Boy Names That Start with M

List of boy names that start with M for your information and knowledge.

Name Meaning Origin
Mac Son (Of) Celtic/Gaelic
Macario Happy Spanish
Macon Maker German
Maddock Generous, Giving Welsh
Magar Attendant Armenian
Magee Son Of Hugh Celtic/Gaelic
Magnar Strength Warrior Polish
Mahon Bear Celtic/Gaelic
Majed Praise Arabic
Major Better Latin
Makalo Wondering African
Makan Wind Hawaiian
Makoto Sincere, Honest Japanese
Malachi My Messenger Hebrew
Malcolm Follower Fof St. Columbus Celtic/Gaelic
Malo Winner Hawaiian
Mandar Tree Of Heaven Hindi
Manelin Prince Of Princes Persian
Manjit Conqueror Of Knowledge Hindi
Manny Short For Manuel Spanish
Mansour One Who Triumphs Arabic
Manton From Mann's Estate English
Manuel God In Us Hebrew
Marc Rebellious Latin
Marcel Young Warrior French
Marcell Warlike Latin
Marcello Young Warrior Latin
Marcellus Young Warrior Latin
Marco From The Name Marc Italian
Marcus War Like Latin
Mario Sailor Italian
Marius Sailor, Roman Clan Name Latin
Mark Rebellious Latin
Markus German Form Of Mark German
Marlon Wild Falcon French
Marshall Horse Keeper French
Martin Warlike Latin
Marty Warlike Latin
Marv Friend Of The Sea American
Marvin Friend Of The Sea English
Massimo Greatest Italian
Mateo Devoted To God Greek
Matsu Pine Japanese
Matt From The Name Matthew Hebrew
Matteo From Matthew Italian
Matthew God's Gift Hebrew
Matthias God's Gift Greek
Maurice Moor, Dark Skinned French
Maurilio Moor Italian
Maurizio Moor, Dark Haired Italian
Mauro Of Brown Skin Latin
Max Greatest Latin
Maxim Greatest Latin
Maximilian Great Latin
Maximos Greatest Greek
Maximus Greatest Greek
Maxwell Great Spring English
Maynard Powerful, Brave English
Mckile Son Of Kile Celtic/Gaelic
Medwin Powerful Friend German
Meir One Who Shines Hebrew
Melanion Color Greek
Melchior A King Polish
Mele Merry Hawaiian
Melvin Mill Worker English
Melvyn Mill Worker Celtic/Gaelic
Mendel Scholarly Accomplishments Hebrew
Merle Falcon English
Merlin By The Sea English
Merv Loves The Sea Celtic/Gaelic
Mervin Loves The Sea Celtic/Gaelic
Mervyn From The Name Marvin Celtic/Gaelic
Miach Medic Celtic/Gaelic
Micah Who Is Like God Hebrew
Michael Who Is Like God? Hebrew
Michel Form Of Michael French
Mick From The Name Michael English
Miguel Who Is L Ike God? Spanish
Mihaly Who Is Like God? Hungarian
Mike Who Is Like God? Hebrew
Mikel Who Is Like God? American
Mikhail From The Name Michael Slavic
Mikko Who Is Like God? Scandinavian
Milagro Miracle Spanish
Milek Victorious People Polish
Miles Soldier Greek
Milo From The Name Miles German
Milt From The Mill Town English
Milton From The Mill Town English
Minh Bright And Clever Vietnamese
Mio Mine Spanish
Miroslav Peace Celebration Russian
Mitch Who Is Like God? American
Mitchell Who Is Like God? American
Moe Dark Skinned English
Moeshe Drawn Out Of The Water Hebrew
Mohammed From The Name Muhammad Arabic
Mohan Attractive Hindi
Montague Sharp Cliff French
Monte From The Name Montgomery English
Montego Mountainous Spanish
Montenegro Black Mountain Spanish
Montgomery Of The Mountain English
Monty From The Name Montgomery English
Morathi Wise Man African
Mordecai Warrior, Warlike Hebrew
Morpheus God Of Dreams Greek
Morrie Moor American
Morris Dark Skinned Latin
Morse Of The Moors English
Mort Moor English
Mortimer Still Water French
Morton From The Town Near The Moor English
Morty From The Name Mortimer French
Moses Drawn Out Of The Water Greek
Moshe From The Name Moses Hebrew
Moss From The Water All Nationalities
Muhammad Praised Arabic
Mykelti Who Is Like God? African-American
Myron Fragrant Balm Greek

This was the list of boy names starting with M, more names will be added soon