Happy African
Jack From The Name John English
Jackson Son Of Jack English
Jacob Supplanter Hebrew
Jacques From The Name Jacob French
Jadon God Has Heard Hebrew
Jaegar Hunger German
Jaeger Hunter German
Jafari Dignified Swahili
Jafaru Brook, Creek African
Jag The Universe Hindi
Jagger To Carry English
Jagjiwan Life Indian
Jaguar Large Spotted Feline English
Jake From The Name Jacob Hebrew
Jamal Handsome Arabic
Jamar Handsome African-American
Jamil Handsome Arabic
Jamison James' Son English
Japheth He Expands Hebrew
Jared Down To Earth Hebrew
Jariath Tributary Lord Hebrew
Jaron Singing Hebrew
Jarrett From The Name Jared Hebrew
Jarvis A Conqueror German
Jase From Jason American
Jaser Fearless Arabic
Jason Healer Greek
Jasper Semi-Precious Stone English
Jatin Saintly Hindi
Javan Son Of Japtheh Hebrew
Javen Son Of Japheth Hebrew
Javier New House Spanish
Jaxon Son Of Jack American
Jay A Bird In The Crow Family Latin
Jayden God Has Heard American
Jean Baptiste St. John The Baptist French
Jeb Beloved Friend Hebrew
Jebediah Beloved Friend Hebrew
Jed Friend Of God Hebrew
Jedidiah Friend Of God Hebrew
Jeevan Life Indian
Jeff From The Name Jeffrey English
Jefferson Son Of Jeffrey English
Jeffery Gift Of Peace English
Jeffrey Gift Of Peace English
Jengo One With Reddish Complexion African
Jens God Is Gracious Hebrew
Jensen God Is Gracious Scandinavian
Jered From Jared Hebrew
Jeremiah Sent By God Hebrew
Jeremy God Will Uplift Hebrew
Jericho Moon City Arabic
Jerod Descendant Hebrew
Jeroen Holy Man Arabic
Jerold From The Name Gerald English
Jerom Holy Man Latin
Jerome Of Holy Name Latin
Jerrell From Gerald & Darrell English
Jerrick From Jericho Hebrew
Jerrod Down To Earth Hebrew
Jerry Holy Greek
Jesus God Will Help Spanish
Jethro Outstanding, Excellent Hebrew
Jett Jet Black Gem English
Jevonte Son Of Japtheh African-American
Jihan Of The World Arabic
Jim From The Name James Hebrew
Jimbo Nickname For James American
Jimmy From The Name James American
Jirair Hard-Working Armenian
Jiro The Second Male Japanese
Joachim God Will Establish Hebrew
Joaquin God Will Establish Spanish
Job Afflicted One Hebrew
Jock Short Form Of Jacob Or John American
Jody Short For Joseph American
Joe From The Name Joseph Hebrew
Joel God Is Willing Hebrew
Joey From The Name Joseph Hebrew
John God Is Gracious, Merciful Hebrew
Johnathan Gift Of God Hebrew
Johnavon River Consecrated To God American
Johnny From The Name John Hebrew
Johnson Son Of John English
Jon God Is Gracious Hebrew
Jonah A Dove Hebrew
Jonas Accomplishing Hebrew
Jonathan Gift Of God Hebrew
Jonathon Gift Of God Hebrew
Jonco God Is Gracious Slavic
Jonny From The Name John Hebrew
Jorge From The Name George Spanish
Jorn Vigilant Watchman German
Jose From The Name Joseph Spanish
Josef God Will Increase Hebrew
Joseph God Will Increase Hebrew
Josh God Saves Hebrew
Joshua Jehovah Saves Hebrew
Joshwa God Saves Hebrew
Josiah Fire of the Lord Hebrew
Josue Form Of Joshua Spanish
Jovan Majestic Latin
Juan From The Name John Spanish
Jubal Ram Hebrew
Jud Praised Hebrew
Judah Praised Hebrew
Judd Praised Hebrew
Judson Son Of Jud English
Julian Youthful Greek
Julio Form Of Julian Spanish
Julius Youthful Greek
Jun Handsome Chinese
Junior The Young, Child English
Junius Youthful Latin
Justin Just Or True French
Justus Fairness, Justice American

This was the list of boy names starting with J, more names will be added soon